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In all parts of England, there are different beaches which are sources of great entertainment for the public. Not only do they offer beautiful and picturesque views but also are a source of different activities that people love to do. Some of these beaches are also located in Kent, South East England. Apart from the beaches, many places can be visited in the area for more fun and excitement. 

Beaches in Kent

Most of the beaches in the United Kingdom are blue flag holders. Some of these are also located in Kent. One of these is the famous Margate Beach.

Margate Beach

Margate beach located in Kent is also known as the Margate main sands. It is known for the best sunset in the United Kingdom. It is a proper sandy beach which is covered by double and triple layers of sand. The beach is cleaned regularly. It is an ideal beach where the visitors can spend the day laying down on the golden sand or strolling around with their feet dipped in the soft sand. The waves are gentle and long therefore, they are the ideal ones.

 All the local amenities are very close to the beach and can be accessed by walking only. There are bars for drinks and snacks so that the visitors can refresh themselves. Other than this, there are coffee places as well that are known for providing hot freshly brewed coffee and also a clean atmosphere where visitors can relax and wait until their children are done playing. 

Margate beach also offers a variety of rides and activities for the kids as well. Kids can spend their time playing different games. There can be huge variations in the tide levels as well. Sometimes the tide can be huge covering a huge distance. It is advised to check the tide levels and timings before visiting the beach also to supervise your children at the time of high tide levels and to keep them at a safe distance from the sea. Along with the café and restaurant, there is also a pub nearby . There is a little bit of everything for everyone. Margate beach also provides a boating pool as well for all the boating lovers. 

Walmer Beach

Other than Margate Beach, there are many more beaches in the area as well. One of these is the Walmer beach. Walmer beach greatly consists of a pebble surface. However, if there is a huge tide, the pebbles are cleared and a stretch of sand appears from underneath. The Walmer beach does not offer lifeguard service at the beach therefore, it is advised to take care of yourself while boating or bathing. Also, to take care of your children especially and to not let them go too deep inside the water. 

The good thing about Walmer beach is that dogs are allowed in the area throughout the year. If you wish to bring your pet along with you to the beach, then Walmer beach is the ideal place as the dogs are allowed throughout the year. However, there may be some seasonal restrictions that may restrict the entry of the dogs for a particular period. It is advised to inquire about this before visiting the beach. It is important to do so that you do not have to face inconvenience if  dogs are not allowed and you can bring your pet along with you. Walmer beach also provides the facilities of a café and restaurant with a variety of snacks and drinks for visitors to keep them refreshed for the entire day. It is important to keep yourself refreshed so that you do not run out of energy in the middle of the day when all other family members are still enjoying themselves. Not to mention, there is a small shopping area nearby too.

Minster Leas Beach

Minster leas beach is one of those beaches that is known for tranquility and the peaceful views that it has to offer. It is relatively quiet and ideal for those visitors who visit beaches to relax and spend time exploring nature. Usually, the Minster Leas beach is covered in shingle, but when the tide is out, the shingle is washed away and the sand underneath is exposed along with a few patches of mud. 

The good thing about Minster Leas beach is that it offers lifeguard service from May to September. It is advised for all the families who have small kids to come between this time so that the lifeguards can keep an eye on the kids who will probably be fond of bathing or swimming in the water. It is a dog-friendly beach however; dogs are not allowed from May to September, which is the peak season. The air of Minster Leas beach is so calm that even if it gets crowded, which it usually does not get, there is still peace and quietness in the atmosphere. A lot of people visit Minster Leas beach for its calm and relaxing atmosphere. 

Places to visit in Kent

Port Lympne Reserve

There are a range of activities that can be carried out in Kent. It is a beautiful place to be visited throughout the year. One of the exciting places to visit in Kent is the Port Lympne Reserve. This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Kent. It is capable of receiving a huge number of tourists throughout the year. Port Lympne Reserve has been there for the past 42 years. The reserve has been created on 600 acres and is home to hundreds of endangered animals. It is a fantastic safari experience as it allows the tourists to closely observe all of the animals that have been kept in there. 

African Animals

Other than this, there are a variety of African animals as well so the reserve is also capable of providing an African experience as well. The reserve can be accessed throughout the year. People visit this place to view their favorite animals. All the animals are kept here such as gorillas, cats, rhinos and many more. Tourists have opportunities to book other activities that the reserve has to offer, for instance, they can book guided tours for them where a guide will make them visit the entire reserve and also inform them about the different animals. The guide will tell them about the history of the animals. All those who are interested to learn more about the endangered animals should visit the Port Lympne reserve to know more about them. 

Hever Castle and Garden

There are many other places as well such as Hever Castle and Garden which is known for its historic significance. This place is for the tourists who are interested in beautiful, antique interiors and carefully crafted walls. The castle offers a trip down the memory lane by reviving the old world charm. There are audio guide books as well that are available. There is so much to do in this beautiful class. It consists of beautiful gardens that are award-winning due to their beauty. Other than that, there are historical statues and fountains where the tourists love to get their pictures taken. There is a beautiful lake and many other spectacular views exist in the castle which is not to be missed. A lot of events are held here that are open for the entire public. Make sure to check the time of the events and then plan your trip by that so that you do not miss the opportunity of attending these fun and exciting events. 

Military Museum

There is also a military museum that has all the traditional souvenirs which all the history lovers would love to see. Grab this amazing chance to visit the souvenirs of the time when you were not even born. 

Climate of Kent

The climate of Kent is warm and temperate. The lowest temperature is from November to February while the highest temperature is from June to August. The month with the lowest temperature is January which is approximately 5 degrees Celcius and the month with the highest temperature is in July which is 18 degrees Celsius. The average temperature of Kent throughout the year is 10 degrees. There is much more rainfall in the months when the temperature is low that is between Nov and Feb and there is less rainfall in summers. The average precipitation that is recorded is 10 mm throughout the year.

 It is advised to visit Kent in mid-season so that more and more outdoor places can be visited. Also, in cold weather, it will not be fun to visit the beaches in Kent as the weather will be unbearable. Similar is the case with summer in Kent as the temperature is reasonably high and it will not be suitable for people to visit any of the outdoor attractions, they would rather prefer to go for a swim. Make sure to check the forecast before planning your trip so that appropriate clothes can be packed along and also you can enjoy the trip to the fullest. This can only be done at a time when the temperature is favourable. 


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