Map of Texas and Flag | Texas Cities, Counties, Road and Physical Map

Texas Flag Map
Texas Flag Map

Map of Texas and Flag | Texas Cities, Counties, Road and Physical Map






Texas is the second biggest state of the United States of America in terms of both size and population. You are definitely going to have the time of your life once you arrive in Texas.  Due to its enormous size you will have a range of things to do while you’re in this State. To make the best out of your trip you need the necessary information, but, don’t worry we have you covered. Everything that you need to know about Texas is provided right here. 

Map of Texas

Why Texas is called the lone star state?

The nickname of Texas pays homage to the flag of the Lone Star, which was implemented in 1836 when Texas became separate from Mexico. For a decade before embracing incorporation to the United States, Texas was a sovereign republic, and the flag represents the independence and go-it-alone ethos that is now part of the Texas manner of living.

What is Texas’s State animal?

The Texas Longhorn is a cross between Spanish and English cattle and is famous for its extremely long horns, rigid hooves and robust nature. During the 1800s it was widely used for farming and agriculture. Wheels were attached to the animal and fields were ploughed. The Longhorn served the farmers with great strength and was integral to the success of Agriculture. In 1995 the Longhorn was made the official mammal of the Texas State. 

Was Texas part of the Wild West?

Parts of Texas became known as the Wild West in the 1800s, when America was a developing republic, as anarchy caused havoc and cowboys dominated the land. In film and on tv, the Wild West has always been romanticized, and even now, visitors converge upon the Lone Star State to visit locations that remind them of those past days.

Texas Flag Facts

Texas Flag
Texas Flag

The Flag of Texas bears the famous Lone Star but throughout history, Texas has had varying Flags to represent the region. Among them include, the Spanish Flag, the French Flag and the Mexican Flag as well. But after Texas’s annexation to the United States a new Flag was assigned. Now the flag has a vertical blue stripe on the left and a white horizontal stripe on the upper end and a red horizontal stripe at the lower end. There is a big white star right in the middle of the blue stripe which is known as the Lone Star. 

Texas Flag Meaning

The iconic Lone Star symbolizes the Texan pride, unity of God, State and Country. The dual stripes on the flag are a reference to the Republic of Fredonia, which in the 19th century declared independence from Mexico. To reflect the Anglo settlers and the Native American tribes who had formed a coalition, the Fredonian flag used a white and red stripe. The Texas Revolution was later influenced by this uprising.

Population of Texas

As stated earlier in the article, the state of Texas is the second biggest in the United States of America in terms of Population. Let’s look at the numbers. The total population of Texas is around 28,995,881. The percentage of White people is 78.7%, the percentage of African Americans or Black people is 12.9%, the percentage of Asian people is 5.2%, while the remaining 3.2% are people from other ethnicities. 

Languages spoken in Texas

The most common spoken language in Texas is English and about 60% of the residents speak English at home. But there are plenty of other languages that you are bound to hear being spoken in Texas. Some of them include:

  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese
  • German
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Urdu 
  • Korean
  • Arabic

Interesting Facts about Texas

  • The first Dr Pepper was produced in Texas in the year 1995. The recipe is kept secret and hidden in the vaults of different banks in Dallas.
  • Texas is also the birthplace of the world’s first frozen margarita machine. It is also now on display in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. 
  • Bugs Bunny’s famous catchphrase “What’s up, Doc” was invented in Dallas. The animator of Looney Tunes Tex Avery was a Dallas local and he invented the catchphrase.
  • No one knows who designed the State flag of Texas. Although Dr Charles B. Stewart was the one who drew the Lone Star but no one really knows where the original design came from.
  • Texas alone is bigger than a lot of countries in Europe.
  • Texas contains the three of the most populous cities of the United States.
  • A time capsule in Texas contains a passbook to a bank account expected to be worth $1 quadrillion by the time it opens in 2968.
  • The largest known bat colony in North America is located in Texas.
  • The fastest road in the United States is located in Austin.

Places to Visit in Texas

San Antonio – The RiverWalk includes a relaxing path along the San Antonio River, while the vast Brackenridge Park offers a selection of activities and facilities. At the golf course and ball fields of the park, adventurous visitors can practise their swings, outdoor enthusiasts can spend time in its beautiful gardens and families can get an up-close glimpse at the animals of the San Antonio Zoo.

Houston – Houston, famed as one of America’s best barbecue spots, gives travellers a wonderful time. Museums ranging from NASA’s Johnson Space Center to the eccentric Art Car Museum can be visited by tourists. Most of the restaurants and stores in the city are decorated in murals as well. Plus, Houston is a perfect (and cost effective) holiday choice for tourists with the gold standard Houston Zoo, arid Buffalo Bayou Park and a children’s museum.

Mustang Island – Did you know? The Island was inhabited by Horses a while ago hence the name Mustang. There’s an endless list of activities for you to do. You can check out the serene beaches or stroll around with the sea turtles. If you love biking, there are biking trails for you. For recreational activities you can go kayaking, snorkeling or even scuba diving. 


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