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Size of United States of America

This article explores the topographical features, climate, flag facts and places to visit in the United States of America which is commonly known as the USA or United States. The United States of America is a huge country that is widely spread. It consists of a total of 50 states along with a federal district and a total of five self-governing territories. The total area that the country comprises is approximately 3.8 million square miles and this makes it the fourth-largest country in the world where the largest is Russia and the second largest being Canada. 

Population of United States of America

Most of the United States is located in the continent of North America between Canada and Mexico. The estimated population residing in the country is around 328 million which makes the United States the third most populated country in the world. The capital of the United States is Washington D.C while the most populated city is New York.

History of USA

In the 16th century, the European colonisation began and the United States emerged from the thirteen colonies that Britain had acquired. There were several wars that the country had fought starting from the American revolutionary war, the American civil war, Spanish – American War and World War 1. These wars confirmed the status of the United States as a military power in the war. 

However, after the second world war, the United States of America appeared as a global superpower. It competed with the Soviet Union during the cold war after which the United states appeared as a global hegemon. No one could match the power of the country economically, politically or militarily. It was the first country to develop nuclear weapons and was also the only country that used them in warfare. 

Map of USA Geography

Towards the east of the country, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean while towards the west, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Canada borders the country on the northern border while towards the southern border of the country, there is Mexico. 

Landscape of the United States of America

The landscape of the country is increasingly vast and diverse as there are high mountains in the west along with a wide central plain. Throughout the country, the landscape is excessively varied. 

Starting from the tropical beaches in Florida, to the snowy mountains of the Rocky Mountains, the rolling plains of the Prairie to the barren deserts in the West. However, throughout the country, there are Great lakes, the Great canyon, and also the majestic, vast Yosemite Valley. 

Wildlife in USA

Just like the landscape, the wildlife in the country is also very diverse and varied. Some of the common animals that were found roaming freely in the plains were buffaloes however, now they can only be found in some of the protected areas. Other than this, a wide variety of carnivores can be seen especially in the northern state of Alaska. Carnivores like black bears, polar bears, grizzlies were found commonly. 

The wildlife animals found in the country are lucky in the sense that the country takes good care of them. The animals are well protected and maintained by the National park service and also many other parks that are located in each state of the country. The national animal of the United States of America is the bald eagle which is a protected species today. 

United States Topography

There is a range of topographical features in the country that make it a unique one. Starting from the coastal plains that are located in the Atlantic seaboard. Towards the western edge of the Great Plains are the Rocky Mountains. The height of these mountains is approximately 14000 ft in Colorado. Moving farther west is the rocky Great Basin and also a few of the deserts like the Mojave and Chihuahua. 

There is a range of mountain ranges in the country such as the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges that are located near the Pacific coast and both of the ranges are even higher than 14000 ft. Other than this, there are also active volcanoes that are very common in the Alexander and Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Other than this, some of the active volcanoes are also found in Hawaii

Climate of the United States

Overall, the climate of the entire country is quite temperate but there are some exceptions. Since the landscape of the entire country is varied and diverse, the climate is also the same. It differs from region to region. For example, the climate in Alaska is Arctic tundra while the climate in Hawaii and South Florida is tropical. Towards the far west of the country, entering towards the dry and flat Great plains, the climate turns to be arid. Moreover, along the Californian coast, the temperature turns out to be the Mediterranean. 

The mountainous area in the western region of the country has an alpine climate. While towards the Great basin, the climate becomes arid and semi-arid. All the populated regions in the country like Hawaii, or the southern part of Florida, along with the territories of California and pacific have a tropical climate. Towards Alaska, the temperature is subarctic or mostly polar. 

Although, the temperature throughout the country is temperate but it does not mean that extreme weather conditions are uncommon in the United States of America. Some of the areas in the country are prone to hurricanes like the states near the Gulf of Mexico. Other than the hurricanes, tornadoes are also common in the area especially in areas near Midwest or near south. 

United States of America Flag Facts

United States of America Flag

Importance of a national flag in general

Flags play a very important role in countries on a global level. This is because the flag adds to the recognition and identification of that particular country. For a country to be recognized on a global level, a flag plays a major role. It promotes a sense of unity, nationalism, and patriotism in the people of the country. They give the same respect to the flag as they give to the name of their own country. The symbols and the colors that the flag of the country has represented several things for the country. They may symbolize the values and traditions of the country.

What does USA flag look like?

The flag of the United States of America is also known as the American flag or the US flag. It is the national flag of the United States of America which consists of thirteen horizontal stripes that are spread over the entire flag. The stripes are of equal width and colors of the stripes are red and white. The stripes are colored red and white alternatively. Towards the top left of the flag, there is a blue rectangle that has a length of 7 stripes. The rectangle is blue but several white stars are spread evenly throughout the box. 

What does US Flag represent?

The small stars are approximately 50 in number and they are five-pointed stars that are arranged in nine horizontal rows. These fifty stars that are in the blue rectangle represent the 50 states of the United States while the thirteen horizontal stripes that are spread throughout the flag represent the thirteen colonies of Great Britain that declared independence from Great Britain out of which one was the United States of America. 

