Map of Denver Area | What Is Denver Known For?

Downtown Denver Sunrise
Downtown Denver Sunrise

Map of Denver Area | What Is Denver Known For?


Many people associate the city of Denver with hipsters and marijuana, but these stereotypes grossly oversimplify what Denver is actually like. You may be wondering what all this city has to offer. Where is Denver, and is it a good place to live? What is Denver known for?

Denver is in the Southwest of the United States, near the Rocky Mountains. The Mile High City is a good place to live if you have secure finances, in which case you can enjoy the blend of urban resources and outdoor activities. Denver is best known for its breweries, the music scene, and the mountains.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Denver before you decide to see the city for yourself.

Where Is Denver Located on the US Map?

Denver is the capital city of Colorado, which is in the Southwestern region of the US. This city is located in the northeastern portion of the state, on the edge of the High Plains in the west. It lies in the South Platte River Valley, close to and east of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

Interestingly, this city gets its nickname as the Mile High City from its elevation, as Denver is officially listed as being positioned exactly one mile, or 1.6 kilometers, above sea level. The elevation of the entire city truly ranges from about .9 to 1.07 miles, though most people do not care to nitpick.

How Big Is Denver in Terms of Population and Size?

Denver is a large city when you look at both population and size, and the former is growing.

The Mile High City is the most heavily populated city in the state of Colorado, and it is the fifth most heavily populated state capital in the United States. As of 2019, approximately 727, 211 hundred thousand people live in Denver, making it the 19th most populated city in America.

If you include the suburbs and smaller towns adjacent to Denver, the metropolitan statistical area (MSA), the population increases to about 2,932,415 million people, and the city is ranked 19th in terms of most populous MSAs in the country. Nearly 85% of Colorado’s population lives in Denver’s MSA.

In terms of physical size, the area of Denver is about 155 square miles, 154 of which are made up of land. The final mile consists of water. Including the rest of the metropolitan area increases the total number to 8,414 square miles.

Is Denver a Good Place to Live?

Denver clearly has a lot of appeal, as its growing population can attest. If you are comfortable living in a city with such a highly concentrated amount of people, and you have enough finances to dedicate at least 30% to securing housing, the Mile High City is an excellent place to live.

While Denver has more affordable housing than cities like New York City or San Francisco, the average cost of a home is almost double the national average at about $421,900, and rent also tends to be steep.

However, if you have experience in the aerospace, tech, marijuana, or other booming industries in the city, you can take advantage of that, should you manage to beat out the competition. Aside from housing, other elements of the cost of living are much closer to the national average, as well.

Additionally, Denver has numerous urban amenities to take advantage of, including restaurants and breweries, retail stores, sports stadiums and gyms, museums, theaters, and more. The weather is also incredible, with an average 300 days of sun a year, and there are many outdoor activities to enjoy, such as hiking and biking.

What Are the Best Areas to Live in in Denver?

Any neighborhood that you might choose in Denver will come with a gorgeous view of the mountains, but various ones have different amenities that make them the best area to live in, depending on your preferences.

The most affluent neighborhood for renters in Denver is probably the Highlands. This neighborhood offers several creative shops, including rooftop restaurants that amplify the mountain view. There are also many gardens, art galleries, and Victorian buildings to explore at your leisure.

If the counterculture scene is appealing to you, River North is a popular neighborhood that is always booming with street art, breweries, restaurants, and punk rock concerts. Rent is less steep here than in the Highlands, and this area emphasizes social activity over quaint sights.

For an area that’s a little more affordable and offbeat, Capitol Hill is in the heart of Denver, and it houses the state Capital building. The night scene is lively, and there are many active coffeehouses and bars to check out. This neighborhood also contains the longest street in America, Colfax Avenue.

Finally, if you are more interested in owning a home, Harvey Park is one of the nicest and most affordable suburban areas in all of Denver. Located in the southwest of the city, this neighborhood is only fifteen minutes away from the downtown area, but the streets are quiet, and the people are friendly.

What Is Denver Known For?

Again, while the marijuana industry is currently flourishing in Denver, the city’s pride and most well known industries are those of breweries and music. Although Denver is not located in the Rocky Mountains, they are nearby, and the Mile High City is also known for this spectacular view.

The metropolitan area of Denver has over 100 breweries to visit, and there are countless types of beers to sample, many of which are quite bold and innovative. The Denver Beer Trail is a popular tour that covers 30 of the best breweries in the city.

In terms of music, many rock bands have come from Denver, with One Republic arguably being the most notable. The Red Rocks Amphitheater is an iconic concert venue, as well.

Though the Rocky Mountains may be miles away from the city, they are clearly visible almost every day of the year, and many beautiful photos of the mountains are taken here.

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