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England is known for the variety of beaches that are located in the area. All of them are famous for unique characteristics. One of these beaches is the Durdle Door beach. Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch that is located on the Jurassic coast near Dorset in England. The beach forms a part of the Lulworth Estate in the south of Dorset. The beach is known for its beautiful views and the attractive places nearby which allow the tourists to spend a day perfectly at the beach. 

Durdle Door beach

Durdle Door, Natural Limestone Arch, Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England.
Durdle Door, Natural Limestone Arch, Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England.
The Durdle Door rock arch on the Dorset Coast in Southern England.
The Durdle Door rock arch on the Dorset Coast in Southern England.

Durdle Door beach is one of the world’s famous rock arch beach. This is located beside the famous rock arch which is one of its kind in the entire world. It is a very historical arch that was created approximately ten thousand years ago. The beach is a long stretch of shingle which not only offers beautiful, picturesque views to the visitors but also provides the opportunity to view the number of caves that are located at the base of the cliff.

These caves are the ones that are carved out by the sea. Although these cliffs look beautiful and one wishes to explore them from inside but it is advised to not go very close to them as it is very common for cliffs to fall in that area. To avoid any accident, one must keep a safe distance from these cliffs and can capture a picture of them from a distance. Several activities can be carried out here for fun. One of these is camping. Since the area is very peaceful, a family can spend time camping in the area and enjoy the view of the beach. 

Other activities include rock pooling and coast steering. The area is so beautiful that people especially come here to capture the beauty of the beach and the rock arch to save it for later. Photography is a very common activity in this area. Other than this, visitors spend time walking and enjoying nature as the climate is also very friendly and the beautiful views make the walk even more interesting.

The good thing about Durdle Door beach is that the beach remains open throughout the year therefore, all those who wish to visit the beach can come at any time of the year and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the place. Also, it is open for everyone so the entire families can also visit the place and spend a day out. However, it is important to note that the access to park ends at 10 pm and it must be evacuated by that time, therefore, if one wants to spend a good day at the beach and want to stay there for a long time then they must visit in the afternoon so that they have a couple of hours before the beach is closed. The beach offers no lifeguard service so it is advised to take care of your children and keep them aware of where the water is deep. 

The beach is known for its excellent water quality and is also recommended by the Marine conservation society. Also, another good thing about the Durdle door beach is that the dogs are allowed on the beach throughout the year. So, now you do not have to leave your dog behind. The entire family along with the pets can enjoy all together. There is a refreshment shop as well to recharge yourself if you get tired of walking and playing at the beach. Other than that, there is a souvenir shop as well from where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. 

Places to Visit in Durdle Door

Durdle Door beach lies on the Dorset coast which forms a part of the Lulworth Estate. Lulworth consists primarily of two villages: East and West Lulworth. These places are known as one of the most attractive spots that tourists select and visit to spend their vacations not only because they provide beautiful, picturesque views but also because they offer many activities to enjoy and spend the day.

Lulworth Castle

One of the famous attractions is the Lulworth castle which is accompanied by a park. Tourists pay a visit to this historical castle quite frequently. It is famous because of its history that it was first built as a hunting lodge back in the 17th century. After that, it was transformed into a country house. Also, a major event took place in the past when the castle was consumed by fire. However, it was renovated and then opened for the public therefore, visitors come in huge groups to have a look at the historical building. The park beside the castle is also of great entertainment for the tourists where there are beautiful grounds for children to play and also ample space for families to have a picnic.

Camp Bestival

During the summer, an event is hosted at the Lulworth castle which is known as Camp Bestival which is a music and arts festival. It is a source of entertainment for visitors. It is advised for the visitors who are planning to come in summers, to check the schedule of the event so that they do not miss the fun and entertainment that the event has to offer to all of them. 

The Blue Pool

Other than the Lulworth castle and the park beside it, there are many more places to visit as well such as The blue pool. It is very close to Lulworth and is an easy drive away. It is a beautiful place with a lake set along with a huge area of woodland. The area covered in woodland is approximately 20 acres. If one wants to spend a day by having a calm and gentle walk around the lake and in a peaceful atmosphere, then this is the ideal place to visit.

