Map of Charlotte North Carolina Area | What is Charlotte Known for?

View on uptown Charlotte, NC from Marshall Park
View on uptown Charlotte, NC from Marshall Park

Map of Charlotte North Carolina Area


Charlotte is North Carolina’s most populated city and the 15th most populated city in the United States of America. Charlotte is North Carolina’s economic, cultural, and transportation hub. The city has a $170 billion GDP and has numerous industries, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and financial services. It remains a banking hub today – and the home of Bank of America.

Charlotte is famous for numerous reasons, including the American Football team Carolina Panthers, the NBA team Charlotte Hornets, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and the Wells Fargo Championship. Visitors love Charlotte’s remarkable history, sporting epicenter, and great weather.  

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the city!

Where is Charlotte located on the US map?

Charlotte is in the Piedmont Region – and a county seat of Mecklenburg County. It is on the border of South Carolina. You can get to Atlanta, Georgia, via car in just 4 hours, Nashville, Tennessee in only 6 hours, and Washington D.C. in 6 hours.  

Charlotte is on the US’s East Coast, and you can quickly get around the United States thanks to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport offering a gateway to the rest of the U.S.

How big is Charlotte? Size and Population?

The population of Charlotte is 857,425 (2019), and the city spans over 771 square kilometers. However, Charlotte’s metropolitan population is 2,636,883 – and has a size of 8,283 square kilometers.

Is Charlotte an excellent place to live?

Charlotte is North Carolina’s biggest city and home to a vast array of benefits. Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of living in Charlotte.


Lower cost of living 

Charlotte’s living cost is considerably less than other major U.S. cities such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Living costs and rent costs are cheaper, making it a more comfortable standard of life for many.  

Charlotte has growing job opportunities

Charlotte has various industries operating out of the city. These include technology, financial services, and automotive sectors – so there are good employment opportunities. It is also the United States’ second-biggest financial services city outside New York City, even more significant than Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. 

Also, between 2006-2016 there was a 60 percent increase in technology jobs in Charlotte. The average Charlotte salary is around $54,000 yearly, and there are ample job opportunities for professionals.

Charlotte is close to nature

One of Charlotte’s most significant benefits is the proximity to nature. You are only a few hours from the beaches or the mountains, and you can take relaxing weekends away whenever. Various outdoor sites are close to Charlotte and make for excellent workout spots.  

Furthermore, you’ll find the US National Whitewater Center near the airport. The city built the site as an Olympic training center, but today you can visit and spend some outdoor time.



Charlotte often has a lot of traffic – which isn’t unusual for a major city, but there are some significant traffic jams. Charlotte’s average commuting time is 26 minutes, considerably better than in Los Angeles or New York City.  

But you should expect to see some traffic jams sometimes.

It is a quiet city

Charlotte is considerably quieter than other major American cities. For example, unless there are significant events taking place in Charlotte, the city can feel sleepy. It doesn’t have the cosmopolitan vibrancy of other major American cities.

However, if you enjoy laid back culture, you’ll enjoy Charlotte’s relaxed vibe.

What are the best areas to live in Charlotte?


If you’re looking for a great spot to relax – Eastover is an excellent area to live. It is away from Charlotte’s main hustle and bustle areas and offers many ideal outdoor sites for the family. Also, the area offers various shops, restaurants, and bars.  

Central Charlotte

Central Charlotte is the perfect spot for those looking to be within Charlotte’s most vibrant attractions. The area is home to the city’s most excellent museums, sporting venues, nightlife, bars, and employment opportunities. Furthermore, there are various fortune 500 and tech companies in the area.

Myers Park 

Myers Park is one of Charlotte’s up-market areas, and the site is between Dilworth and South Park. You will find a variety of historic mansions, outdoor spaces, and top-class golf courses. The neighborhood is the best spot if you’re looking for a place for the family.


Matthews is one of Charlotte’s upscale areas, offering proximity to downtown areas’ business hub. A great public transport system connects the place to Central Charlotte, and the area is full of affordable homes, low taxes, excellent schools, and outdoor spots to relax.

What is Charlotte known for?

NASCAR Hall of Fame

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a superb Charlotte attraction and a dream for any car enthusiast. You will see various historic race cars, such as the 1952 Hudson Hornet and the 1967 Chevelle.

The museum is also home to a 64-foot vast high-octane theater that gives behind-the-scenes insights into NASCAR and how it operates.

The Billy Graham Library 

The Billy Graham Library is a museum that exhibits the work of the famous television pastor’s life. You’ll love the 1.5-hour tour, showcasing the Graham family home, memorabilia exhibits, and original furnishings from the house.  

Furthermore, the building is on 20 acres of landscaped ground where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the summer sunshine.

The Discovery Place Museum 

The Discovery Place Museum is a non-profit organization that inspires exploration of science and the world’s nature through incredible exhibits and educational programs. You will find a variety of entertainment exhibitions inside the museum, and it is perfect for kids.

You can also access the museum easily via bus, train, and the museum even has parking spaces.


Charlotte is a beautiful city to visit, with a vast array of attractions, a vibrant job market, and excellent yearly weather. If you’re looking for a big city to visit or live in – Charlotte is a perfect option for young people, retired people, and people of all backgrounds or cultures.

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