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Lowestoft beach. Sourced from Shutterstock - Adorjan Seres
Lowestoft beach. Sourced from Shutterstock - Adorjan Seres

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The different areas of the United Kingdom have a variety of beautiful places and locations that are worth visiting. This is one of the reasons why the United Kingdom is referred to as a top-rated tourist destination. The beautiful landmarks in these areas along with the pleasing and aesthetic views that these places offer to the valuable tourists make them an attractive travel destination. The counties and seaside resorts in the United Kingdom are more beautiful than one another. Make sure you keep these coastal resorts and counties on your list when you plan a vacation with your friends and family. One such county in the United Kingdom is Suffolk. It is located on the East Anglia side of England and is bordered by towns from three counties and the North Sea from the fourth side. These counties include Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Essex. 

Beaches in Suffolk

The beaches in Suffolk are known for the beautiful and pleasing views that they offer to their valuable tourists. These beaches provide a satisfactory quality of water and tidiness which enhances the beauty of these beaches and make it an ideal place to go. Make sure you check the weather forecast before planning your visit so that you can get the most out of your trip and you enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and family. The beaches in Suffolk are worth visiting and appreciating. 

Lowestoft beach

Lowestoft beach is divided into 2 parts, the north side, and the south side. The north side of Lowestoft beach is known as Claremont Pier while the other side is the Southside. The Northside or the Claremont pier is a long stretch of sand. There is a separate zone for water sports which is reserved for this purpose. 

There is a range of water sports that are allowed in this particular area and to allow people to indulge in adventurous sports. There is a lifeguard service available at the beach. Other than this, the beach is dog friendly as the dogs are allowed on the beach for most of the year.  However, there are some seasonal restrictions applied to dogs like they are not allowed from May to September. You should look for sign boards and directions that indicate the areas where dogs are allowed or where they are restricted. 

Some of the common activities that take place in Claremont pier include diving, swimming, jet skiing, fishing as well as windsurfing. The beach is capable of receiving an award from the marine conservation society regarding its water quality and the tidiness at the beach that enhances the beauty of the beach. 

The other part of Lowestoft is the southern side. It is also a long stretch of sand and it is commonly known as Victoria beach. It is a very famous seaside resort in Suffolk which attracts a huge number of people. There is a range of activities and facilities for the tourists like lawn bowls and tennis courts. Other than this, there are several restaurants and cafés at the beach as well to serve the people snacks and refreshments in the middle of the day. Lifeguards are available at the beach. Some of the activities that are common at the beach include fishing, diving, bathing, and surfing. 

Southwold pier beach

Another beach that is famous in Suffolk is the Southwold pier beach which is a traditional beach as it was opened in 1900 and since then, it has been maintained in its best condition. The beach is a long stretch of the shingle. One of the most beautiful attractions on the beach includes the colourful beach huts that add to the beauty of the beach. The beach has been recognised by the blue flag awards considering the remarkable quality of water and also the tidiness of the beach. There is a lifeguard service available at the beach. Dogs are also allowed for most of the time of the year but there are some seasonal restrictions applied especially from May to September as that is the peak season and the beaches are usually crowded at that time.  


Places to visit in Suffolk

Suffolk is not only known for the beautiful beaches that it provides to the tourists, but there are many other attractive and pleasing locations that are worth visiting and appreciating. The new market is one of the most famous places in Suffolk that attract a huge number of audiences. The new market is the place where horse races are conducted. It is a beautiful scene to watch. Moreover, it is a great adventure that should not be missed. However, you should check the schedule of races before visiting so that you can witness a horse race live. Moreover, you should book your tickets beforehand so that you do not run out of seats. 

Suffolk is also the hub of historical locations therefore if you are a history fan then Suffolk is the best place for you to visit as there are a variety of historical places that you will find here and nowhere else in the world. Do not miss this chance to revive the old-world charm that exists in the world. 

Suffolk Weather

The weather in Suffolk is warm, mild, and temperate. It is located 20 meters above sea level. The highest level of temperature that is observed in Suffolk is 25.5 degrees Celsius and is observed in July while the lowest level of temperature is 3.8 degrees Celsius and is observed in January which is usually regarded as the coldest month of the year. The average temperature in Suffolk is 14.9 degrees Celsius. 

Rainfall in the county is significant throughout the year. This means that the rainfall is sufficient even in the driest month. The highest level of rainfall is observed in July which is approximately 130 mm while the lowest level of rainfall is observed in November which is approximately 74 mm. The amount of rainfall throughout the year is approximately 1185 mm. The ideal time to visit Suffolk is between May to September as during those months, the temperature is pleasant and the rainfall is also limited. 

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