The woodland is a habitat to many birds therefore, visitors are also entertained by the melodic sounds of the birds. It also offers a cozy tea room for the visitors to have refreshments and enjoy the beautiful views along with it. There is also a museum that is owned by the blue pool as well. A variety of attractions can be made available at a single place. 

Climate of Durdle Door and Durdle Door beach

The Climate of a place is a very important factor which is consulted by the tourists and visitors before visiting any place because that helps to decide the outfit that they should keep to spend their day at that place and what atmosphere will there be on that particular day. The lowest temperature is from December to March which is approximately 8 – 9 degrees. On the other hand, the highest temperature is between June to August which is approximately 17 – 20 degrees.

The precipitation in the area is indirectly proportional to the temperature. As the temperature falls which means the weather is cold, the level of precipitation rises and as the temperature rises, the level of precipitation falls. It is in the best interests of the visitors to visit Durdle Door in March to April or September to November because in these months the temperature remains controlled and it is even more fun to spend time at the beach with friends and family. Also, in these months the precipitation remains controlled so this means that the visitors can enjoy sunny days at the beach as well. It is advised to check the weather forecast before planning the trip. 

Other Beaches in Durdle Door

There are a variety of beaches in and around Durdle Door which are some of the famous attractions that are on the top of the list of the places that people wish to visit. 

Man O’ War Bay

Another beach located near the Durdle Door beach is the Man O’ War beach which also provides several opportunities to the visitors to capture the picturesque scenes. The journey may be an adventure for some and unpleasant for others as it is off the paved highway and the way is quite long. The drive takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the Man O’ War Bay. However, if you are easily able to travel for long then this is the best place to visit which offers a beautiful and pleasant view upon reaching.

Also, during the journey, there are many open farmlands and also oceans by your side which makes it fairly interesting. It is open from 11 am to 4 pm, therefore, keep an estimate of the opening hours and then plan your trip so that you have enough time to enjoy at the beach. Also, it offers scrumptious food from the restaurant nearby. There is an option to sit indoor as well as outdoor to enjoy the food along with the picturesque view outside There is a wine tasting room as well which provides you plenty of time to relax and choose your favorite pick. It is an ideal spot to take guests with you and spend a day out. To spend a perfect day, do not forget to visit the beach. 

Worbarrow Bay

Closer to the other two beaches is the Worbarrow beach. Since the beach is now managed by the ministry of defense therefore, it is only open on weekends and school holidays. All those who wish to visit Worbarrow Bay should note the days that it can be accessed otherwise, they will have to return without spending a day at the beach. One thing about Worbarrow bay is that it is not very crowded. All those looking for peace and to spend time with family at a place which is not very crowded, then Worbarrow bay is your place to go to. It is the ideal place to spend time with family and to organize a picnic close to nature and the picturesque views that Worbarrow bay has to offer. 

Weymouth beach

Weymouth beach is located at the heart of the Jurassic Coast. The beauty, as well as the hygiene of the beach, is evident from the fact that it is an award-winning beach. It is visited by people in huge groups and this is because of the traditional importance of the beach. Weymouth beach is one of the country’s top traditional resorts. It has become a popular spot for families to arrive and spend their days together as a family to enjoy the beautiful and spectacular views of the beach and also the variety of activities that are there to perform. It is an ideal destination for families to visit together. The several activities that the beach offers include donkey rides. The donkeys are specially prepared and trained for entertaining the visitors especially the kids who wish to sit at the back of the donkeys. Other than this, there are many other activities as well that are especially organized for the children who accompany their parents to the beach.

It is because of these activities that families arrive at Weymouth beach for generations. The Weymouth beach is also famous for hosting the annual sports championships, festivals and many other events happening throughout the year. These events are not to be missed as they offer a range of exciting activities and games for both adults and children. If you wish to attend those events, then make sure to check the dates of the events before planning a trip to the beach so that your day is not wasted and you can witness those exciting events with your family. The beach is known for the beautiful views and also the safety that it provides to the swimmers and the water sport’s enthusiasts. The bathers feel safe at Weymouth beach and this is the reason that they return again and again to this place. All of these activities make the place special and worth visiting. It is advised to everyone to visit Weymouth and enjoy the activities offered by the beach for adults as well as for the kids. It will be a fantastic experience for all those who visit the Durdle Door beach.


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