How Tall Is Steve Harvey? Steve Harvey Height, Age, Weight And Much More

How Tall Is Steve Harvey? Steve Harvey Height, Age, Weight And Much More
How Tall Is Steve Harvey? Steve Harvey Height, Age, Weight And Much More

Ever wondered what it would be like to be on the good old American television show “the Family Feud?” Visualizing the popular host, Steve Harvey, standing nearby is an essential part of the dream. For that reason, you’ll need the answer to the question “How tall is Steve Harvey?”

According to Celebrity, the television host Steve Harvey is 6 feet tall, though in the past he has been recorded as standing at 6 feet and 1 inch tall. Steve Harvey is, therefore, taller than the average American male, and shares his height with Superman star, Henry Cavill, as well as many others. 

In this article, you’ll discover all you need to know about Steve Harvey. This will include his weight, height, and several interesting details about his career as well. With so much to cover, let’s get started.  

How Tall is Steve Harvey?

How Tall Is Steve Harvey?
How Tall Is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey is one of the most notable, funny, and endearing television show hosts and comedians America has ever seen. That being said, with such a larger-than-life reputation, his actual height in terms of feet and inches can get lost in the shuffle of being starstruck!

The truth of the matter is, Steve Harvey is a full 6 feet tall. As we age, sometimes we lose an inch or two to stooping or getting older in general; it is believed that Steve Harvey was, at one time, 6 feet and 1 extra inch tall.

According to, the average American male is usually simply 5 feet and 6 inches tall; this makes Steve Harvey literally a few inches above the rest, not just in talent, but in complete height.

Steve Harvey is not the only celebrity to reach this height, even in America! Others include the late, great actor Chadwick Boseman, pop star Harry Styles, artist Drake, and Captain America actor Chris Evans.

How Much Does Steve Harvey Weigh?

To complete your mental picture of Steve Harvey, you will need to understand just how much the actor, producer, comedian, and host weighs as well as his height. At 6 feet, Steve Harvey is currently known to weigh 229 pounds, or 104 kilograms.

This put Steve Harvey several pounds heavier than the average American man, which, according to reports done by the experts at Healthline, hovers somewhere around 197 pounds. Steve Harvey is a supporter of and partaker in the vegan lifestyle, in terms of his diet.

How Old is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey has been delighting generations of audiences with his production value, stand-up comedy routines, and of course, excellent job hosting a variety of game shows on television. But how long, exactly, has he been doing it, and how old is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey was born in the year 1957 in January, on the 17th. This means Steve Harvey is now 66 years old.

His full name was Broderick Stephen Harvey, and he is said to have been named after a Highway Patrol character’s actor named Broderick Crawford. When he was little, Steve Harvey suffered from severe stuttering in his speech, but eventually overcame this challenge.

After being born in West Virginia in the city of Welch, Steve Harvey’s family moved to Ohio in the city of Cleveland, and the street they lived on has been named after Steve Harvey since the year 2015.

In his early years, Steve Harvey did graduate from Glenville High School, but although he attended West Virginia University and Kent State University, he did not graduate from either college.

Afterward, Steve Harvey worked as an autoworker, a boxer, an insurance salesman, a mailman, and even a carpet cleaner. His first stand-up comedy performance was at Hilarities Comedy Club in his hometown, but it did not come until the year 1985.

That said, his comedy career was not immediately successful, and he was homeless for a grand total of three years until his big break came as a successful host of a show called “It’s Showtime at the Apollo,” after Mark Curry passed the role on to him.

He participated as the host of several other game shows and even hosted his own radio show, as well as performing in movies and publishing a very successful book, until the year 2010.

In 2010, Steve Harvey became the host of popular game show, “Family Feud,” which he is arguably best known for.

Who is Steve Harvey’s Wife?

Steve Harvey’s current wife has been his wife since the year 2007, and her name is Marjorie Harvey. They met at a comedy club in the year 1990, and although they did date, their relationship was relatively short and did not immediately lead to marriage.

That said, in the year 2007, they connected all over again, and decided to marry. At the time, Steve Harvey had already been previously married not once but twice, and so he and Marjorie blended their families together.

Now, Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey are the proud parents of a grand total of 7 children. Steve Harvey’s first two children are twins from his first wife, Marcia Harvey, and he also had a son with his second wife, Shackleford.

Marjorie, on the other hand, brought children Morgan, Lori, and Jason into the relationship, and Steve Harvey legally adopted them shortly after marrying her. The Harvey’s are also grandparents to another 7 grandchildren!

What is Steve Harvey’s Net Worth?

Steve Harvey’s Net Worth is $200 million, and it is compiled of his many financial and other assets accumulated over his years of professional work. He had a long and wonderful comedy career, but it technically ended in August of 2012. That said, he has been nominated for multiple awards for his work as an engaging talk show host.

He has also hosted the Miss Universe pageant, as well as gaining great success thanks to his book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” which even went on to inspire a film in 2012 called, “Think Like a Man.”

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Steve Harvey’s is a full 6 feet tall in height, and 229 pounds in weight. He looms large in audiences hearts not just for his beautiful family and engaging stand-up history, but for his outstanding host work on the Family Feud.

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