Map of Atlanta Georgia Area | What is Atlanta known for?

Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown skyline
Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown skyline

Map of Atlanta Georgia Area


America’s historical significance isn’t alien to many, especially if you’re a history buff with a penchant for scouting out information. Many American state capitals thus hold historical importance, one of those being Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia

Not only that, the city of Atlanta houses many other features and characteristics that distinguish it from other cities of Georgia, but before talking about that, here’s everything you need to know (and more) about the city of Atlanta: 

Where is Atlanta located?

Georgia is a state located in the south-east of the United States, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. As aforementioned, Atlanta is the city capital of the state of Georgia, located in the north-western part of the state, just near the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains. Among all the cities of the Mississippi river, Atlanta stands the most elevated where planes and land are concerned. 

Is Atlanta a fun place to visit?

In the context of topography and natural infrastructure, Atlanta is divided into mountainous as well as forested areas. Once it was named the city in the forest, because of how densely covered it was by trees and forests. Originally, Atlanta gained significance due to its transportation routes, hence deeming it a hub for all sorts of trade and transportation activities. 

The city also has a rich history, being a major part of the civil rights movement and also being a focal point in the American Civil War. 

Along with having an extensive history, Atlanta is also considered a very commercially and economically developed city, one of the top in the United States of America. Its industry and economic sectors are very diverse and harbor a lot of different GDP generating activities. 

Atlanta is also known to be a very culturally and racially diverse city, harboring people from every ethnicity imaginable. This makes the city a safe space for any incoming foreigners and makes sure that they don’t feel alienated or left out. 

What’s the size of Atlanta, and how big is the population?

Being the capital, it’s no wonder that Atlanta is also the most populous city in Georgia. Harboring an approximate total of 500,000 people, it also has one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world. 

Subsequently, Atlanta also has the area to match the population, spanning a total of 354.22 km2. Being considered the economic capital of Georgia, it is no wonder that its surrounding metropolitan area has a population of over 6 million, hence giving Atlanta the nickname ‘New York of the South’.  

Is Atlanta a good place to live?

According to the current locals, Atlanta is a great place to live, especially if you’re looking to settle at a place with low cost of living and a sustained living standard. 

Atlanta is first and foremost considered a safe haven by its locals, with the crime rates being so low and being the family friendly city that it is. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a boring one, oh no. 

While living in Atlanta you’ll never run out of things to do, mainly because of the variety of natural amenities, activities, as well as historical sites, aquariums and myriads of museums that it has. 

Naturewise, Atlanta is a naturally endowed city, being mountainous as well as densely forested, which means there’s no shortage or lack of greenery where Atlanta is concerned. 

As for the climate, Atlanta’s climate could only be described as being sub-tropical, making it something akin to the more popular tourist destinations around the world. Atlanta faces 4 full seasons each year, as well as being susceptible to generous rainfall all year round. 

Along with that, the commercial and shopping centers also provide the locals and tourists alike with a perfect balance of recreational and commercial activities. The restaurants are also top-notch, harboring an expertise in cuisine of all kinds from all around the world. 

The locals in Atlanta are fairly young, most aged 20-30, which makes the city emit an energetic and hospitable aura. Furthermore, the tourist culture of Atlanta is very healthy considering it’s the 7th most visited city in the US. They’ve also been conscientious of the kind of activities that the tourists would want to indulge in, making their infrastructure accordingly. 

When in Atlanta, just live as the Romans do

Now the question arises, what are the best places to live in Atlanta? The answer is quite simple; if you’re someone who has particular or in other words, expensive tastes, then it’s best to seek residence in Buckhead. Known for its impeccable restaurants as well as classy retail centers, Buckhead provides the perfect escape from the monotony of everyday routines. 

Otherwise, Peachtree Heights, Midtown, and Piedmont Park are the subsequent choices if you’re looking for neighborhoods that are quiet with a simple recreational vibe to them. 

What is Atlanta known for?

For starters, Atlanta has the world’s largest indoor aquarium; the Georgia aquarium, which leaves the visitors in awe no matter how many times they’ve visited it. In addition to that, the city also has a rich history, harboring many museums and historical sites for example the late Martin Luther King’s birth home as well as Woodrow Wilson’s childhood residence. 

Along with historic museums for example the Millennium Gate museum, Atlanta also has various art and music museums, the most known of which being: High museum of Art and the Trap music museum. 

This goes to show that Atlanta has succeeded in preserving its cultural as well as artistic and musical history. The street art in Atlanta rivals that of any other city in the US, providing tourists with a newfound and magical experience. 

To visit or not to visit, that is the question

By now you’ve found out all there is to know about Atlanta. If you’re looking for a historically rich and vibrant city with a friendly aura to it, hospitable nature and a perfect blend of music, art, recreational and nature related activities, then Atlanta is your go-to place. 

A peaceful location with a penchant for making people feel nostalgic, it’s no wonder Atlanta was the 7th most visited city of America. Amongst the many reasons to visit Atlanta, its people and culture are the most prominent ones, standing out from the rest of the lot. So if you do visit, keep everything that we’ve told you in mind so that your stay turns out memorable. 

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