How tall was Michael Jackson? Height of Michael Jackson, Weight and Much More

How tall was Michael Jackson? Height of Michael Jackson, Weight and Much More
How tall was Michael Jackson? Height of Michael Jackson, Weight and Much More

Dubbed the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was one of the biggest pop stars in the world from his time in the Jackson 5 all the way through his eclectic solo career. The height of his career stretched from a whopping 1979 all the way through to 1995. Even after 1995, he was still pulling in the crowds, just perhaps not as much due to various issues in his life. Of course, we aren’t here to talk about his career. Not yet, at least. Instead, you are here to know just how tall was Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson was 5 foot, 9 inches tall. This is 1.75 meters, for non-Americans. This is rather tall in the pop world. He even looked taller sometimes, with Michael’s fashion sense, it wasn’t uncommon to see him wearing boots and the like, which would have added another couple of inches to his height. 

Let’s tell you a little bit more about his height. Plus, for those interested, we can talk more about his career. It certainly was a successful one, even if he didn’t quite go out the way he would have hoped. 

How Tall Was Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the shortest member of the Jackson 5. Although, that is probably because he was the youngest of them all. Sadly, we can’t give you more information about how tall he was when he was in the Jackson 5. The man was still young back then, and he would have been growing almost constantly.

We do know that he was 5′ 9″ (1.75 meters) once he was fully grown, though. While this certainly wouldn’t have made him the tallest pop star in the world, it would have put him up there in terms of height. All but the tallest of people may have had Michael Jackson towering over them. It certainly made for quite a spectacle when he was up there on the stage!

The more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that Michael Jackson often seemed much taller than this, though. This is especially true when he was on the stage.

The reason why Michael Jackson appeared much taller is due to his shoes. To pull off many of the things that he needed to pull off on stage, his shoes would often be raised platform shoes. This was important for allowing him to do the moonwalk. It would have hurt his ankle otherwise. While we cannot say 100% for sure how tall Michael Jackson was when he put on his stage shoes, it is likely that it added an inch or two to his height. This means that he would have been bordering on 6 feet!

How Much Did Michael Jackson Weigh?

It is much more difficult to work out how much Michael Jackson weighed throughout his career. Obviously, he was going to weigh a lot less when he was a kid. However, he had some serious health issues as he got older, which meant that his weight would have fluctuated quite a bit.

Unfortunately, the only official weight that we could find for Michael Jackson comes from after his death. His autopsy said he weighed 135 lbs. This would have put him at about normal weight for his height and age i.e. he was neither under nor overweight. 

Do bear in mind that when he passed away, he was gearing up to have a massive series of concerts in the United Kingdom (he had only announced it a few weeks prior), which means that he would have been at peak fitness at the time of his death. He was likely much skinnier before he started to get into shape, although we can’t find any information on just how skinny he was. 

Michael Jackson: A Career in Summary

Michael Jackson is one of the pop stars that really needs no introduction. He is, and remains, one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Even years after his death, people are pumping out his hits such as Billy Jean, Thriller, and The Earth Song. Before that, he was in the Jackson 5 which had amazing songs such as ABC, Don’t Blame It On The Boogie, etc. There is barely a pop star out there that had a 30-year career quite like he did, and he was about to relaunch when he passed away.

We don’t think we could possibly do his career justice in such a short summary, and we do urge you to go and seek more out about him, because the guy had a great life, although it was also filled with sorrow and heartache…plus a load of court cases.

One of the greatest things about Michael Jackson is the fact that he was one of only a few pop stars at the time writing his own songs. The man was an absolute talent. While he didn’t always write hits (some of his songs, in our opinion, were terrible), you could feel that every song that he produced came straight from the heart.

Just before he died, Michael Jackson announced what would have perhaps been one of the greatest comeback tours in pop history. He had a full sell-out set of events at the O2 Arena in London. His death came during rehearsals for the show. Who knows where his career would have gone after that? Even though he had just hit 50 years of age, rehearsal videos showed that the guy was still full of energy, and he probably could have rocked stages all over the world.

Final Thoughts 

Michael Jackson grew up in the public eye. This means fans of his in the 1970s would have seen him grow from a young kid barely a couple of feet tall, all the way up to his towering 6′ 9″. He may have appeared taller during the adult years of his career, though. This is because Michael Jackson was known for wearing special boots that would help him dance when he was on the stage. 

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