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Blackpool beach
Blackpool Tower and Central Pier Ferris Wheel, Lancashire, England, UK
Blackpool Tower and Central Pier Ferris Wheel, Lancashire, England, UK
 Blackpool Tower and Central Pier as seen from the beach.
Blackpool Tower and Central Pier as seen from the beach. Editorial credit: AC Manley /
Aerial footage, drone view , of the famous Blackpool Tower and beach from the sky
Aerial footage, drone view , of the famous Blackpool Tower and beach from the sky
Blackpool beach with donkeys
Blackpool beach with donkeys

Blackpool Overview






The variety of beaches that are located in England are scattered in all parts of the state. One such area is the Blackpool which is a town as well as a seaside resort that is located on the Lancashire coast in North West England. This town connects to several places as it sits at the North West of Preston, Manchester, and Bolton and in the north of Liverpool. Therefore, several popular attractions can be accessed from here. This is one of the most populated towns of Lancashire and has a population of approximately 139,000. 

Beaches in Blackpool

A day at the beach is always worth enjoying and there is nothing like that. There are several beaches in and around Blackpool that are worth visiting with friends and family to have a perfect day away from home.

Blackpool beach

Blackpool beach is one of the most famous beaches in the region and is also one of the best beach resorts that one would find in the United Kingdom. It has also been awarded a blue flag due to the beauty of the beach, hygienic conditions and the quality of the water of the beach. The beach is very widespread and is a long stretch of sand. There is plenty of space for the visitors to build sandcastles or to spend the day laying on the sand giving yourself a tan.

Blackpool beach is perfect for family and friends 

It is an ideal place to relax in the sun with family and friends and to play family games together. There is nothing like a walk on the golden sand in Blackpool beach in both summer and winter. Most of the seafront at this beach is tidal and is usually covered with tide twice a day. Therefore, it is advised to supervise your children so that they do not go too close to the sea. However, there are still some areas that remain dry even if there is a high tide. These areas are recommended for all those families who have small kids and for safety against high tide. 

You can relax or arrange a picnic in those areas as well as taking in the views of the sea and will also be able to stay safe without being covered by the tide. Another interesting activity at Blackpool beach is the famous donkey ride for kids as well as for adults. The donkeys are well looked after and also a regular inspection is carried out. However, if you are coming especially for the donkey ride you should remember that they have Fridays off so you must come on other days of the week to avoid disappointment. 

Blackpool beach North Pier

Blackpool beach is the only beach in Britain that has three piers: North pier, central pier, and the south pier. To start exploring the beach of Blackpool, the starting point is always the North pier. It consists of the north pier theatre where different concerts and theatres are held. Comedy plays take place and musical acts are also witnessed. It is great entertainment for the entire family to go together and visit these amazing shows. All those who are interested in drama and theatre should make sure that they do not miss it. It is advised to check the showtimes before going to watch the theatre so that you do not miss the fun that is being offered. 

Other than the theatre, the north pier also has an arcade that offers different games as well as a puppet show that is everyone’s favourite. All the puppet show lovers should remember that this is not to be missed. With a day at the beach, all of these activities can be availed together for a perfect end to the day. 

Close to the north pier is the central pier. 

Central Pier

Central pier is known for the spectacular and picturesque views that it offers from the 108 ft high Ferris wheel. It is a bit of an adventure to enjoy the ride as well as beautiful views of the whole town that can not be witnessed otherwise. It also offers a variety of arcade games and also events like funfair where there is something for the whole family. So, do not miss to take the whole of your family to the central pier to avail the amazing activities that have been organised for the parents as well as the children. Furthermore, there is also a funhouse bar where food and refreshments are served for the entire family. After spending the day playing games and relaxing on the beach, grab some drinks from the family bar and refresh yourself. 

South Pier

This is the most ideal location for all those who are looking for a peaceful place for a seaside picnic or to paddle in the waves. It also has a lot of games and activities like go-karting, bungee jumping, mountain climbing frames and trampolines. South pier is known as a mini theme park where there is a little bit of everything and for everyone. There are so many activities at Blackpool beach that it is very hard for visitors to do all of these in one day. Plan your day accordingly to make the most of all of these exciting games and rides to have a fun-filled day with the family. 

