What’s the beach like in Scarborough?

Scarborough beach
Aerial photo of the beautiful seaside town of Scarborough in the UK showing the beach front on a sunny summers day
Aerial photo of the beautiful seaside town of Scarborough in the UK showing the beach front on a sunny summers day
SCARBOROUGH Original seaside resort a popular destination for a holiday, sweeping sandy beaches, rugged castle ruins.
SCARBOROUGH Original seaside resort a popular destination for a holiday, sweeping sandy beaches, rugged castle ruins.
 People enjoy the beach at Scarborough in a Spring sunshine.
People enjoy the beach at Scarborough in a Spring sunshine.





Welcome to the superior Resort town in England, Scarborough! If you get a chance to visit England’s northern coast, you will encounter this famous tourist hub. Scarborough beach is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in England. No matter what your age is, this remarkable Yorkshire town will never disappoint you. 

Whenever you think about a beautiful Sandy beach, what comes to mind first? Not only children but also adults enjoy the delicate feelings of playing with water waves. How does it feel when you try to run away from the waves, and still water touches your feet? Building beautiful sandcastles on a beach is another recreational activity for all the children out there. Yes, you can enjoy all these things in this majestic environment. 

What does the Scarborough beach offer?

Scarborough beach is a  beautiful rocky promontory divided into two large bays with magnificent views. Not to mention, the majestic charm of Scarborough Castle is irresistible. It was built in the 11th century. Along with that, this beach is backed by many ice cream parlours, cutting-edge theatres, multiple café joints, quirky shops, and other entertainment delights. If you visit this place with your family, don’t miss the fun of donkey ride. 

Scarborough South Bay beach

Let’s now focus on the South Bay part of this beach. According to the visitors, this part is much more entertaining than the North Bay beach. South Bay is linked by a Victorian promenade to North Bay. But you have to keep in mind that this beach doesn’t allow dogs from the month of May till September end. The water quality is also satisfying. When fishing vessels, boats, and yachts return to harbour, it creates jaw-dropping surroundings. Don’t forget to sit back and relax to spend some quality time with the beautiful sea. This is the ultimate treasure of life!

Weather and the ideal time to visit

The ideal time to visit Scarborough is when the weather is good due to the outdoor nature of the town. That is why many people prefer to visit in the months of summer. But this beach is quite exceptional given that you can enjoy the beach views anytime throughout the year. 

East Yorkshire coast is considered one of the best holiday destinations from the 1700s. It was a mysterious time when the bourgeois used to visit this place just to enjoy a bath in the healing seawater.

Now the big question is how to enjoy a spontaneous day out with friends and family? Well, if you are thinking about visiting Scarborough beach, then make sure you continue reading this article as we have highlighted many key attractions below which you will surely like to hear about. 

Vaults and Market Hall of Scarborough in St. Helen’s Square

Are you a shopaholic? Then this is the ideal place for you as you can shop from the old Vaults and Market Hall of Scarborough. These historical buildings have been renovated recently. You’ll be amazed to know that £2.7 million has been spent on refurbishment in order to provide a modern look and yet you will still get the traditional feeling from this outstanding market.

At first, take a look at the main hall if you want to purchase anything from the greengrocers or butchers. After that, you can take a peek in the new gallery floor where you will find multiple food joints and vibrant shops from where you can purchase soaps, cakes, pieces of jewellery, and many other valuable items. You can even discover the hidden treasures underneath these vaults. Purchase some handmade gifts, antiques, or iconic books for your home and for your loved ones.

Sea Life Sanctuary in Scalby Mills Road

This sanctuary has 12 different themed zones. You can enjoy different environments in each section with diverse sea creatures. Have you ever seen a giant spider crab from Japan or a blacktip reef shark? It’s time to explore all these fabulous creatures in this unique sanctuary that projects the beauty of marine life. We recommend that you visit this place in the month of March because the new exhibition starts at this time. In this exhibition, you can explore different types of rare crustaceans. Kids will love the different segments, including the ocean tunnel for the shark tank.

The best part is this sanctuary takes care of all the injured seal pups. Gather tremendous joy by feeding all these wounded creatures but keep in mind that it needs special bookings.

Rotunda Museum in Vernon Road

Have you heard about this museum before? You must have because this is the first museum in the world which was built with a purpose. It covers ancient history beautifully and features multiple tools from the Stone Age and coffin from the Bronze Age. How can we forget the dinosaur fossils collection of this Rotunda Museum? In short, this historical architecture holds multiple fascinating items from history. You will find this iconic museum just beside this Valley Bridge. The Scarborough Art Gallery and beautiful Parkland are significant attractions here. It’s a perfect cultural hotspot for everyone.

The battle-damaged Castle in Castle Road

This historic castle is located between the South Bay and North Bay. It was built in the 12th century. You will be amazed to know that this castle is standing still even after facing five sieges, however, the English Civil War damaged this place severally. Nowadays, it attracts many visitors. Most visitors heading for Scarborough beach for the first time, love to visit this castle to witness the fantastic illustrations. Keep in mind that you have to visit this place in between 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Peasholm Park in North Bay

Now let’s get into the entertainment zone available in North Bay. Peasholm Park comes alive, especially on Saturdays. If you visit between June to August, you can attend the live sea battle in the giant lake. The model warships, and aircraft even add explosions to give you goosebumps. If you love the adrenaline rush then we recommend renting a boat to roam around in this beautiful island.

The story doesn’t end here. You can even walk on the dry land and explore the secret garden, which is located at the end of the Peasholm Park. Nature lovers fall in love with this garden because it contains many rare species like Chusan palms and American red oaks.

Old town behind South Bay beach

Take a walk on those iconic old streets just behind the harbour. You will be amazed by its magnificent charm and appeal. The Old Town is full of fantastic cafes and elegant shops. If you are a fashionista and always look for coveted brands like New Look or Marks and Spencer, then you can add to your collection from these local shops.

Scarborough beach and the Old town are considered as heaven for couples even. Many casinos and multiple entertainment arcades are also available in this area.

Scarborough Spa in South Street

After spending the whole day by enjoying different amusement activities, what can be better than an excellent Spa treatment with live music? The unique setting of this space will definitely impress you. Scarborough spa is also from the Victorian age. Now it is rejuvenated with multiple exclusive facilities. Still, the authentic look and seaside orchestra attract many music lovers to this place. When the calming tunes of classical music hit your ear with a salty breeze, your heart starts melting with love and happiness. Not to mention, if you want to enjoy heart-melting performances, you can visit the Grand Hall. People usually prefer to make advance bookings for accommodation. It will save you from all the hassles.

Stephen Joseph theatre in Westborough

After spending a marvellous time at the beach, how about ending the day by watching a play at the Stephen Joseph theatre? This lively theatre sits near Scarborough spa. So it is the perfect way to spend your time with someone special. After enjoying a Spa treatment with your partner, you can watch a classical show and the top-notch performance of famous actors in this theatre.

You can even plan a romantic date in the modern restaurants after watching the show in the theatre. Sometimes they show classical events or movies from different parts of the world. You should visit on Sundays to enjoy the Classic performances. 


Scarborough beach is an excellent spot for picnics as well as spending valuable time with friends and family. The surrounding areas are also full of multiple activities and attractions. From shopping spots to food joints, cafes, and even bars, everything is available within a short distance. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head over to Scarborough Beach where amazing activities awaits you. 


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