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Kynance Cove on the Lizard Peninsula

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Due to diverse beautiful and picturesque places in the United Kingdom, it is unique from many other countries in the world. This is one of the reasons that make the United Kingdom one of the most visited places in the world. These attractive as well as pleasing locations attract a huge number of people to the lively towns of the United Kingdom and make it ideal spots for a vacation with family and friends. The picturesque views along with the exciting activities and adventures that these beautiful places have to offer to its valuable visitors are not to be missed. One such location in England is Cornwall which is situated in the Lizard Peninsula and has exciting attractions to offer. 

Beaches in Cornwall

Cornwall is one of those towns of England that is known for the quality as well as the beauty of its beaches. This is why people visit the beaches of Cornwall in huge bunches. These large stretches of sand along with aesthetic ambience and the excellent surfing conditions are the highlight of the beaches of Cornwall. There are a variety of beaches in Cornwall and many surrounding the premises of the town. 

Kynance Cove beach

One of the most prominent beaches of Cornwall is Kynance Cove which is known to be one of the most photographed beaches in town. The beach is located approximately two miles from the lizard point and it is a long stretch of white sand that shines under the sand making the view of the beach even more beautiful. The brilliant turquoise water along with the islands and the caves at the beach complement the white sands making it even more aesthetic and pleasing for the people who visit. 

The beautiful topography of the beach along with the serpentine rock formations make this beach one of the beautiful beaches in Cornwall. Previously, the beach was not very accessible because of the topography of the beach but recently because of the efforts made by the national trust, the beach has been made easily accessible as a toll road along with a car park has been recently made.

However, it should be noted that the beach is still approximately half an hour away from any other destination that has to be accessed. It may feel as if it is a lot of an effort to reach here but the beach is worth visiting as the views at Kynance Cove will make you forget all other difficulties. Moreover, do not forget to bring your cameras along with you to capture the beautiful, pleasing as well as picturesque views at the beach. It is ideal to visit the beach at the time of sunrise or sunset as the beauty of the beach doubles at that time and the views are to die for. Make sure you place Kynance Cove on your list if you ever wish to plan a trip to Cornwall because it is one of the best places to go to in the town. 

Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno beach is a beautiful beach located in Cornwall. The views at the beach are remarkable which makes it one of the best places to visit in Cornwall. The beach is surrounded by tall granite cliffs. Porthcurno beach is beautiful in its way as it reveals a small curve of golden sand under the low tide. The stretch of golden sand looks remarkable under the sun making an aesthetic view for the visitors. 

Another interesting fact about the beach is that it is easily accessible and is also very much popular with the families because of the exciting activities and adventures that they can perform at the beach. It should be noted that it is usually crowded with families so it is not one of those beaches where you can go for a free stroll with your feet inside the sand or lie down on the sand enjoying the beautiful ambience at the beach.

Swimming is common at Porthcurno beach but it should also be considered swimming can be dangerous in case there is a high tide at the beach. It is advised to keep an eye on your children at the beach. Also, make sure you check the tide ranges before visiting the beach so that you have an approximate idea about the tide range. Another interesting fact about the Porthcurno beach is that the face of the beach is towards the south and since there are tall cliffs at the back of the beach, it is protected from the northern winds. 

Harlyn Bay

Another beautiful and picturesque beach in Cornwall is the Harlyn Bay which is a long stretch of sand. The beach is spacious enough for the entire families to visit and spend their day with complete freedom. It should be noted that high tide can be dangerous for the children so it is advised to check the tide ranges before visiting and also the parents must keep an eye on their children so that they do not stand closer to the coastline. The beach covers a huge space that can be utilized by the children but should be kept away from the coastline as a heavy tide can be dangerous. 

However, one interesting, as well as useful thing for the visitors of Harlyn Bay, is that lifeguards are patrolling in the summer months who are capable of taking care of children at the beach so that they do not go close to the coastline. In the months of summer, the parents can enjoy freely as they will not have to be worried about their children. During these months, the children can easily swim at the beach because the lifeguards are on duty. There is a range of facilities that the beach has to offer which includes the car park and also the toilet facilities. Another good news for the visitors is that they are allowed to bring their pets along with them throughout the year as there are no seasonal restrictions implied on dogs at Harlyn beach. 

Places to visit in Cornwall

Cornwall offers a huge variety of beautiful attractions to the people visiting the area. Other than the beaches, there are many other options available to the people. 


One of these places is Penzance which is a town in Cornwall that is built in a western style. The most prominent highlight of this town is the Georgian architecture that the people are fond of. If you are a history lover, then this is the ideal place for you to visit as this town is rich in Georgian architecture. There are many other historic places in this town as well like Chapel street along with an Egyptian house that was built in the 1830s. Another exciting place to visit is the Minack Theatre which is also one of the beautiful attractions of the town. 


Another beautiful place in Cornwall is Falmouth which is an ideal place for a holiday getaway. This place is known to be the third-largest natural harbor on the planet. Closer to the natural harbor is the National Maritime Museum which is also an exciting place to visit consisting of historic items that might be of great interest to people who are fond of history and insights from the past. All of these places are remarkable in their way because of the beautiful views that they consist of along with the qualities of the pleasing attractions are the tip of the iceberg. 

In Summary

Since there is a long list of places to visit in Cornwall so it is advised to make a list of all the places in the order of priority so that none of the beautiful places are missed and you can make the most out of your trip with your friends and family. The conditions of all the beautiful attractions should be checked before visiting so there is no hurdle in visiting them. 

Cornwall Weather

Cornwall experiences a warm, maritime climate which means that it is exposed to longer hours of sunshine as compared to other parts of the United Kingdom. It is one of the places which experiences approximately 1500 hours of sunshine in a year. The month which experiences the most sunshine is May. From May to July, the average amount of sunlight in the area is approximately 7 hours a day. The minimum temperature recorded is 6 degrees Celsius while the highest temperature recorded is 19 degrees Celsius. The coldest months are December to February as the temperature falls the most in these months while the hottest months are June to August as the temperature is the highest. 

The average temperature recorded in Cornwall is 6.5 degrees Celsius. Rainfall happens throughout the year and is also significant as the driest month in Cornwall also receives significant rainfall. However, as compared to the other months, from May to August, there is limited rainfall recorded in the area. Therefore, these months can be considered ideal for a trip to Cornwall as the rainfall is limited so the visitors have greater opportunities to explore the beautiful attractions and enjoy. 


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