Map of Nashville Tennessee Area |  What is Nashville Known for?

Why is Nashville the capital of Tennessee?
Why is Nashville the capital of Tennessee?

Map of Nashville Tennessee Area |  What is Nashville Known for?


What Is It Like To Be in Nashville?

Nashville is certainly one of the cities in the US with the most interesting and captivating musical heritage as well as tourist destinations.

It has been showered upon with some lovely nicknames such as the “Music City” for the beautiful country music it has to offer, the “Buckle of the Bible Belt” for being a home to several places sacred to Christianity, and also “The Athens of the South” for having an exact replica of the Parthenon at the heart of Centennial Park.

Whether you’re interested in moving to Nashville or just paying a fun little visit and enjoying some sightseeing, we have just the right article for you to let you know what Nashville is all about!

Where Is Nashville Located, and How Big Is It?

Nashville is located in the northern part of the US state of Tennessee, right near the Cumberland River.

In terms of population, it is known as the 23rd most populous city in the United States and is a home to 1,249,000 (year 2020) people of varying ethnicities such as Arabs, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indians, etc. It’s the capital and largest city of Tennessee and expands over an area of 1362 km sq.

Is Nashville a Good Place to Live? 

No place is objectively good or bad, as it all comes down to what the resident is really looking for. We’ve listed some of the major pros and cons of living at Nashville to help you make an educated decision:


1) Abundant Job Opportunities: If you’re looking for a place with good job opportunities to test your luck at, Nashville is the place. The unemployment rate is as low as 3% and you’re able to find plenty of markets related to healthcare, technology, business start-ups, music and other sectors, with average salaries as reasonable as 50,000 dollars. 

2) Plenty of Quality Institutes: Maybe you’re a student looking to apply for a promising career at a good university. Consider settling at Nashville, where you can apply at the likes of Vanderbilt University, one of the top 15 institutes in the country. 

3) Plenty of Places to Visit: If there’s one thing that separates Nashville from other cities, it’s the fact that you just can’t get bored here. There’s so much for sightseeing. You have honky-tonks everywhere in Broadway, downtown Nashville, catering to not only country music but a variety of other genres. You have museums, plantations, auditoriums and all kinds of places to spend time at. 


1) Traffic Issues: A lot of residents in Nashville seem to complain about the traffic, which are actually valid complaints because Nashville’s population is growing at a fast pace and there’s lack of public transportation. Traffic conditions might improve within a few years though, considering light rail systems and other public transportation options are being arranged. 

2) Hot Summers: The temperature is around 90 degrees of Fahrenheit in summers, which might be a turn off for some people. 

What Are The Best Areas to Live In Nashville? 

There are a number of places you may consider if you want to settle in Nashville. Below we’ve listed five of the best areas to live at in Nashville: 

1) The Gulch: The Gulch, located on the southern side of Downtown Nashville, is a center for all sorts of fun activities Nashville has to offer. You’ll find yourself surrounded by bars, honky-tonks, restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, etc. The trade-off, however, is that you might have to live in condos, since that’s the most common residential option you’ll find yourself with at the Gulch. 

2) Downtown Nashville: If you’re new to Nashville, you might want to consider living in Downtown Nashville to really get an experience of the pleasures of the music city. You have the Music City Center, the Ryman Auditorium, and plenty of other places to enjoy. 

3) Belmont Blvd: If you’ve already acquainted yourself with the flashy parts of Nashville, you might want to be practical and prioritize a place with better residential options. Belmont Blvd is one such area, where you’ll find houses of varying price ranges. It’s also near to the prestigious Belmont University, in case you’re a student. 

4) Brentwood: Another option for a family-friendly place like Belmont Blvd, Brentwood is a place you can find beautifully built houses with Victorian aesthetics. It’s also a place with good commutation options, schools, and tourist spots such as the Brentwood Museum. 

5) Sylvan Park: You may consider Sylvan Park if you’re social and love a friendly, interactive neighborhood. There’s the famous Star Bagel Café where neighbors enjoy get-togethers, and schools such as the Montgomery Bell Academy. 

What is Nashville Known For? 

Nashville has a beautiful musical and cultural heritage its people take pride in. There are so many places which aren’t just tourist spots but emblems of Nashville’s love for the arts. You have the Grand Ole Opry, the world’s most eminent radio show that dedicates itself to preserving and promoting country music.

You have the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, containing all sorts of artifacts, memorabilia, videos, photos, and showcasing the works of country music giants such as Johnny Cash.

You have sites enriched with historical knowledge related to slavery such as the Belle Meade Plantation, and if you, or your kids, like science better, you have the Adventure Science Center which features interactive activities and simulators to learn about science in a fun yet educational way. 

So if you were to ask what Nashville is really known for, the answer isn’t that simple, because there’s just so much this beautiful city has to offer. There’s history, art, music, science, religion and even delicious food such as the hot chicken, Nashville’s specialty.

It’s essentially a city where people having all sorts of interests can get together and enjoy what they fancy, and not to mention, people of so many different and diverse ethnicities living here is proof of Nashville’s welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.



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