12 Best New England Beaches for Families

Mohegan Bluffs Beach
Mohegan Bluffs Beach

With a coastline measuring roughly 6,100 miles, there is no shortage of beaches along the New England coast. However, some beaches are better than others – especially when it comes to families. Explore our top picks as follows:

  1. Ogunquit Beach, Maine
  2. Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts
  3. Mohegan Bluffs Beach, Rhode Island
  4. Goose Rocks Beach, Maine
  5. Crane Beach, Maine
  6. Jenness Beach, New Hampshire
  7. Fort Adams State Park, Rhode Island
  8. Sand Beach, Maine
  9. Singing Beach, Massachusetts
  10. Hammonasset Beach, Connecticut
  11. Plum Island Beach, Massachusetts
  12. Brigantine Beach, New Jersey

Read on to learn more about these beaches so you can decide where to take your family on your next New England beach getaway!

1.) Ogunquit Beach – Maine 

Ogunquit Beach, Maine
Ogunquit Beach, Maine

This 3.5-mile stretch of warm sand is close to plenty of ice cream shops and snack stands, so don’t worry if you forget to pack lunch. 

Activities to do at Ogunquit Beach include swimming, tubing, kayaking, sailing, deep sea fishing, and even whale watching. If water sports aren’t quite your style, lounge in the thick sea grasses, where you can enjoy the waves from a distance and even spot a glimpse of some local wildlife. 

2.) Coast Guard Beach – Massachusetts

Sunny day at Coast Guard beach on Cape Cod - Panoramic photo
Sunny day at Coast Guard beach on Cape Cod – Panoramic photo

Located at the southernmost point of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Coast Guard Beach is one of the top beaches for families in New England.

Designated areas for swimming, boogie boarding, and other water sports ensure that the littlest children don’t get injured while playing in the shallow waters, and lifeguard stations offer extra reassurance for parents. 

Seals are drawn to Coast Guard Beach during the summertime, giving you and your family a magical experience to see these creatures up close!

3.) Mohegan Bluffs Beach – Rhode Island

Mohegan Bluffs Beach
Mohegan Bluffs Beach

This secluded beach is located atop 200-foot high bluffs. While it is quite a climb to get to the beach, you won’t regret it once you see the view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

While Mohegan Bluffs Beach is often touted as a romantic destination for couples, families with children will enjoy the privacy of the beach and its ideal location for a family picnic. Kite flying and building sandcastles are both wonderful activities, and down by the water, kids will have fun collecting colorful rocks and shells. 

4.) Goose Rocks Beach – Maine

Goose Rocks Beach
Goose Rocks Beach

Located beside an expansive parking lot, Goose Rocks Beach is easy to access with young children in tow. The barrier reefs protect against powerful waves, keeping the waters shallow and gentle for little ones. You may even spot a seal or two lounging on the nearby rocks!

A nearby grocery store is a great place to pick up snacks, sunscreen, and other beach essentials. Don’t forget to grab a bite of Goose Rocks’ iconic seafood before leaving. 

5.) Crane Beach – Maine

Crane Beach Massachusetts
Crane Beach Massachusetts

This conservation property includes about four miles of sandy shoreline. While water sports are always a great option, the pine forests along the coast are great for hiking and biking. 

While summers are often warm, remember to bring wetsuits as this beach can get quite cold if you plan on visiting outside the summer months. 

6.) Jenness Beach – New Hampshire

Jenness Beach
Jenness Beach

Across the street from restaurants and eateries, you won’t have to worry if you forget to pack lunch on your family adventure to Jenness Beach. 

This beach, situated on a beautiful state park, is quieter than most others along the New England shore, giving you and your family a break from the summertime crowds often flocking to other nearby beaches. 

7.) Fort Adams State Park – Rhode Island

Fort Adams State Park
Fort Adams State Park

Home to the historical Fort Adams, you can view both Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay from this iconic beach. Swimming, kayaking, fishing, and boating are all available in the pristine waters. 

Make sure to stay for the Newport Jazz Festival, which is held in the park every summer. 

8.) Sand Beach – Maine

The Sand Beach, at Acadia National Park, Maine.
The Sand Beach, at Acadia National Park, Maine.

This sparkling gem of a beach is nestled inside Acadia National Park. Despite its small shoreline, Acadia National Park is considered one of the most beautiful places in the country, surrounded by mountains, lakes, and dense forests. Enjoy a hike in the woods by morning and a lazy afternoon swim without leaving the park. 

Overnight camping is permitted in the park by reservation, so you can turn your day trip into a long weekend in this hidden paradise. 

9.) Singing Beach – Massachusetts

Singing Beach Manchester MA
Singing Beach Manchester MA

Named for its uniquely fine sand, which makes a faint singing sound when walked on, this magical beach is devoid of sharp rocks and pebbles, ensuring your little ones won’t hurt their feet in this idyllic location. 

The beach is also clean, regularly maintained by clean-up crews in order to preserve its pristine appearance. 

10.) Hammonasset Beach – Connecticut

Hammonasset Beach
Hammonasset Beach

This 2-mile stretch of sandy coastline is the longest shoreline in the state of Connecticut. It is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summertime, when more than 1 million tourists flock to the warm sands annually. 

After a day at the beach, take a trip to the nearby nature center, which offers many hands-on exhibits that are perfect for people of all ages. 

11.) Plum Island Beach – Massachusetts

Plum Island Beach
Plum Island Beach

This 11-mile stretch along Massachusetts north coast, Plum Island is named for the wild plum bushes that grow along its sandy banks. 

This beach is ideal for birdwatching, where you can spot a diverse community of marine birds native to the New England shoreline. Enjoy swimming, kayaking, surfing, and fishing while watching the local wildlife on the protected reserve. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful glimpse of nature at its finest, with over 800 native species of wildlife on the reserve. 

12.) Brigantine Beach – New Jersey

Brigantine Beach
Brigantine Beach

Near the popular tourist destination of Atlantic City, Brigantine Beach is a great place to visit without having to drive too far from the city. 

With miles of soft sand, you can fly kites, collect shells, build sandcastles, or simply relax on the shore. Water activities include kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, sailing, and more. 

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