How Tall is Jake Paul Actually? Jake Paul Height, Weight and Much More

How Tall is Jake Paul Actually? Jake Paul Height, Weight and Much More
How Tall is Jake Paul Actually? Jake Paul Height, Weight and Much More

Love him or hate him, it is fair to say that Jake Paul has had a career that most people dream of. Starting off on Vine, heading to YouTube, and ultimately becoming a professional boxer, Jake Paul has had success in almost everything that he does. But, what about the big question? How tall is Jake Paul, actually?

Jake Paul is 6 feet, 1 inch (185cm), which means he is around an inch shorter than his brother, Logan Paul. This makes him the perfect height for boxing (his main career now), although he doesn’t quite fight in the same way that his brother does.

Let’s discuss Jake Paul’s height, weight, and career.

How Tall is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Both of the famous Paul brothers are fairly tall. Jake Paul is 6 feet, 1 inch. He has been about this height for almost the whole of his career, mostly because he got into the business in his later teen years. He was basically full adult-size then.

There are times when Jake Paul does look a little bit bigger than he actually is. This has become much more apparent over the last few years. This is because he has bulked himself for his boxing career. This almost makes people seem a lot taller than they are. 

How Much Does Jake Paul Weigh?

As he is a boxer, Jake Paul needs to maintain a fairly consistent weight if he plans on boxing in the same weight category. This means that his weight is almost always going to be around 190 lbs. There have been times when he is slightly heavier, and times when he is a bit lighter. However, for almost all of his boxing weigh-ins, he has come in dead on 190 lbs.

Of course, almost all of this weight is going to be in muscle. You will rarely find a professional athlete that is covered in fat (outside of Sumo Wrestling, we guess). 

What Arm Reach Does Jake Paul Have When Boxing?

When you are boxing, reach is important. After all, you need to be able to reach to hit your opponent while, at the same time, preventing yourself from getting hit. In boxing, the reach is the span from one arm to the other if you stood with your arms pointed outwards, almost as if you were standing in a cross shape. 

Jake Paul has a reach of 76 inches, so considerably bigger than his height. His reach is about average for the weight category that he boxes in. 

Jake Paul: A Career

It is fair to say that not a lot of people like Jake Paul. His entire career has been filled with controversies, mostly in the pursuit of extra views on his social media channels. We would even agree that Jake Paul probably isn’t the nicest guy in the world. However, we know why he does what he does. It is the only way to stand out from the pack. We don’t really want to focus on Jake Paul’s controversies here. Instead, we want to focus on his successes. 

The first time anybody ever heard of Jake Paul was in September 2013. Back then, Twitter-owned a social media platform called Vine. You can think of it as the pre-TikTok. It was about people making short, funny clips to share with the world. Jake Paul, as well as his brother, managed to cultivate a serious following on Vine. Before Vine shut down, Jake Paul had managed to gain a whopping 2 billion views across all his content, which isn’t too shabby.

Of course, Vine wasn’t making enough money for Twitter, so they shut it down. Jake Paul still had a massive following, though. This resulted in him creating a YouTube channel where he started to gain much more success. No longer bound by the short video span that Vine offered, Jake Paul was able to start creating lengthier videos that detailed his life, major pranks, etc. Again, this catapulted him to public fame (or perhaps infamy). 

Around the same time, Jake Paul managed to score himself an acting gig at Nickelodeon, although he ended up losing the job to the various controversies he had been dealing with. 

Around the same time, Jake was trying to expand his income streams. He created an influencer marketing agency and invested in numerous business ventures. Of course, he also wanted to be popular himself. So, he had a short-lived rap career. too. 

Around 2018 is when Jake Paul started to get into boxing. He and his brother got into the business at the same time, where they fought KSI and his brother. This was Jake Paul’s first and only amateur boxing event. The next year, he decided to become a professional fighter. This is where Jake now focuses the bulk of his attention.

Of course, there are some out there who would argue that Jake Paul is not a ‘real’ boxer. While he is a professional, he only seems to focus on the big showcase matches where he pits himself against reality stars, often with little success. This is a stark comparison to his brother who is having major success on the boxing scene (as well as dealing with a huge run in the WWE). 

His fighting career looks set to change, though. According to reports, Jake Paul is now training to fight in the MMA. Again, he isn’t aiming for the big shows of the UFC or anything like that, though. Instead, his time is spent training for MMA in Brazil. 

Who knows where his career is going to go from here on out? All we know is that Jake Paul is going to continue to experiment and do whatever it takes to gain fame. Basically, even if you hate him, the guy is here to stay.


While shorter than his broker, Jake Paul still measures in at a rather respectable 6 feet, 1 inch. His weight is a fairly consistent 190 lbs due to the industry that he works in. 

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