Map of American Samoa | Flag, Places to visit and Interesting Facts

American Samoa Flag
American Samoa Flag

Map of American Samoa | Flag, Places to visit and Interesting Facts






You might have heard the name of American Samoa for its bats. Fruit bats are native to this region and it is the only area that is part of the United States and its territories where fruit bats are found but unique bats are not the only thing that American Samoa has to offer. Beautiful beaches and amazingly hospitable people are just the surface of American Samoa. Plan a trip to this beautiful island and experience a wonderful experience with unique flora and fauna.

Map of American Samoa


What is the difference between Samoa and American Samoa?

This is a commonly pondered upon question. Several islands in Oceania were previously colonized by various countries. After the Second World War, these islands suffered a great deal since a lot of these were used as battlegrounds while others were used as a passage for the troops. Countries like France, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the United States offered help to several islands under a treaty that allowed these islands to have their own government and form foreign relations. However, these islands much like American Samoa lost the title of being independent and became territories of larger countries but in return they were offered help and protection from those countries. American Samoa is merely an overseas US territory whereas Samoa is an independent island which is a country of its own.

Where is American Samoa located on the world map?

Often mistaken for being a part of Hawaii or for being a neighboring island to Hawaii, American Samoa lies halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. With only a mere distance of 100kms lies the island country of Samoa. American Samoa has a total of five main islands, several islets and two coral atolls.

Does American Samoa have voting rights?

Presidential elections of America have been a huge deal ever since the US became a superpower so being able to play a role in the elections is a big deal to everyone. Sadly, people of American Samoa or other overseas territories do not have those rights. The citizens get to vote in party primaries but they do not play a role in the presidential elections. However, the people of several other overseas territories are US citizens whereas people of American Samoa are US nationals.

American Samoa Flag 

American Samoa Flag
American Samoa Flag

The flag of American Samoa is not just unique but intricately presented and symbolized. It was adopted in 1960 with the aim to replace the official flag of the United States that the territory was using as a primary flag to represent themselves. Flags have always been a great way to make places stand out of the crowd or the masses all while representing the best aspects of the nation that it represents.

Colors and Meaning of the American Samoa Flag

The flag of American Samoa uses three main colors; red, blue and white. The flag contains a white triangle with its point towards the hoist with a red border whereas the rest of the flag towards the top and the bottom are blue. A bald eagle is clutching a war club towards the far right of the flag in the white triangle. The main colors of the flag represent American Samoa’s relations with the United States whereas the eagle holding a staff and the war club represents Samoan chiefs’ two traditional symbols.

American Samoa Population

The population of American Samoa is about 55,000 with a large majority originating from indigenous people of Samoa that are also found in the independent island country of Samoa. Tongans and Filipinos are also common origins in American Samoa. The indigenous people strictly adhere to the Samoan culture which has developed over the years to fit the current world. It is greatly influenced by the most commonly followed Samoan religion, Christianity.

Languages spoken in American Samoa 

With a large chunk of the population being Samoans, a language closely related to Hawaiian and Samoan is commonly spoken in this region. It is a Polynesian language. Several other Pacific islanders also inhabit these islands and are therefore somewhat fluent at speaking it. A small percentage of white people also live here being part of the United States and almost all of the population speaks English. Not to mention, several younger generations are not as good at Samoan as their grandparents. Other languages like Tongan, Tokelauan, Samoan Sign language along with many other Pacific islander languages are spoken here. If you are a Pacific Islander, you will fit right in!

Interesting Facts about American Samoa

Unique bats are just a small part of the unique species that American Samoa houses. This diversity is not just seen in nature but also in people with people originating from different islands and speaking so many different languages. American Samoa will leave you surprised with all of the things that you do not know. Here are some of the interesting facts about this place:

  • Are you a fast-food lover? Well so are the people of Tutuila. It has the largest concentration of fast-food restaurants and it holds the crown of the biggest fast-food purchaser in the South Pacific.
  • Since Samoans love their food, American Samoa is considered to have the highest obesity rate in the world.
  • Samoa has over 250 species of fish inside its waters but it is home to only 3 land mammals and all of those are bats!

Places to visit in American Samoa

American Samoa has several places to offer you to enjoy a unique experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Here are some of the things that you can do or visit to make your stay a memorable one

  • Scuba Diving – It is a rewarding experience of its own especially in the Samoan waters which will leave you mesmerized with the number of different fish species that you will encounter.
  • Two Dollar Beach – A sight out of a fantasy movie with clear waters, greenery and great food. Enjoy the beach or go for snorkeling, you’ll return happy and relaxed either way.
  • Mount Alava – A spectacular view with an entertaining fun ride!


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