Map of Boston Massachusetts Area | What is Boston Known For?

Why is Boston the capital of Massachusetts?
Why is Boston the capital of Massachusetts?

Map of Boston Massachusetts Area | What is Boston Known For?







Boston, a city steeped in our nation’s history, is the capital of Massachusetts.  It’s a city that thrives on culture, history, and some of the best-known sports teams to come out of the east coast.

Where is Boston Located?

Boston sits nestled between the north and south shores of Massachusetts. It is a port city, and one-quarter of the city is surrounded by water. The Charles River, Boston Harbor, and the Atlantic Ocean all make up a portion of Boston’s shorelines. 

How Big is Boston?

The city proper itself only covers about forty-eight square miles, but with a population of almost 700,000, making it the most populous in all six New England states. Boston is the anchor of a much larger metropolitan area known as the Greater Boston area and includes towns such as Brookline, Newton, Watertown, Wellesley, Cambridge, and Sommerville. The population of metro Boston is almost five million people.

Is Boston a Good Place to Live?

In recent statistics, Metro Boston ranks fairly high on the country’s most desirable places to live. But there is a lot to consider if you are entertaining a move to BeanTown.


Geographically, Boston is very small, and as it dates back to our nation’s birth, much of the streets are built on cow trails and still sport the cobblestone that the city is known for. It is a city of commuters who rely heavily on the oldest transportation system in the country.

Driving in the city of Boston can be tricky, especially for those who aren’t used to its winding, one-way streets that offer very little, if any, parking. 


Boston is notoriously expensive. It ranks 47% more expensive than the national average.  With its tremendously high housing costs, much of the inhabitants of Boston rent.

The city is mostly made up of two and three-unit houses that can run you an average of over $2500.00 a month for a small one-bedroom apartment. If you are looking for a larger apartment, you can pay over $4000.0 a month, and that may not include a parking spot.

Much of Boston’s housing is old and small without much room, if any, for expansion. The median home value in the city is well over half a million dollars.


However, if you are working in Boston, you may be making enough money to consider living in the city as well. Boston is prominent in technology, finance, and science, making the market highly competitive which makes for a much higher salary than the national average. 


Boston shines when it comes to academics, with over 125 schools in the area. Boston also has some of the most prestigious universities in the country, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Tufts University.


With some of the best physicians and hospitals in the country, Boston has always been a leader when it comes to the level of healthcare.

What is Boston Known For?

Aside from being known for the high cost of living, and exceptional health care, Boston is known for many other things.


If you are a history buff, or even if you aren’t, exploring Boston’s history is a must. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile walk through the city where you follow a red line on the sidewalk.

This self-guided tour will bring you to some of the most important American Revolution sites, including Boston Common, which is American’s oldest public park, past the old statehouse to the infamous Bunker Hill Monument.

You can also visit the Boston Teaparty and the USS Constitution site, or as Bostonians call it, Old Ironsides. Constructed in 1797, this ship is a wooden-hulled, three-masted beauty.


Boston has many museums that should be considered if you are traveling to the city. The Museum of Fine Arts, The John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library, The Museum of Science, and The Boston Children’s Museum are only a small handful of the museums the city has to offer. 


Are you a foodie? If so, then visiting The North End is essential. This Italian neighborhood is the oldest in Boston and has some of the most delicious places to eat. 

Beautiful cobblestone streets will take you through the plethora of aromas that linger in the air. Here you will find old-school Italian cooking at its best.

There is nothing like cramming into a tiny eatery and listening to Dean Martin while you sip your minestrone soup. And be sure to visit one of the many outstanding Italian Bakeries in the North End, but be prepared to stand in line!


In the heart of downtown Boston is Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Since 1742, Faneuil Hall has been a bustling marketplace that today has over seventy retailers in a 160,000 square foot space.

At Faneuil Hall, you will find local culture, unique shops, music, entertainment, and amazing food. The streets are filled with well-known street performers and musicians there to entertain you as you feast on some of Boston’s finest foods. 

Public Gardens

The Boston Public Gardens boasts beautiful botanical gardens that are meant for strolling through. Here you can ride the famous Swan Boats, which have been in operation since 1877. This cultural icon for Boston is an enchanting experience as you float through the Public Garden pond on a boat ride lasting about fifteen minutes. 

Duck Tours

If you are looking for a unique historical tour, then be sure to check out The Boston Duck Tours. These replica World War II amphibious trucks depart in three different locations throughout the city to give you a different view of the city’s history. 


Even if you aren’t a sports fan, a look at Fenway Park is worth it. Since 1912, this small park has been home to The Boston Red Sox.

The most iconic feature of this baseball park is the Green Monster, the 37 food tall left-field wall that has come to intimidate some of baseball’s best hitters.

Whether for business or pleasure, the city of Boston boasts history, culture, and sports along with many other unique qualities. 


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