Map of Detroit Michigan Area | What is Detroit Known for?

Aerial view of downtown Detroit at twilight in Michigan USA
Aerial view of downtown Detroit at twilight in Michigan USA

Map of Detroit Michigan Area 







Let’s take a trip to the Motor City in the state of the Great Lakes. And if you haven’t already guessed where we’re travelling to, it’s the Upper Midwest regions of the United States; circling in on Detroit, Michigan

Now if you’re new to the city, this is the perfect guide to get yourself familiarized. Detroit is Michigan’s most populous city, with a population of 674,841 people. From which 77.3% of the population is African-American, making it the city with the highest percentage of African-Americans. 

Detroit spans over an area of 370.1 km2. And its coordinates are 42.3314° N and 83.0458° W. Detroit is often referred to as the Motor City, being the heart of America’s Automobile industry. 

Detroit is home to the ‘big three’ automobile manufacturers including General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ford Motor Company led by Henry Ford who popularized the use of assembly line in the manufacturing of automobiles.

The Automobile industries in Detroit basically provided the framework for the mass production of automobiles which was later adopted throughout the country.

Is Detroit a good place to live?

Safety and Crime rate

If you are picking a place to live based on the crime rate of the area, Detroit would not be on the top of your list. Detroit ranks 2 on the crime index making it safer than only 2% of the cities in the US.

The crimes per square mile add up to 300 annually while the national median is about 28.3, even the average crimes per square mile in Michigan are 25. The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Detroit are 1 in 51 and 1 in 23 for becoming a victim of property crime.

The safest neighborhoods in Detroit are:

  1. Pembroke Ave/ Livernois Ave
  2. Florence St/ Southfield Fwy
  3. W Mcnichols Rd/ Ashton Ave


Detroit shows promising numbers in this case as 92% of the population has health coverage amongst which 45.1% are on Medicaid and 28.4% are on employee plans. The ratio of patient to primary care physician is 1,470 to 1 meaning every physician in Wayne County has about 1,470 patients every year.


In 2017 a total of 11,564 degrees were awarded in Detroit. Even though the majority of the population is African-American, an estimated 53.7% of the students graduating from universities were white and only 29.2% African-Americans, followed by 5.73% Asians.

Detroit has three major universities namely: Wayne State University, Wayne County Community College District, and University of Detroit Mercy, where the most popular concentrations are: Registered Nursing, General Psychology and General Biological Sciences, for a Bachelor’s degree.

The median in-state tuition for a public university is $12,264 and $31,620 for a private university.


The median property value in Detroit as of 2018 was $51,600 and property taxes range from $800 to $1,499, the property value being one of the lowest compared to its neighboring cities, and each household on average owns one car. Around 46.8% of the housing units in Detroit were occupied by their owners.

The Economy

The median household income is $31,283 and the average commute time for an employee is 24.9 minutes. About 249,000 people were employed in Detroit as of 2018 which had grown about 6.57% since 2017. The wage gap between males and females remains wide, with men being paid about 1.35 times more than women.

  • The largest industries in Detroit are:
  1. Manufacturing
  2. Healthcare and Social Assistance
  3. Accommodation and Food Services
  • While the highest paying industries are:
  1. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  2. Public Administration
  3. Utilities

What is Detroit known for?

Make sure to reserve a day dedicated to the three parts of the Henry Ford Experience, taking you through the greatest inventions in the automobile industry and its manufacturing history.

This experience takes you through the Ford Rouge Factory, followed by the Greenfield Village which is an 18th Century open-air museum, and finally ending at Ford Museum where you can’t help but browse through the phenomenal American artefacts.

Motown Museum

The Motown Museum showcases the birthplace of Motown music, where legends like Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye started off. The tour through this museum not only tells you about the studio’s founder, Berry Gordy but also about the Motown genre and the behind the scenes of some of the most popular music produced.

Belle isle

Nothing better to relieve your stress than the good outdoors. Belle Isle is Detroit’s own summertime island oasis where you can enjoy various activities such as hiking, fishing, sunbathing and golf – complete with its own Belle Isle Aquarium where you can explore colorful reef fish and electric eels.

The Belt

Detroit’s nightlife is one not to be taken so lightly, because it can get wild at The Belt. This artistic valley hidden at the heart of Detroit is fully equipped with bars and beautiful murals. A walk down The Belt ensures a magical night in Detroit.


Greektown came into being after an influx of Greek immigrants settled in Detroit during the 20th century. Greektown is perfect for a night out, with its own casino and restaurants serving traditional cuisines. You can definitely not leave without a bite of moussaka with a side of bougatsa pastry for dessert.

The Eastern Market

If you’re a farmer’s market kind of gal then you will love this. The Eastern Market has been around for a hundred and fifty years and is filled with farmers, stalls and vendors selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to jewelry and clothing.

The Market is also peppered with restaurants and hip cafes as well as covered in stunning street art. Bert’s Warehouse Theatre is a showstopper where you can hear live Motown Music even late into the night.

Food in Detroit 

  • American Coney Island: Coney Dog
  • Buddy’s Pizza: Detroit-Style Pizza
  • Ray’s Ice-cream: Superman Ice-cream
  • Mercury Burger and Bar: Boston Cooler
  • Asian Corned Beef
  • Zip Sauce
  • Double Baked Rye Bread


Detroit is home to some amazing and diverse cultures, and is considered the origin of innovation in the automobile industry. The food and culture home to Detroit is one of a kind, filled with warmth and flavor.

Make sure to visit in the summers or early fall to fully enjoy the experience as it can snow in the winters. And hopefully after one taste you’ll keep coming back for more. Happy Travelling!

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