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Row of colourful Beach huts of Saunton Sands Beach
Row of colourful Beach huts of Saunton Sands Beach

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England is the hub of beautiful attractions and picturesque views that are worth visiting. This also includes the range of beautiful beaches that the country consists of. It is capable of attracting a huge number of tourists only because of the variety of attractions that it has to offer. All the beaches in the area are of different kinds and are unique. All of them are known for particular qualities which attract numerous visitors to acknowledge and praise the beauty of England. One such place in England is Saunton Sands beach which is remarkable in its own way. 

Saunton Sands beach

One of the most beautiful places near the village of Saunton is the Saunton Sands beach that is named after the village. It is one of the best things to do if you visit this area. The beauty of this place is spectacular which is not to be missed. Visit it on a windy day to double the adventure and fun. It is a 4 mile long stretch of sand that is surrounded by dunes. There is plenty of space where the sand is spread allowing the visitors to make the most out of their day at the Saunton Sands. You can enjoy the ambience of the beach by walking on the rocks and looking at the rock pools in the area. It is a beautiful, picturesque beach that is the ideal place for a stroll. 

Saunton Sands beach facilities

If you are looking for a place where you can stroll freely without worrying about the time, then Saunton Sands  is the best place for you. There is much to explore at the beach, make sure you bring your cameras along to capture the beautiful, aesthetic views that are to die for. The only way to access the beach is through a car park. They charge a parking fee which is charged through the year even on Christmas day but the fee is minimal and is worth the visit as the beautiful, flat beach is a place worth going to.

The car park is easily accessible as it is near the beach. Other than this, the beach provides many other facilities in order to make the trip of the visitors worth a while. Some of these facilities include cafes and restaurants nearby like Biffen’s Kitchen, Instow Barton restaurant, and Hocking’s Day cream ices. The beach is dog friendly so feel free to bring your pets along with you so that the children can enjoy with them and you can also take them for a stroll. 

Beaches near Saunton Sands

Just like many other beautiful places to visit in this part of England, there are a variety of beaches as well near Saunton Sands that are not to be missed. The calm ambience, picturesque views, and the beautiful atmosphere are all one looks for in a beach. Luckily, the beaches near Saunton Sands provide all of them to their valuable visitors so that they can enjoy a perfect day with their friends and family at the beaches. The ideal places to spend quality time with your loved ones are the beaches found in this area. 

Woolacombe beach

Another beautiful beach in the nearby area is the Woolacombe beach which is also one of the best loved destinations by the people. It is known for the exciting activities and games that it provides which makes it a busy beach as there are activities for people of every age and they try to make the most out of their day. The facilities that the beach provides are also numerous as there are toilets available along with access for disabled people. 

Along with that, there are changing rooms for the babies and shops, pubs as well as restaurants near the beach for the visitors to purchase snacks and refreshments. It is also a dog friendly beach as dogs are allowed along with the visitors but the visitors must remember that there are some restrictions imposed for the dogs as they are not allowed throughout the year and also some of the areas at the beach are dog free. So, it is important for the visitors to check for the signboards that state information regarding that. 

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Westward Ho! beach

Another beach in the area is the Westward Ho! Beach which is also full of fun games and activities for the people to enjoy and spend a perfect day with their family and friends. The beach is also known to provide kite sports and also numerous surfing opportunities to the visitors that they are fond of. Moreover, there are life guard facilities also available that are provided from May to September so you do not have to worry about your children as the lifeguards will take care of them and so you can enjoy your day freely.  

Places to visit near Saunton Sands

The village of Saunton and nearby surroundings is a famous area to visit in England because of the several fun places that it has to offer for children as well as for adults. These places include the picturesque beaches, indoor and outdoor play areas along with beautiful museums and art galleries that are worth visiting. If you plan to visit this place, it is advised to make a list of places that you wish to visit as there are so many places that you will have to come again and again to this part of England to complete the list. 

Croyde Deckchair Cinema

One of these places is the Croyde Deckchair Cinema which is one of the most famous places in the area. The cinema is named after the deckchairs that it is full of. These chairs are extremely comfortable and will allow you to spend 2 to 3 hours comfortably. There are single deckchairs and double deck chairs as well. 

If you are lucky enough to reach the cinema before time, you will be able to reserve double deckchairs for you and your family which will double your excitement and adventure. This has been a source of entertainment for people for more than ten years. For a perfect night out with your family, it is the most ideal place to visit. They even provide booster cushions for the little children in the family to add to their comfort. Another special thing about the Croyde Deckchair cinema is that they offer homemade popcorn which is the highlight of the cinema. 

Quay indoor soft play

Other than the cinema, another exciting place to visit near Saunton Sands is Quay indoor soft play which is an adventurous place for the children to spend their day. The coffee place near the soft play area is an amazing place for the adults to hang out and spend time with each other when their children spend their time in the play area. Other than this, the café is known to provide a variety of dishes on the menu that consists of the locally produced products.

This allows you to choose from a diversity that is available. Moreover, one of the special services that are provided by the Quay indoor soft play is that they offer birthday packages as well which include some of the exciting offers if you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday at the soft play with their friends. Do not miss this amazing offer and make sure you book their birthday packages beforehand so there is a slot available for you. 

Other exciting and adventurous places to visit near Saunton Sands include the Roylands riding stables, Braunton and District Museum, the Skern Lodge outdoor activity center, and many more beautiful attractions in the area that can be visited by the entire family to enjoy a perfect day with family. There are sports for children and activities for the adults as well so that they can spend some quality time with each other. These places are not to be missed whenever you plan a trip to Saunton Sands. 

Saunton Sands Weather

The weather remains approximately the same throughout the year with a slight variation in a few months. The maximum temperature is usually between 9 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature is between 3 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature is observed in the months of January to May and also in November and December while the months with the highest temperature are June to September. The lowest temperature during these months is 9 degrees Celsius while the highest temperature is 20 degrees Celsius which is usually experienced in July. 

Throughout the year, the temperature remains bearable for the tourists and that is why Saunton Sands is known to attract tourists throughout the year and not at a particular time. The amount of precipitation is also high throughout the year. The highest amount of rainfall is approximately 214mm in the month of October and remains almost the same in the other months as well. If you wish to visit this part of England, do check the weather forecast before planning and then plan according to the forecast as you may not want to waste your trip. Snowfall in the area is minimal throughout the year. 


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