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip immediately so that you and your family can have a perfect day out.

Beaches near Blackpool beach

Cleveleys beach

Just four miles away from Blackpool is Cleveleys town and the famous Cleveleys beach. The beach is a stretch of sand and shingle both. It is one of the most famous attractions that people visit for a perfect day out with friends and family. However, the beach does not provide lifeguard service, therefore, it is advised to supervise your children and keep them at a safe distance from the sea where the water is deep and the tide is high. 

Apart from that, dogs are allowed throughout the year except from 1st May to 30th September. It is good news for all those who wish to bring their pets along with them to the beach. However, it is important to check the dates when dogs are not allowed because they will be denied entry. There is also a café and restaurant to serve refreshments to the visitors. 

Blackpool South beach

For all those who are fans of a traditional south side resort and are also willing to spend the day playing games and taking part in various activities then Blackpool South beach is the ideal place for you to go. This is because you can take part in several activities such as trampolines, roller coasters, waltzers and many more. This beach is also a long stretch of sand and is generally quieter than many other beaches in the area. There is lifeguard service available here therefore if one wishes to swim, they can.

Apart from this, those who are habitual of bringing their pets along with them to beaches should note that dogs are not allowed here and they are strictly banned and have to stay outside the beach boundaries. There is a café and a restaurant nearby to serve refreshments and to recover the energy that has been spent on the games and rides at the pier. Also, it is to be noted that Blackpool South beach is a blue flag holder which means that it is recognised for its beautiful, picturesque views and also for hygienic conditions at the beach and the water quality. There is a concrete wall at the beach as well which offers protection from the sea breezes. 

Places to visit in Blackpool

Blackpool Tower

Apart from the beaches that are located in and around the area, there are many other attractions and places to visit as well that can provide adventure and fun to the tourists altogether. One of these is the Blackpool tower which is one of its kind. It is a true British institution and was constructed in 1894, therefore, it is a very historic building. It is still as famous as it was in the past and people come in groups to have a look at this. 

Blackpool Tower Eye

This is one of the iconic views that visitors wish to see whenever they come to Blackpool or in the areas nearby. Not to mention, the Blackpool Tower eye is at the head of the tower which provides a spectacular and picturesque view of entire Blackpool that is not to be missed. It is not very hard to reach the top of the tower as there are lifts to facilitate the visitors. It provides a birds eye view of all the beautiful spots in the town starting from the Irish Sea to North Wales, the Lake District and also the Isle of Man. There is also a glass floor that allows you to have a look at all the streets below. However, those with heights phobia are advised not to try this. 

4D Cinema

Also, do not forget to avail of the 4D cinema experience which provides an adventurous ride down Blackpool’s memory lane. It is an amazing experience that will dazzle all your senses. Such a visual experience is worth watching. 

Blackpool Tower Circus

Blackpool tower circus is also not to be missed which makes the day memorable for all those who visit. There is one event which is very famous and that is when the town celebrates 25 years at the helm. It is a very interesting day for the visitors as there is a lot of fun and stunts. Make sure that you do not miss this event on the special anniversary and book tickets beforehand. Not only will you be able to avail of this experience of the circus but also will be able to enjoy all other different activities that have to be offered at the Blackpool Tower. 

The town is known for its award-winning destinations. It offers something for everyone whether adults or children. Also, you do not have to travel much to experience all these adventures.  

Blackpool Climate

It is advised to check the weather forecast beforehand, to organise the trip and also plan the places to visit. The climate of Blackpool is mild throughout the year. The highest temperature is from July to August where temperatures can reach up to 19 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the lowest temperature is from January to February, which is approximately 2 degrees Celsius. Precipitation is the greatest from October to December. It is advised to not visit the town from December to March because, in these months, the temperature is very extreme and is not ideal to spend the day at the beach or any other outdoor destination.

The average temperature throughout the year is 13 degrees and the average precipitation throughout the year is 84 mm. It is recommended to visit Blackpool from April to July as the temperature, as well as precipitation, remains controlled in these months and the tourists can visit any indoor or outdoor place. However, it is still advised to check the weather forecast before visiting any outdoor destination kin this town to avoid unexpected weather conditions.  


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