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Map of Wyoming and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map







The tenth largest state in Mainland USA and yet the least densely populated, Wyoming is a landlocked expanse of vast plains and stunning mountain ranges.

Encompassing nearly 100,000 square miles in its territory, Wyoming is the home of the true spirit of the Wild West.

Where is Wyoming on the Map?

Wyoming sits to the West of the USA, just a little left of the center of the country. To the North there’s Montana, to the south Colorado, and on either side sit Idaho and Nebraska.

It operates on the Mountain time zone, so it’s an hour ahead of Californian time, and an hour behind New York time.

Is Wyoming a Good Place to Live?

There’s no doubt that some of the country’s most beautiful, untouched landscapes reside in Wyoming. For those who adore the great outdoors and the freedom that comes from miles and miles of plains, it couldn’t be more perfect.

If you’re a city buff at heart, or you love the peace of mind that comes from knowing your neighbor is only a stone’s throw away, then Wyoming might still be the place for you, if you live in one of the larger cities, such as Cheyenne or Jackson.

Wyoming is a place where young people go to earn money working on farms, before moving on to raise their families. After retiring, they often return. With no personal income tax to pay and very low property taxes, Wyoming carries huge appeal for some.

For others, the cold climate, harsh winters, and open, windy plains are too rugged a landscape for them to live in, so much depends on personal preference for those considering the state of Wyoming as a place to live.

What is Wyoming Famous For?

Aside from its acres and acres of plains and clear, crisp mountain air, Wyoming is renowned for its stunning national parks and huge variety of thriving wildlife.

Bison, grizzly bears, and mountain lions roam free, but for those who prefer to stay on the safer side of their wildlife watching, there are elk, moose, and deer aplenty.

Its most famous claim to fame is Yellowstone, a national park consisting of over three and a half thousand acres of rugged wilderness. Deep canyons, thick forest areas, and hot springs adorn the park, along with the legendary geyser Old Faithful.

Erupting up to 20 times a day, this geothermal cone geyser draws many of the four million visitors who flock to Yellowstone each year.

Wyoming’s link with the history and culture of the United States is seen all over the state. From the timeless legends and culture of the Native Americans, to the vestiges of the Wild West of the nineteenth century, right through to modern day rodeos of today’s cowboys.

Not only that, but Wyoming is known as the Equality State, as it set the standard for women’s rights as far back as 150 years ago.

Wyoming Flag Facts

The flag of the state of Wyoming is aptly a large white bison standing proudly against a blue background. Around the blue is a border of white, and then around the very outer edge, another border of red.

These colors weren’t chosen at random. The white of the buffalo symbolizes purity, while the blue is the rich color of the beautiful Wyoming sky. Encasing all of these is the red outline, which represents the rich Native American culture, along with the blood spilled by hardworking pioneers who reclaimed the state.

What is the Best City to Live in Wyoming?

Because of the wide-open space that makes Wyoming so unique, those who want a little more of a community feeling or to raise their families with plenty of amenities will head to the cities.

Cheyenne is the state capital of Wyoming but still remains relatively low in population, so the families who live there enjoy low crime rates, hanging out with friendly locals, and close-knit community vibes. With an excellent school systems and good nightlife, there’s plenty going on.

If you’re looking to stay in touch with local commuting networks, Cody might be a better city to choose. Connecting to Denver and Salt Lake City with non-stop flights, Cody is both accessible geographically and financially too, as it’s a highly reasonable place in which to buy property.

And if you’re looking to blend the diversity of the city with the peace and serenity of the ‘true’ Wyoming, then look no further than Jackson. It might be home to just 10,000 people, but the streets are safe, commuting is easy and in Jackson you’re only a stone’s throw away from the majesty of Wyoming’s national parks.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Wyoming?

It’s so hard to narrow it down to just a few choices, given that Wyoming is so fast and so full of wonderful things to see.

If you’re a nature lover, then without a doubt you must visit Yellowstone. There’s no way that you could get around the whole place in a single day, though, so get a seasonal pass in order for you to take your time and come back on another day to explore some more.

Take in the local history with a visit to Old Trail Town, where original buildings and historical artifacts from the 1870s give a taste of a real-life town of the Wild West. You can even see the famous cabins that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid used to frequent.

We associate Wyoming with a more modern kind of history but there are artifacts here that aren’t just ancient: they’re prehistoric. Wyoming is a place full of dinosaur remains and you can see the only fossilized Archaeopteryx in the whole of the USA in the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

Once you’ve had a day exploring just the tiniest fraction of this vast state, be sure to check out the local cuisine. Fresh trout, chicken-fried steak, bison burgers, or pork ribs are all on offer in abundance. And don’t forget the cheese; it’s Wyoming’s state dairy product!


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