What are the beaches like in Hunstanton?

Hunstanton Beach


Hunstanton Overview

Hunstanton is a seaside town in Norfolk, England with a population of approximately 5000. The town of striped cliffs is also known as “Sunny Hunny”. This is because the beaches and the cliffs face the west, capturing all the sunshine in the area. This displays spectacular views of sunsets. This place is an interesting blend of a variety of exciting things to see and do in a seaside resort with your other half, family or friends. There are several tourist attractions in the town other than the beaches which are very close to each other and can be accessed by an easy stroll on the streets of Hunstanton. The town always has something new for its visitors and in the town itself, there is something for everyone. 

Beaches in Hunstanton

Hunstanton has several beaches in the area and its whereabouts that are a major cause for tourists as the beauty of the beaches cannot be matched.

Old Hunstanton beach

One of the beaches in Hunstanton is the Old Hunstanton beach in the little village of Old Hunstanton. The beach is predominantly covered in sand which makes it ideal and safe for the families. Also, this beach is secluded from the main beach of Hunstanton so If you wish to spend the day dipping your feet in the sand and relaxing then Old Hunstanton beach is the perfect place for you. The best thing about the beach is that there is always plenty of sand here, so you can always find a perfect spot to lie under the sun on the sand. It offers the facility of a café and restaurant to serve snacks and refreshments to the visitors and also there is a nearby pub as well in case the visitors are interested in going there as well. Another good thing about the Old Hunstanton beach is that it is a dog-friendly area so there is no need of leaving your dog at home. Families can enjoy together at such a place. However, parents must take care of their children if they request for swimming as there is no lifeguard service offered at the Old Hunstanton beach.

Hunstanton beach

Another famous beach of the town is the Hunstanton beach. This is the beach that faces towards the west receiving direct sunshine. Also, the place is known for its beautiful sunsets. If you wish to see the sky turn beautifully into pink and red hues then stay a little longer to watch the sunset and capture the spectacular view in your cameras. Such breathtaking views are not to be missed. The beach is divided into two halves. The first is near the resort and is predominantly covered in shingle while the other part is covered in fine, golden sand which is exposed when the tide comes out. Hunstanton beach remains crowded as there are a number of visitors coming up because of the variety of activities and facilities that are offered along with the beautiful views. Hunstanton beach is quite spacious providing adequate space for the visitors to play and spend their day happily. Kite surfing is also allowed which is one of the popular activities that the tourists love to enjoy. 

The beach has also retained its old-world charm by the Victorian resort that was built in 1846. Visitors explore that and many other historical attractions nearby. The beach offers lifeguard service as well so there is no fear of swimming at the beach either for children or for adults. Other than this, it is a dog-friendly beach but only for a particular time. Dogs are not allowed during summer but they can be brought along in the other months. Also, the beach is cleaned regularly so there will be no complaints regarding the cleanliness of the beach. Another exciting thing is that it also offers pony rides for children. It is the most ideal spot for families to spend their day together with the perfect sand dunes. 

Heacham South Beach

Another famous beach in Hunstanton is the Heacham south beach which is also known as “Stubborn sands”. This beach is a long stretch of sand and is also one of those beaches that face the west. Just like Hunstanton beach, it also offers the opportunity to experience the sunshine and spectacular sunsets. The beach is cleaned regularly so there are no complaints of tidiness. Other than that, the water at the Heacham south beach is of excellent quality. The beach is relatively quiet as compared to the others nearby so if you wish to have a calm walk on the sand then this is the ideal place for you to visit. Since there are no dog restrictions at the beach, visitors find it interesting to take their dog along and go for a walk at the beach. 

Heacham south beach offers the facilities that the visitors are usually looking for. There is a small car park so there is no need to worry about where to park the car. Other than that, there is also a small café and a restaurant at the beach to offer snacks and refreshments to the visitors. There are public toilets as well. There may be small stones but as you move further away in either direction, the beach gets sandier which is perfect to lie down under the sun. It is one of the best beaches in England which offers the perfect environment and weather for a family day out. The shops are usually closed on weekdays but all of them are open on weekends.

Plan your trip accordingly and visit the beaches in Hunstanton as all of them are unique and are equally beautiful. Do not miss the magnificent views and lovely walks by the coast as they not only refresh oneself but are also perfect alternatives to busy life at work.

Hunstanton Climate  

Hunstanton is considered as a warm area. The average temperature recorded throughout the year is 9.6 degrees Celsius. The temperature is usually higher throughout the year but the months with the highest temperature are between May to September while the months with the lower temperature are February to April. Hunstanton receives a lot of rainfall the entire year. Even in the months with the highest temperature, the level of precipitation remains high. The highest rainfall is experienced between June to September while the lowest rainfall is experienced in the months between November to February. It is advised to visit Hunstanton in the months of February to April as the temperature remains controlled in these months and this would be the ideal time to explore the nearby surroundings or spend your days at the beach with friends and family. 

Places to visit near Hunstanon Beach

Norfolk Lavender 

One of the most exciting and beautiful places to visit in Hunstanton is the Norfolk Lavender. It is England’s top lavender farm which is growing in the 100-acre land. Lavender blooms in July and August. If one wishes to see 100 acres of land of this beautiful crop, then the best time to visit is then so that this spectacular scene can be caught by one’s eyes. This place remains crowded in mid-august as there are almost four tours in one day to have a glimpse of this beautiful view and to capture photographs of the full bloom. Closer to the farm is a shop that comprises dried lavender and cosmetics like oils, perfumes, soaps and much more. 

Rainbow Park

Another exciting place to visit near Hunstanton beach is the rainbow park. This park is very old as it has occupied this place for more than 50 years. It is free for everyone but the rides in the park have to be paid for. There are a variety of games and activities that are offered such as penny falls and grabbing cranes. Along with that, now there are new exciting dancing games as well which attract the attention of the children. If the parents are confused regarding where to take their children for some fun, then Rainbow park is the best place to go as it offers a good selection of games and activities that the kids would love to engage in. Apart from the children, Rainbow park has many rides for grown-up adults as well. Rides like the roller coaster and the sea dragon provide an aerial view of Hunstanton beach as well. 

Princess Theatre 

Another place to visit near Hunstanton beach is the Princess Theatre to enjoy your evening and lighten up the mood. The cinema is very old built-in 1932. Although, it offers a six-week session in the summer something is always going on in the theatre. There are plays, musical nights, live bands and different events on which important Television personalities and celebrities are invited. If you wish to meet your favourite celebrity, then do keep checking the activities happening at the Princess Theatre so that you could get a chance to meet them. Also, the theatre provides live broadcasts as well from the national theatre and the Royal Shakespeare company. 


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