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Lighthouse on Burnam-On-Sea Beach, Somerset, at low tide
Lighthouse on Burnam-On-Sea Beach, Somerset, at low tide

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England has always been considered as a hub for seaside resorts and coastal towns. These seaside resorts and the small villages nearby comprise of beautiful attractions and picturesque views that are the highlight of the United Kingdom. This is one reason why the United Kingdom especially England has always remained popular among people from all parts of the world as a travel destination. There are numerous such towns in England that are different from the other towns in one way or the other which makes them unique. One such town is Somerset which is located in England and is also a remarkable travel destination. 

Beaches in Somerset

Somerset comprises a variety of beautiful beaches that are unique from each other. Each of them has its own particular qualities and provides different facilities to the people according to which the visitor’s priorities are. Since there are a range of beaches in the area, it is advised to make a list beforehand of the ones that you wish to visit and are feasible to you so that the rest can be visited the next time because the beauty and the quality of the beaches of Somerset are such that you will want to come again and again here. 



Out of all the beaches in Somerset, one of the best ones is the Burnham-On-Sea beach. It is also known as the Jetty beach. Burnham previously was a small village in the 18th century but with time, it developed and became a popular seaside resort. The most exciting thing about Burnham-On-Sea beach is that it offers a range of seaside facilities to its valuable visitors along with exciting entertainments to double the fun and adventure at the beach. 

This seaside resort is built in a Victorian style. It is a very elegant pier which has a cafe nearby along with a variety of amusement activities. The beach is a long stretch of sand that stretches alongside the resorts of Burnham, Brean as well as Berrow. The beach stretches for a total of 7 miles which makes it one of the longest beaches of Europe. Also, the beach is full of golden sand which is a beautiful sight for the eyes. 

Under the sun, the golden sand shines enhancing the beauty of the beach and adding to the picturesque views. It is advised to visit the beach at the time of sunrise or wait till sunset so that you can watch the colour of the sand change. This view is not to be missed. Make sure you bring your cameras along with you to capture this beautiful moment. This long sandy beach is perfect for light strolls and to dip the feet in the golden sand, enjoying the ambience of the beach. 

Burnham-On-Sea attractions

Burnham-On-Sea is divided into 4 parts. One of these parts is the main beach. Most of the main beach is usually sandy which is popular for activities in the summer season. The most famous activity includes donkey rides. Do not forget to take this donkey ride if you visit the beach in the summer season. The second part is the North beach while the third part is South Beach which is also known as Jetty Beach. South beach primarily consists of sand and pebbles. This part of the beach is popular for bird watching. The last part is the lighthouse area. 

Burnham-On-Sea facilities

Burnham-On-Sea beach is known for the facilities that it provides for its visitors to make their experience at the beach worth a while. One of these facilities includes lifeguard services. From the months of May to September, there are lifeguards patrolling in the area taking care of all the children as well as the adults. The parents no longer have to worry about their children as the lifeguards take this responsibility. The adults are free to enjoy on their own. However, it must be noted that this service is only available for the summer months, and for the rest of the months, the parents must take care of their children in case there is a high tide. 

Other than this, toilet facilities along with shower facilities are available in the Tourist information centre which is nearby. Car parking facility is also available to facilitate the visitors. The beach is dog friendly however, there are seasonal restrictions and also there are restrictions placed on some of the areas. Make sure to check with the boards that may indicate the dog free zone or the dog ban areas. 

Sand Bay beach

Another stunning beach in Somerset is Sand Bay which is a beach with enough space for the visitors to enjoy freely. The beach is known for the picturesque views that it has to offer. Make sure you bring your cameras along as this is the ideal place to photograph the aesthetic views. The best time to visit is at the time of sunset or sunrise so the best views could be captured. Another good news for the visitors is that this place is the ideal spot for dog walkers as the dogs are welcomed at the Sand bay throughout the year and also this long stretch of sand is the ideal place for the dogs to stroll freely. You can spend quality time with your pet at Sand bay. 

Although there are not many facilities available at the beach other than a few cafes and restaurants that are nearby for the visitors to buy snacks and refreshments in case they get exhausted strolling at the beach. Other than this, there is a car park facility available which is free of cost for the visitors. The beach is a long stretch of sand and shingle. Some of the common activities at Sand bay are fishing, swimming, and bathing. There are no lifeguards available so the parents must keep an eye on their children in case of high tide. 

Places to visit in Somerset

One of the most prominent reasons to visit Somerset is because of the roman and Georgian culture that Somerset is rich in. This beautiful county is steeped in history and folk which is the reason that it attracts a huge number of visitors. 

City of Bath

One of the best places to visit in Somerset is the city of Bath which was founded by the Romans but it was maintained and perfected by the Georgians who turned this city into a beautiful, luxury area in the 1700s. 

The historic significance of this place attracts a huge number of audiences who arrive at Somerset to visit this beautiful city. The magnificent architecture of this place is its highlight. If you are fond of antique art and architecture then this is the ideal place for you to visit as this piece of art is not to be missed. 

The roman baths are one of the prominent things that the people prioritise when they travel to England. The museum located in Bath is bundled with antique artefacts that are worth watching. It would be a very interesting activity to search for all the stories hidden behind those wonderful artefacts. It is remarkable how this beautiful attraction has been maintained and preserved until the present day. 


Another beautiful place to visit is Wells which is known to be the smallest city in England. It is a place with only ten thousand residents but it is an equally interesting place as many other cities of the country because of the beautiful attractions that it comprises. The best place to visit in the city is Wells Cathedral which is a bundle of historical significance as well as beauty. This is the reason why people from different parts of the world arrive at Wells to witness the beautiful and pleasing attractions that it has to offer. Wells Cathedral is known to be the first-ever Gothic building in the entire world and not just in England. 

It is interesting that all of these historic buildings have been preserved till now and kept in their best condition for the people to visit and acknowledge the art and architecture of history.  Some of the other beautiful places include Exmoor National Park and Weston Super Mare. 

Somerset Weather

The temperature of Somerset is warm and temperate as it is 22 metres above the sea level. The amount of rainfall in Somerset is significant even in the driest month. The highest amount of rainfall is observed in the month of October and is approximately 160 mm which is almost 6.3 inches. While the lowest amount of rainfall is observed in the month of April and is approximately 97 mm which is almost 3.8 inches. 

Although the amount of rainfall is significant throughout the year April experiences limited rainfall out of all the months. The average annual temperature that has been recorded in Somerset is 24 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature is recorded in August which is approximately 26.9 degrees Celsius while the lowest temperature is recorded in February which is approximately 17 degrees Celsius. 


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