How Tall Is Jack Black? Jack Black Height, Age, Weight, And Much More

How Tall Is Jack Black? Jack Black Height, Age, Weight, And Much More
How Tall Is Jack Black? Jack Black Height, Age, Weight, And Much More





You may know Jack Black from films such as School of Rock, Shallow Hal, and Tropic Thunder, but how well do you know the comedian? 

Jack Black, named Thomas Jacob Black by his parents, Judith Love Cohen and Thomas William Black, was born on August 28, 1969, in Santa Monica, California. The actor, comedian, and musician earned his breakout role as Barry Judd in the movie High Fidelity in 2000 and has been stealing the hearts of his audiences ever since.

You might enjoy watching Jack Black on the big screen, but if you don’t know anything about the man behind those comedic characters, you’re missing out! Let’s take a deep dive into the background of one of Hollywood’s favorite funny men. 

Jack Black’s Education

After graduating from Crossroads High School for the Arts and Sciences, Black attended the University of California, Los Angeles. While a student at UCLA, he joined a performance troupe called Tim Robbins’ Actors Gang, where he made connections with the people who would help him get his first movie acting gig as a background voice in the movie Bob Roberts.

How Tall is Jack Black?

How Tall Is Jack Black?
How Tall Is Jack Black?

At 5’6” (1.68 meters), Jack Black wouldn’t be considered tall, but he’s never let his height (or lack thereof) stand in the way of his big personality. He uses every inch of his height in his often physically comedic roles and often appears larger than life.

How Much Does Jack Black Weigh?

Jack Black has probably never been accused of being skinny. At 245 lbs, he was rocking the dad bod years before it was cool, but Black’s fans would argue that his size only means there’s more of him to love!

Many fans offered their support and appreciation for the star’s body positivity when a clip from the movie School of Rock went viral on Twitter in 2021. The clip shows Black’s character talking to a young girl who feels insecure about her weight. 

The music teacher tells her that no one will care about her weight while she’s on stage performing her heart out. He empathizes with her and shares with her his own experience, saying, “Once I get up onstage, start doing my thing, people worship me! Because I’m sexy — and chubby — man,” a sentiment that the actor seems to wholeheartedly embrace in every role. 

How Old is Jack Black?

Black didn’t get his first starring roles until he was in his 30s, perhaps making him a late bloomer in the eyes of Hollywood. But at 53 years old (in June 2023), Black is still going strong, lending his voice, musical talents, and acting chops to multiple big-budget projects.


As a fun-loving, friendly man, Jack Black has many close relationships with family and friends.

Famous Mother

Jack Black’s musical career and his long list of movie and television credits are impressive, but his mother’s career history may be even more so. 

Like her son, Judith Love Cohen had her hand in multiple industries, including performance as a dancer with the New York Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company and as a children’s book author. 

Perhaps her most impressive feat, however, was her work on the Apollo 13 mission. As an electrical engineer, Cohen worked on multiple space program systems, but when an oxygen tank exploded aboard Apollo 13, she worked on the guidance system that made it possible for the astronauts to safely make it back to Earth. 

Even more impressive, Cohen did this work from the hospital on the day she went into labor and called NASA with her solution, managing to finish her work before it was time for her to give birth to her son, Jack Black.


After an 8-year relationship (and brief engagement) to actress Laura Kightlinger, Black married his wife Tanya Haden in 2006. Haden is a cellist and the daughter of famous jazz musician Charlie Haden. Black and Haden have two children – Samuel Jason Black, born in 2006, and Thomas David Black, born in 2008. 

Famous Friends

Jack Black is a big music fan, specifically rock music, so it makes sense that he would befriend a musician or two. Black became friends with Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl when the two discovered they were mutual fans. Since then, the two musicians have performed together multiple times, and Black has stated that Nirvana’s music inspired some of his own.

Tenacious D

Speaking of Black’s music career, fellow actor and musician Kyle Gass is another of his close friends. The two started their band Tenacious D and released their first album in 2001. The band earned a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album for Rize of the Fenix and won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for the cover of Dio’s “Last in Line.”

Tenacious D plays what they call “Comedy Rock” and is known for having fun with their performances and not taking themselves too seriously. Black and Gass playfully call themselves the “Greatest Band on Earth.” 


Despite his fame, Jack Black is quite a grounded celebrity. In interviews, he usually comes off as a down-to-earth everyman, and many of his “favorites” reflect that persona. He is laid back, friendly, and conversational with everyone he interacts with.

Despite his love of performance and reputation for being energetic and chaotic, one of Black’s favorite pastimes is reading. Unsurprisingly, he says that his favorite food is cheesy pizza. He also loves traveling to Oslo, Norway, and though he has a bright and colorful personality, he considers brown and grey his favorite colors. 


Whether you’ve seen every one of his movies or you’ve only seen one, you have to admit that Jack Black has an infectious energy and a fun, inoffensive sense of humor that radiates through his performances. His background, relationships, and interests only add to his lovability. 

From the Super Mario Bros Movie to Kung Fu Panda to Jumanji, Black’s performances are fun and memorable, and now that you know more about him, you can appreciate him and his talents all the more!

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