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Minehead Beach, Somerset Coast
Minehead Beach, Somerset Coast

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England has always been considered one of the most beautiful travel destinations. This is primarily because of the beautiful attractions and locations that are a part of it. The coastal and seaside resorts along with the several counties that England is divided into are more beautiful than one another. The picturesque and aesthetic views that these places offer along with the range of facilities that they provide to their valuable tourists tend to make their experience even more interesting so that they come again and again to these beautiful locations and support tourism in the United Kingdom. One such county is Somerset which is located in South West England. 

Beaches in Somerset

There are several beaches located in and around Somerset that attract a huge number of tourists to visit and appreciate these beautiful locations. Somerset is a hub of attractive and picturesque beaches that provide pleasing as well as aesthetic views to the tourists and provide them the necessary facilities required for an ideal day at the beach. These are some of the reasons that people consider Somerset when they are planning a beach vacation with their family. 

Minehead beach

Minehead beach is also known as The Strand. It is a long stretch of sand with small patches of shingle along with several rock pools. The sandy part of the beach is only exposed when the tide goes out. This time is ideal for different activities at the beach like games. Make sure you are aware of the tide timings so that you can visit the beach when the tide is out. You can enjoy making sandcastles and playing beach games with children to spend some quality time with them. 

The high season is usually the summer season, during which the beach gets busy and crowded. It is the best time for games and other adventurous sports. However, if you are a peace lover and looking for peace at the beach, then Minehead beach is not a suitable place for you to visit especially in the summer season. Minehead is also considered one of Somerset’s most busy resorts. 

There is a range of hotels and apartments at the beach which can be used by the tourists visiting the beach from far and planning to stay for long. The beach also provides toilet facilities to the visitors along with a café which is ideal for providing snacks and refreshments to the people after an exhausting day. There is no lifeguard service available at the beach. It is dog-friendly therefore, you are free to bring your pets along with you however, you must look for sign boards and directions as there is some seasonal restriction applied on dogs. They are not allowed in certain areas from May to September that is in the summer season. These areas include the area between the harbor and the golf course. 

Common activities at the beach include windsurfing, rock pooling, and swimming. 

Blue Anchor Bay

Blue Anchor Bay is another beach located in Somerset. It is a long stretch of sand with a few alabaster rocks sprinkled in some parts. The beach is an ideal location for the tourists to find fossils. There is no lifeguard service available at the beach. It is a dog-friendly beach where the dogs are allowed all year long. There is a pub on the beach. The water quality of the beach is also above satisfactory and has also received an award from Marine conservation society. 

Places to visit in Somerset

Other than the beaches in Somerset, there is also a range of beautiful attractions in the county that attract a huge number of people. Somerset is known for the historical memories that it presents. The city of Bath is one of the most famous places in Somerset and is visited frequently by people from all parts of the world. This place is known for its beautiful and magnificent architecture that it acquired. If you are a fan of history and historical architecture, then this is the ideal place for you to visit as you will find a huge variety of architecture. 

Somerset is the hub of Roman and Georgian culture and architecture and this is the primary reason that a huge number of people visit this part of the country. Other than Bath, there are many other old towns and villages as well that are a highlight of Somerset. Some of these towns include Wells and Frome. Another beautiful place in Somerset is Exmoor which is the national park in the area. All these places are better than one another and are some of the most beautiful places in the area that serve to be ideal locations for holidays with friends and family. Do not miss out on Somerset when planning your vacation. 

Somerset Weather

The temperature of Somerset is considered warm and temperate. It is approximately 22 meters above sea level. The amount of rainfall that is observed in Somerset is significant. This means that a significant amount of rainfall is observed even in the driest month of the year. The highest level of temperature is observed in August which is approximately 26.9 degrees Celsius while the lowest level of temperature is observed in February which is approximately 17 degrees Celsius. 

The average temperature recorded in Somerset is approximately 21.4 degrees Celsius. The amount of rainfall that is observed in Somerset in the year is 1463 mm. The highest amount of rainfall is recorded in October and is approximately 160 mm which is almost 6.3 inches. While the lowest amount of rainfall is recorded in April which is approximately 97 mm which is almost 3.8 inches. Although there is significant rainfall throughout the year, the ideal time to visit Somerset is from May to October which is the summer months because this is the time when the temperature is pleasant and the rainfall is also slightly limited. Do check the weather forecast of Somerset before planning your trip to the area so that it does not cause you any inconvenience. 


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