The nicknames of the American flag are stars and stripes, old glory and also the star-spangled banner. The flag of the United States is considered as a national symbol. Around the world, this flag is used to refer to the United States. Even in the country, the flag is not used on the public buildings only but it is also used on car windows and even on badges or lapel pins. 

What does American Flag colors mean?

The colors that have been used in the flag are referred to as white, Old glory blue and old glory red. Although, there is no official statement about what the different colors of the flag represent a statement was made by the secretary of the continental congress, Charles Thomson that the white color in the flag represents purity and innocence, while the red color in the flag represents valor and the blue color in the flag represents perseverance, justice as well as vigilance. Although, the colors on the flag don’t need to mean something but symbolism boosts confidence in the people and also patriotism in the people of the country.

Etiquette of American Flag

There are some etiquette that are associated with the flag of the United States of America such as the flag should not be allowed to touch the floor. Other than this, if the flag is to be flown at night, the flag must be illuminated so that it is not disrespected, moreover, if the corners of the flag wear out due to excessive use then the flag must be replaced and the same flag can not be used any further. Other than this, if the flag is damaged in a way that it no longer resembles the same flag and does not serve as a symbol for the country, then the flag must be destroyed but in a dignified manner. 

American Flag use rules

The national flag day is celebrated on 14th June every year in the United States of America. There is a flag code that is drafted to prevent any such act that leads to the disrespect of the flag, for instance, the flag of the country can not be embroidered or imprinted on any such item that has to be discarded after temporary use. Such items can be cushions, curtains or napkins that are used temporarily. 

The display of the flag is always in a way that the blue rectangle consisting of 50 stars must always be on the top. The national flag of the country is also used in the funerals of the military officers. The flag is draped over the casket but as the casket is being lowered in the grave, the flag is folded respectfully and then given to the kin of the deceased as a token of respect. 

History of US Flag

The design of the flag that is now, is the 27th flag of the country. Previously, the design of the flag has been modified 26 times since 1777. The difference was usually the number of stars that were in the blue rectangle. Previously, the number of flags was 48 and this flag remained for 47 years after this came the flag with 49 stars which was soon replaced by the flag with 50 stars. This was adopted and made the official flag in 1960. 

This version of the flag is the one that has been used the most as it has been over 59 years that the flag continues to be used. There have been modifications in the design of the flag depending on the number of states of the United States of America. As the states continue to increase, the number of stars in the flag continues to increase. Design for 51 states is also prepared by some of the people in the country who believe and protest for the emergence of a new state in the country. 

Similar looking flags of USA

Liberia and American Flag

Liberia and American FlagSeveral flags resemble the flag of the United States of America. One of these countries is Liberia which has a close resemblance to the American flag. Although it may look the same but there are also some considerable differences between the both. In the flag of the United States of America, there are thirteen stripes but in the flag of Liberia, there are only 11 stripes. Also, they mean different things like the thirteen stripes in the American flag represent the thirteen colonies that were under Great Britain while the 11 stripes represent the 11 signatories of the Liberian declaration of independence. 

Another difference is that the blue rectangle is only spread over 5 stripes while the rectangle in the American flag is spread over 7 stripes and the rectangle in the American flag has 50 stars inside while the flag of Liberia has only one star in the middle of the box. 

Malaysia and American Flag

Malaysia and American FlagAnother flag with a similar design is the flag of Malaysia but unlike the flag of the United States of America, it consists of 14 red and white stripes. The blue rectangle on the top left side of the flag is the same but it spreads over 8 stripes while in the American flag, it spreads over 7 stripes only. Moreover, the American flag consists of 50 stars in the blue rectangle but in the flag of Malaysia, there is a yellow crescent and a star that has 14 points.

Cuba and US Flag

Cuba and US Flag

Some similarities can also be taken from the flag of Cuba but only in terms of the colours of the flag that are blue, red and white. Otherwise, the structure of the flag is quite different. 

Places to visit in the United States of America

The United States of America is a dream place to go for most of the people around the world. It is because of the range of opportunities that are available in the country. The reputation that exists in the country in the world is also remarkable and makes the country a desirable place to visit. 

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah

One of the exciting places to visit in the United States of America is the Bryce canyon national park which is located in Utah. This place is known for the hoodoos in the area that stand like an army. Several hoodoos are arranged after one another and despite the erosion that takes place around them, they still are consistent. Due to erosion, they do not completely disappear but continue to decrease in height for example, approximately 2 feet every year. No one would like to miss these as long as they are still existing because if they continue to erode in the coming years, they will soon disappear and no one would be able to witness them again. 

Willamette national forest

Another beautiful place to visit in the united states of America is the Willamette national forest which is located in Oregon. This place is known for the thick vegetation and the variety of wildlife species that are found here. Also, some of the areas of the forest are so thick and the rainfall in those areas is so significant that those areas qualify as a rainforest. Some areas of the national forest even receive more than 10 feet of rain throughout the year. 

The national forest is extremely beautiful especially when rays of sunlight pass through the dense canopy of trees. There is a range of picturesque spots available in the forest that attract photographers from all around the world to visit this beautiful place and capture the beauty of this forest. Wildlife photographers are also welcomed because there are a variety of wildlife species found in the forest. The forest continues to remain dense as the trees go out of trees and as the seeds are dropped, a new plant grows. Willamette national forest is a spot worth visiting in the united states of America.


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