How tall is The Hulk? The Hulk Height, Age, Weight and Much More

How tall is The Hulk? The Hulk Height, Age, Weight and Much More
How tall is The Hulk? The Hulk Height, Age, Weight and Much More


The Hulk is famous for his massive size and strength, but do you know how tall he’s actually meant to be? Have you ever wondered how tall you would be if you were standing next to him, or what he’d look like standing in your home? If so, you’re in luck, because that’s what we’re going to find out today.

The Hulk stands at around 7 (2.1 meters) or 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall. However, his height has varied across depictions, and so you may notice some variation if you look at him in different mediums. This is partly due to the increased capabilities of CGI, and partly due to different visionaries deciding on how to portray him.

We’re going to use this article to check out more about how big the Hulk is in his various iterations, and to learn a bit more about his age and weight, too.

How Tall Is The Hulk?

How tall is The Hulk?
How tall is The Hulk?

The answer to this question depends heavily on what sort of media you look at. The original Hulk, from the comic books, stands somewhere between 7 and 8 feet tall. This is the “Savage Hulk” (as some fans name him), and he’s 7 foot 6 inches (2.29 meters). 

There was also “Grey Hulk,” who was another early character design, but he only stood at 6 foot 6 inches (1.98 meters). That’s still impressive, but considerably smaller than most depictions of the Hulk today.

Indeed, both early versions of the Hulk tend to be shorter than today’s Hulk; overall, he seems to have grown a little in most depictions, although not all. Some other notable iterations show him as the Green Scar Hulk, at 8 foot 8 inches (2.64 meters), and the Immortal Hulk, at a full 10 feet (3 meters) tall.

Of course, some early movies struggled to show the Hulk at this extraordinary size. Since special effects were limited, he tended to be much closer to a real person’s size, in accordance with the actor depicting him.

In 1977, the Hulk’s live-action TV series, The Incredible Hulk, began. In this, he is portrayed by Lou Ferrigno, who stands around 6 foot 5 inches (1.96 meters). He was a professional bodybuilder at the time, which meant he did look the part for the Hulk – but still couldn’t measure up to the comic book depictions.

In the 2003 movie Hulk, the creature’s size is directly tied to how angry he is; he gets bigger and more muscly the more he loses his temper. He is 9 feet (2.74 meters) tall initially, but goes up to around 12 feet (3.66 meters), and finally reaches around 15 feet (4.57 meters) near the end of the movie.

In the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk, he’s around 9 feet tall, and his size is not meant to change according to his mood. He’s still an incredible height, standing more than 3 feet taller than the average American man, but his size is supposed to be a little more human in this film.

How Tall Is The Hulk In The MCU Universe?

The Marvel website states that the Hulk is 7 foot 6 inches (2.29 meters). There have also been calculations done by fans to try to estimate his height compared with other actors. 

Chris Hemsworth, for example, is about 6 foot 3 inches (1.91 meters), and fans say this places the Hulk at about 8 foot 5 inches (2.57 meters). The actor, Mark Ruffalo, is about 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters), but obviously, he’s digitally enlarged for his Hulk appearances.

That means that the MCU Hulk isn’t that much taller than the original interpretation, and he’s certainly shorter than in several of the other film interpretations. His height is still definitely a big feature, but he’s not so big that he feels completely beyond the bounds of realism.

How Old Is The Hulk?

This depends on your interpretations of the character. Some people place the Hulk as being the same age as his counterpart Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner was born in 1969, which means that the character is considered to be 49 in the 2008 movie.

However, the accident that created the Hulk only happened in 2005 (in this universe). If you count the Hulk’s age from this point, he would be 3 years old in the 2008 movie. A lot of people think that it makes sense that the Hulk is only a child or a teenager, since this is how he responds to the world a lot of the time.

However, there’s a lot more confusion around this than you might expect. The Thor: Ragnarok movie implied that the Hulk is thousands of years old, suggesting that perhaps he’s an immortal being.

This is due to the amount of time that the Hulk spent on Sakaar, where time passes differently from Earth. Some fans have calculated that the Hulk would have spent between 235,000 and 345,000 years on Sakaar.

If that’s the case, there’s no real way to pinpoint an age for him.

How Much Does The Hulk Weigh?

Unsurprisingly, this also varies depending on which depiction of the Hulk you look at. Many versions of the Hulk are said to be between 1040 and 1400 lb (471 to 635 kg).

Of course, this weight estimate will change depending on the version of the Hulk that you are looking at. The 15 foot Hulk would certainly have weighed significantly more, while the comic book version might have weighed less. Some sources state that the Grey Hulk weighed around 900 lb (408 kg), so estimates really do vary.


As you can see, the height, age, and weight of the Hulk are pretty challenging to pinpoint because of the many different depictions of this character. However, an overall height of somewhere between 7 feet and 9 feet tall seems to be the generally accepted guideline, and that’s certainly given the character a distinctive look in all the Marvel media.

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