How tall is Mark Zuckerberg? Mark Zuckerberg Height, Age, Weight and Much More

How tall is Mark Zuckerberg? Mark Zuckerberg Height, Age, Weight and Much More
How tall is Mark Zuckerberg? Mark Zuckerberg Height, Age, Weight and Much More


Mark Zuckerberg is among the most famous people on the planet, and is well-established as the creator of Facebook, but have you ever wondered how tall he is? It’s a question that often gets asked, so let’s find out!

Mark Zuckerberg is 5 foot 7 inches (1.70 meters) tall, which many people are surprised by. He’s not a particularly tall individual, and although he doesn’t look short in many pictures, he’s slightly under the average for an American man. However, he’s pretty close to the average, and not as short as some sources make out.

Today, we’re going to learn all you want to know about Mark Zuckerberg’s height, age, and weight, plus a few other interesting facts about this billionaire.

How Tall Is Mark Zuckerberg?

How tall is Mark Zuckerberg?
How tall is Mark Zuckerberg?

Most sources place Mark Zuckerberg at 5 foot 7 inches, although some do add an extra half inch onto that. Either way, that puts him pretty close to the average height for an American man – which is 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters). He is a fraction shorter, but not noticeably so.

A lot of people think that Mark Zuckerberg is taller than this, and they are surprised to learn that he’s a little under the national average. This may be due to good framing in photography, or could be entirely coincidental – it’s hard to say.

In 2018, there was quite a lot of media attention on Mark Zuckerberg’s height, after reports that he was sitting on a “booster seat” while answering questions from the Senate Judiciary and Commerce, Science, and Transportation committees.

There are photographs showing him sitting on a large, padded cushion during this questioning, apparently to make himself tall enough to place his elbows on the desk. However, it has been pointed out by some sources that the chair is very low and the desk is high.

It’s not likely that Mark Zuckerberg needs a cushion in most conditions, since he’s very close to the average height, and most American men don’t require cushions in everyday life. Although some sources have made the most of this to call him short, it’s clear that he isn’t a particularly short individual.

Some of the suggestions that he’s short may be a result of the fact that he’s a somewhat controversial figure – and may be an attempt to make him look less credible.

Is Mark Zuckerberg Small For A Billionaire?

You might wonder how he would compare with other wealthy and notable individuals from our time. He’s a little shorter than some of the most famous billionaires. For example, Bill Gates is approximately 5 foot 10 inches (1.78 meters), and Richard Branson is around 5 foot 11 inches (1.80 meters).

The height estimates for Steve Jobs vary to an extent; some people say he was around 6 feet (1.83 meters), while others say he was closer to 6 foot 2 inches (1.88 meters).

Either way, Mark Zuckerberg probably isn’t ranked among the tallest billionaires, and he’s a little shorter than some of the other famous names that come to mind – but there’s no question that he’s still an exceptionally influential person who has had a huge impact on the world, regardless of his height.

How Old Is Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg is currently 39 years old, and was born in 1984. He launched Facebook in 2004, when he was just 20, along with some of his college roommates. The company was originally intended for use by certain college campuses, but it quickly expanded to a much wider user base.

He became the youngest self-made billionaire in the world at the age of 23, and he has been listed as one of the most influential people in the world four times. He is currently estimated as the 15th richest person in the world.

What Else Should You Know About Mark Zuckerberg?

He has been involved in quite a lot of controversies and lawsuits, especially surrounding data use and collection. His image has been damaged as a result of these lawsuits, and although he is viewed with admiration by some, others are uncertain or even negative about him. 

In 2010, a movie called The Social Network was released, with Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg. Mark Zuckerberg himself was fairly neutral about the movie; he at one point commented that he wished it wasn’t being made while he was alive, but at another time, he called it “interesting.” Overall, he was somewhat critical of his portrayal.

Others also criticized the film, saying it portrayed Zuckerberg as snide and sarcastic in a way that is not true to life.

Mark Zuckerberg has been noted for his philanthropy; he gives away large percentages of his wealth frequently, and has donated Facebook shares to Silicon Valley. He also contributed large amounts of money to combating Ebola, and donated a lot to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation accelerator aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has been criticized for “philanthrocapitalism” at times, although others have praised him for his extensive work and generosity. Mark Zuckerberg has never indicated what his political leanings are, although there is a lot of speculation about them.

How Much Does Mark Zuckerberg Weigh?

It’s thought that Mark Zuckerberg probably weighs somewhere around 154 lb (70 kg). However, this is an estimate, and there are no official sources to confirm or deny it. If it’s accurate, it would be within the correct weight range for his height.

This seems likely, given that Mark Zuckerberg has a reasonably slim physique and does not appear either over or underweight. It’s therefore probably close to accurate, if not exactly right. He claims to exercise for an hour every morning, although he has talked about giving up running, stating that it doesn’t sufficiently occupy his mind.


Mark Zuckerberg is close to the average height for an American man, or perhaps an inch shorter. He’s not as short as some sources attempt to make out, although he’s not tall. He’s currently 39 years old, and remains one of the wealthiest people in the world.

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