Map of Plano Texas Area | What is Plano Known for?

Bob Woodruff Park, Plano, Texas
Bob Woodruff Park, Plano, Texas

Map of Plano Texas Area


Plano, Texas is not to be overlooked by the popularity and size of its nearby neighbor – Dallas, Texas. Plano is full of a vast variety of unique experiences for every visitor – including everything for the outdoor enthusiast, shopaholic, foodie, history buffs, etc. 

Plano, Texas is known for just about anything and everything. Some of Plano’s top attractions are the:

  • Downtown Plano Arts District
  • Legacy West
  • Crayola Experience
  • Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve 
  • Texas Pool in Plano 

Continue reading for more information on the attractions listed above, as well as information regarding Plano, Texas itself. 

What is Plano, Texas Known For? 

Plano, Texas is full of exciting and edgy dining and shopping experiences, as well as family attractions. There are also deep-rooted historical landmarks throughout the area. Below is more information on some of Plano’s top places to visit:

Downtown Plano Arts District 

The Downtown Plano Arts District offers a little something for everyone. The area was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places and displays up to 10 new art exhibits for visitors to admire or pose in front of for their Instagram-worthy vacay pic. 

You can grab a coffee and breakfast early in the morning or craft cocktails on a night out at one of the numerous dining experiences located within the district. There is also a countless array of locally owned shopping experiences – from boutiques to antique stores. 

The district is also home to the Plano Station Dart Rail and Haggard Park. Many events are available for the public to attend throughout the year – take a look at their event calendar here

Legacy West

Legacy West is another great place in Plano, Texas you will definitely want to check out if you are looking for a unique dining and culinary experience. 

Legacy West is home to Legacy Hall – one of the world’s largest food halls. Enjoy a walk around the 3 story hall that holds 22 unique chef stalls serving unique, trending bites and dishes crafted by local and renowned chefs. 

Legacy West also has plenty of outdoor eateries, boutiques to shop at, and luxury hotels for you to call home during your visit to Plano. 

Crayola Experience

The Crayola Experience is a great option for family fun entertainment in Plano. Located at The Shops in Willow Bend, you and your family can explore art and technology while expressing your creativity through the 22 hands-on attractions it has to offer.

Watch factory workers make crayons live and learn the process yourself during the Crayon Factory Show. Stop by the Crayola Store on your way out to pick up a new carton of crayons or a souvenir to remember your experience. 

Oak Park Point & Nature Preserve 

Oak Park Point & Nature Preserve is a beautiful location to partake in some of the outdoor recreational activities that Plano has to offer. The preserve is home to “Go Ape” – the first treetop adventure course. 

Lakes provide a place to canoe, kayak, or stand up paddle board. Numerous trails around the preserve allow for you to go for a walk, run, or bike ride. 

Historic Texas Pool 

If you are planning a trip between Memorial Day and Labor Day you can enjoy the Historic Texas Pool – a 168,000-gallon saltwater pool shaped like the state of Texas. 

The pool is full of fun activities for the family to enjoy – water slides, diving boards, and a shallow end for the little ones. There are multiple grills on-site to BBQ your own grub or a place where you can purchase food and drinks.

Admission prices are available here. Tourist passes are available for just $10 per day. 

Where is Plano, Texas Located on the US Map?

Plano, Texas is located in the northeastern portion of Texas. The majority of the city lies within Collin County. While a small section on the west side of town lies within Denton County. 

Plano is just 20 miles north of Downtown Dallas, which is about a 25-30 minute drive depending on traffic. The Oklahoma border is only about an hour’s drive away as well. 

There are two major airports located near Plano, Texas: 

  • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport: about a 25-minute drive 
  • Dallas Love Field: about a 25-30 minute drive

How Big is Plano, Texas? 

Plano, Texas is the 9th largest city in Texas and the 71st largest city in the US. The city is composed of about 72 square miles. The majority of the city is made up of land. Less than ½ square mile is made up of water features. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2019 estimated population stands at 287,677. Plano can be considered a suburban area serving the Dallas area. Therefore the city mainly consists of families and young professionals. 

Is Plano, Texas a Good Place to Live? 

Plano, Texas has the reputation of being one of the best places in the U.S. for families to live and work. Plano has a strong economic system and being so close to Dallas makes for a great place for young working professionals to call home.

The dense suburban area is also a great living location for families. The public schools within the city are highly rated and crime levels appear low. The town is filled with parks, shopping, and dining to keep everyone in the family busy in their downtime. 

According to, Plano is the #4 place in the U.S. to purchase a home. The median home value sitting at $320,000 and the average price of rent at $1,400. 

What Are the Best Areas to Live in Plano, Texas?

You really can’t go wrong with choosing a neighborhood to live in when residing in Plano, Texas. Below are the top 3 neighborhoods within the city of Plano: 


Population: 5,843

Timberbook is located near Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve. This community serves as a great place for families who enjoy the outdoors. 

Douglass Community 

Population: 5,237

The Douglass Community is home to one of the more diverse and liberal thinking areas within Plano. Most of the residents within the area rent rather than buy homes. 

Park Forest 

Population: 5,709

Park Forest is a quiet community that is known for being a great location for first-time homebuyers. Both elementary and middle schools fall within the community. The community also consists of a walking park great for evening strolls and bike rides. 

To Wrap It Up

Plano, Texas is a great place to not only choose for your next vacation but also a place to consider if you are looking to relocate with your family. With something for everyone, it is hard to find yourself bored in Plano. 

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