How tall is Michael Jordan? Height of Michael Jordan

How tall is Michael Jordan? Height of Michael Jordan
How tall is Michael Jordan? Height of Michael Jordan

The arguably greatest basketball player of all time has been the subject of plenty of curiosity. Everyone is dying to know more about Michael Jordan! However, especially in the sport he’s most well known for, one of the most pressing questions is: how tall is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is 6 feet, four inches and three-fourths of an inch tall, otherwise written as “6’4.” Michael Jordan was, at age 18, listed as 6 feet and four inches. However, in the National Basketball Association, Michael Jordan was regularly referred to as 6 feet and 6 inches tall.

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how tall Michael Jordan is, as well as offering some interesting trivia about the world’s most talented basketball professional! We will even answer some frequently asked questions, too. Let’s get started!

How Tall Is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan being interviewed at the Sports Illustrated Century Sports Awards
Michael Jordan being interviewed at the Sports Illustrated Century Sports Awards

The height of a person, especially a basketball player, can be very interesting to get to know. After all, it can help you visualize what being in the same room with a person like Michael Jordan might be like, comparing your own height to his! However, in basketball, where getting a ball up is most important, height is no small factor.

Michael Jordan is currently listed as 6’6 or six feet and six inches tall according to the National Basketball Association, but truthfully, the American Basketball Legend was listed as 6 feet and 4 inches while he was eighteen. At his current age, it is most accurate to say Michael Jordan is six feet and four inches tall. In centimeters, this makes him 194.9 centimeters high.

According to, this makes Michael Jordan one of the 98.9th percentile of tall people in the United States, a very rare height indeed!

What is Michael Jordan’s Net Worth?

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

A person’s net worth refers to the monetary value of a person’s financial or non financial assets, minus their outstanding liability value. Sometimes it can also refer to an institution. It can be fun to figure out just how successful or popular a celebrity like Michael Jordan is after working in the industry for so many years.

Michael Jordan has a net worth of 1.7 billion United States Dollars as of the year 2023. In the year 2022, Michael Jordan is estimated to have earned $256.1 million just in the sales of his overwhelmingly popular shoe brand, named after himself, sold through Front Office Sports. These shoes, popularly referred to as “Jordans,” earn Michael Jordan 5% of their total sales.

What Does Michael Jordan Own Now?

In his life, Michael Jordan has not only accomplished incredible feats in his basketball career, but has become quite the entrepreneur, too. The question is, what does Michael Jordan own at this point in time?

In the year 2023, Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets and presides over the team as both chairman and principal owner. He is also the owner of 23XI Racing, which is a part of the NASCAR Cup Series. 

Who is Michael Jordan Dating?

The most famous basketball player alive has definitely earned more than money and fame; he’s also been the subject of romantic affection, too! Michael Jordan married Juanita Jordan after meeting her at a post-basketball game in a Chicago Restaurant during the year 1985.

They welcomed their first son before marriage in 1989, and their second in 1990, followed by a daughter in 1992. Jeffery, Jordan’s firstborn, is now in charge of Michael Jordan’s brand’s digital pursuits. Marcus Jordan, his second son, founded a boutique known as “The Trophy Room.” His daughter, Jasmine, is now an executive at the Jordan Brand. 

Juanita Jordan and Michael Jordan were married for 17 years before they divorced in the year 2007. The split up was amicable, although some have speculated that the reason may have been his affair with model and actress Karla Knafel from 1989 to 1991.

In 1989, Michael Jordan also had a brief relationship with Robin Givens, who later went on to marry boxing sensation Mike Tyson instead. Gabrielle Union, now married to Dwyane Wade, was also one of the people Michael Jordan was rumored to have had a relationship with in these years.

Eventually, however, Michael Jordan did remarry. He met his current wife, a model named Yvette Prieto, in 2008 in a Miami, Florida nightclub. They became close enough to move into the same living space together in 2009 and got engaged during Christmas celebrations in the year 2011. They were married at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in 2013.

Yvette and Michael Jordan have twin daughters who were born in February of 2014, in addition to his children from his first marriage. 

How Much Sleep Did Michael Jordan Get?

In the grind to become a great athlete like Michael Jordan, one of the juiciest bits of trivia one can learn is how much sleep the legendary basketball player got at the height of his sports career. According to BJ Armstrong, teammate to Michael Jordan, he did not sleep at all for 14 years! 

This may, of course, be some exaggeration, but it is generally remembered by those who spent time with Jordan during the pinnacle of his basketball career that if he slept, they never witnessed it! Yet, Michael Jordan is known to have shown up to every practice with no lack of energy.

How High Was Michael Jordan Able to Jump?

Michael Jordan is known for his “Jumpman” silhouette on most of his brand’s merchandise, and many famous photos of the basketball star include his fantastic leaps. The question is, how high was this 6 foot 6 legend actually able to jump?

Michael Jordan was able to leap 4 feet straight off the ground. This meant he could leap 5 inches higher than other star Vince Carter, and a grand total of 20 inches higher than the average leap of a National Basketball Association professional athlete!

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, Michael Jordan was a whopping 6 feet, 4 inches in high school, but after playing for the National Basketball Association, was listed as 6 feet, 6 inches in height. This basketball legend may certainly have seemed even taller when making one of his miraculous 4 foot vertical takeoff leaps!

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