Map of Massachusetts and Flag | Massachusetts Cities and Counties Map

Illustrated map of Massachusetts state, USA. Travel and attractions
Illustrated map of Massachusetts state, USA. Travel and attractions

Map of Massachusetts and Flag | Massachusetts Cities and Counties Map

It won’t be wrong to call Massachusetts the epitome of progressiveness. With its tantalizing history and wonderful places to visit, Massachusetts is easily one of the best states of the United States of America. The state is basically an amalgamation of what the US stands for that is liberty, pursuit of happiness and equal opportunities for all. Massachusetts is an ideal travel location because of its stunning variety. There is a lot to do and see in the state so you better be on your toes at all times. Make sure to grab a camera along so that you can forever store the precious moments that you spend there. 

Map of Massachusetts


Why is Massachusetts a commonwealth?

Massachusetts is a commonwealth because the term is contained in the American constitution. It is just the way it was written during the declaration of Independence because it was common to use the word Commonwealth to define a nation or a state. This does not provide any legal or better political strength. The states that use commonwealth in their name are similar to those which do not.

Why is Massachusetts called the Bay state?

In reference to the Cape Cod Bay where early settlers were made, Massachusetts is most widely known as The Bay State” or The Old Bay State” and a royal charter was granted to the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629 to encourage the colonization of the new territory.The Massachusetts Bay Company charter was the cornerstone of the Massachusetts Bay Colony government.

What is Massachusetts state motto?

It is possible to assume that state mottos represent the character and values of the people of the state, or more specifically, of the citizens of the state when embraced. State mottos can allow us to gain knowledge into a state’s past. “Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem” is the state motto of Massachusetts. This is translated as “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.

Massachusetts Flag Facts

Flag of Massachusetts state in United States
Flag of Massachusetts state in United States

The flag of Massachusetts consists of a state coat of arms which is centered on a white field present on both sides. In the middle of the shield is an Algonquian native American with a bow and an arrow in his hands. There is also a white star on the flag. A ribbon bearing the motto of Massachusetts state is also visible on the flag. Above the shield an arm is holding a sword pointing upwards. 

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Massachusetts is a great symbol of the state’s rich history. The star represents the state being the sixth to become a part of the United States. The sword reflects the great sacrifices made during the revolution to achieve Independence. 

Population of Massachusetts

The population of Massachusetts is approximately 6,892,503 people. The percentage of whites of the total population is 80.6%, the percentage of African Americans or Blacks is 9.0%, percentage of Asians is 7.2% while other is 3.2%. The data was taken from the United States Census Bureau website. 

Languages of Massachusetts

According to statistics 24.3% of Massachusetts citizens speak a language other than English which is a greater percentage than the national average of 21.9%. Even though English is still the major language, other languages are quite popular as well. The most widely used languages in Massachusetts include:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese 
  • Chinese 

Interesting Facts about Massachusetts

  • Boston built the first subway system in the United States in 1897.
  • The visible portion of Plymouth Rock is a lumpy fragment of glacial moraine about the size of a coffee table, with the date 1620 cut into its surface. After being broken, dragged about the town of Plymouth by ox teams used to inspire Revolution-aries, and reverently gouged and scraped by 19th-century souvenir hunters, it is now at rest near the head of Plymouth Harbor.
  • Robert Goddard, inventor of the first liquid fueled rocket, was born and lived much of his life in Worcester and launched the first rocket fueled with liquid fuel from the neighboring town of Auburn
  • Harvard was the first college established in North America. Harvard was founded in 1636. Because of Harvard’s size there is no universal mailing address that will work for every office at the University
  • Princeton was named after the Reverend Thomas Prince, Pastor of the Old South Church in Boston, and one of the first proprietors of the town. Princeton was incorporated in 1759.
  • The Boston Tea Party reenactment takes place in Boston Harbor every December 16th.
  • In 1908, Miss Caroline O. Emmerton purchased The House of the Seven Gables – built in 1668 – restored it to its present state and, in 1910, opened the site to the touring public. The seven-gabled house inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne to write his famous novel of the same name.
  • The birth control pill was invented at Clark University in Worcester.
  • 552 original documents pertaining to the Salem witch trials of 1692 have been preserved and are still stored by the Peabody Essex Museum.

Places to Visit in Massachusetts

Boston- The famous city of Boston was founded in 1630 which makes it the oldest city in the United States History. With its amazing history and an equally gorgeous present, Boston makes for an appealing visit. To relive the American Revolution, tourists can check out the Freedom Trail. There are numerous things to do in Boston. You can either go to the Fenway park or Paul Revere’s house or if you’re a sports fan check out the professional teams that have made Boston their home. 

Cape Cod- If you want to see some islands near Massachusetts you have to come to Cape Cod. There are plenty of attractions from beaches, lighthouses, biking trails and so much more. Furthermore, you can visit the villages around the area of which Village Hyannis is quite popular.

Salem- The infamous region of the Salem Witch trials, Salem is a great place to visit. The city is themed around the famous incidents that took place when the Puritans were well established there. If you aren’t afraid of ghosts, witches and the supernatural, you should definitely visit Salem during the Halloween period. The events are eye-catching and you really have to enjoy the theatrical productions.  


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