How tall is Thanos? Thanos Height, Age, Weight and Much More

How tall is Thanos? Thanos Height, Age, Weight and Much More
How tall is Thanos? Thanos Height, Age, Weight and Much More







It seems like the Marvel universe is populated with tall characters, and the Hulk is one that immediately springs to mind, but you may also be wondering about Thanos. An infamous villain of this universe, he dwarfs many of the other characters – but how tall is he really?

According to MCU, Thanos is a staggering 8 foot 3 inches (2.52 meters). That’s a phenomenal height, although it’s worth noting that the comic version of Thanos is only 6 foot 7 inches (2.01 meters). That’s still tall, but much closer to the size of humans. Thanos is a Deviant, and in the MCU, a member of the race of Titans, which explains his amazing size.

A lot of fans are curious about Thanos and want to learn more about him. His size is one of his most notable features, so we’re going to find out more about it – and other aspects of this character – today.

How Tall Is Thanos?

How Tall Is Thanos?
How Tall Is Thanos?

This depends on which version of Thanos you are looking at. The comic version of Thanos is considerably smaller than the MCU version. Comic Thanos is around 6 foot 7 inches. That’s still almost a full foot taller than the average American man at 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters), but it’s not quite as incredibly tall.

MCU Thanos is over 8 feet tall, meaning that he’s more than two feet taller than the average American man. It’s very likely that his size was increased to try to make him appear more threatening. A lot of Marvel characters have been resized in recent years, and it’s probably to make them appear more impressive on the screen.

Thanos has an imposing appearance, and not just because of his height. He is extremely bulky, with purple skin, and red irises. In the comics, he has Deviant genes, which likely contributed to his height and mark him as separate from many of the Eternals.

However, in the MCU, Thanos is part of the Titans race, which is a race of aliens. Although the backstory has changed, there is little difference between the appearance of the two versions – except for the MCU version’s increased height.

Is Thanos Taller Than The Hulk?

The answer to this question depends on which version of the Hulk and which version of Thanos you are comparing. Some versions of the Hulk are taller, while some versions of Thanos are taller.

In the MCU, the Hulk is about 8 foot 2 inches (2.49 meters), while Thanos is 8 foot 3 inches. This means that the Hulk is slightly shorter. This decision was probably made in an attempt to ensure that Thanos felt sufficiently threatening to the heroes.

However, there are comic versions of the Hulk that show him as around 8 foot 4 inches (2.54 inches), which would make him about 1 inch taller than the MCU Thanos.

If we take comic-book Thanos, he’s significantly shorter than the Hulk. Indeed, part of his backstory involves being very short for an Eternal, and feeling angry about this, leading to him becoming The Mad Titan.

Comic Thanos is only around 6 foot 7, but comic Hulk is often somewhere between 7 and 8 feet (2.13 and 2.44 meters), meaning that he would be taller than Thanos. It’s likely that this change was made mostly for the screen because the producers thought that Thanos wouldn’t look sufficiently threatening if he was smaller than the Hulk.

Who Is The Tallest Marvel Character?

If you’re wondering, Thanos is far from the tallest character, even in the MCU. This is usually said to be Surtur in giant form – at around 5000 feet (1524 meters) tall. Ant-Man’s giant form follows, at a noticeably less impressive 65 feet (19.8 meters).

Next, there’s Destroyer, at 30 feet (9.14 meters), and Eitri, at around 18 feet (5.49 meters). Of course, the height estimates do vary and different depictions show them differently, but this should help you fit Thanos into the overall picture.

How Old Is Thanos?

Thanos is said to be somewhere near 1,000 years old. He was born on the planet Titan, along with his brother Eros, to A’Lars. This has been confirmed by Joe Russo. Some sources state that he’s around 2,000 years old.

That places Thanos among the older characters, although far from the oldest – especially if you look at other god-like beings. The Grandmaster, for example, is supposed to be around 13,770,000,00 years old, and so is the Collector. Eson the Searcher is 80,000,000 years old.

Even ignoring these particularly ancient characters, Thanos isn’t the oldest. For example, Odin is over 700,000, and Sutur is 500,000 years old. 

Hela, the older sister of Thor and Loki, is about 6,000, so it’s easy to see that Thanos is far from the oldest in this universe.

How Much Does Thanos Weigh?

Comic Thanos is supposedly around 985 lb (447 kg), making him an extremely heavy character. Many fans are surprised by just how much he is said to weigh, especially given his smaller stature.

Some of this weight could be put down to muscle bulk, as he’s certainly a hulking, heavily built character. Again, this helps him to look weighty and powerful, and more intimidating as a villain for the heroes to face.

There’s no updated weight for Thanos in the MCU, so many people assume that his weight remained about the same.

As a comparison, Thor is about 640 lb (290 kg) and 6 foot 6 inches (1.98 meters). Bearing in mind that Thor is also a god-like being, it seems logical that Thanos could weigh as much as he does. Perhaps immortal beings are just particularly heavy in Marvel.

The Hulk’s weight is often estimated to be between 1,040 and 1,400 lb (472 and 635 kg), although this of course depends on which version you’re looking at.


Thanos’s height depends on what you’re looking at; in the comics he’s only about 6 foot 7 inches, but in the MCU, he’s over 8 feet tall. That doesn’t make him the tallest character ever, but it does put him above the height of the main heroes, including the Hulk.

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