Travelodge check in and check out time

Travelodge check in and check out time


What are a standard Travelodge check in and check out time for guests?

Under normal circumstances, the usual timings for check in is 3 pm. Check out at Travelodge hotels is at 12  midday. Guests are supposed to follow these timings while arriving at the scheduled date or leaving on departure day.

What if I arrive early or end up leaving late?

If by any chance, you decide to check in a little earlier than 3 pm or check out slightly after 12 pm, additional charges may be applied by the hotel. Please speak to your respective hotel who will be able to advise if early check in and late check out can be accommodated.

Cost of early check in and late check out if the hotel is advised before?

If the standard check in and check out timings do not suit you then paying a little extra for just £10, you will be allowed to skip the usual Travelodge check in and check out time. You will be allowed to check in to your room at 12 pm instead of 3 pm. Likewise, you will be able to check out at 2 pm rather than the standard 12 pm.

What is the procedure to pay for early check in and late check out?

You can add the extras while filling your booking details at the Travelodge website or you may ask directly by calling the selected hotel representative before purchasing a booking. But let’s say you already purchased a booking without adding extras, still, they can be added to your bill while clearing the funds at check out. The reception staff is also at your disposal for further information. You can also ask them to add your extras for the required service when you arrive at the hotel.

Is early check in and late check out always an available option?

Such benefits are there to help the guests under certain situations. It depends upon the availability of the requested service. If by any chance the requested service can not be provided at that point in time, then you will not have the opportunity to avail it. Your extras are accepted only when the service is available, otherwise renounced.

Will I be provided a parking space for my car by the hotel?

Most of the hotels provide a parking space for your vehicles. However, at various sites, the parking authority may either be the hotel itself or a third party. Better to speak to the hotel directly before bringing your car.

Will I be compensated for any damage to my vehicle at the hotel’s parking?

You will need to verify with the hotel representatives before opting for parking service. If the parking space is authorized under the hotel’s name, the administration will be responsible in case of any loss or damage. However, if your selected venue provides parking that is authorized by a third party, your parking consultation will shift to them. The hotel’s administration will not be liable for any kind of damage to your vehicle. In a case of any loss, you may claim against the third party for compensation depending upon their policies.

Can I bring my pet to the hotel?

You can bring your pets only if you have bought the pet extras. However, you can bring your assistance dogs, hearing dogs, or Guide dogs for free without buying extras. In every case, you need  to inform the management before bringing your pets inside the hotel. All guests must follow certain rules such as not leaving your pet unattended anywhere in the hotel. Not to mention pets are not allowed in the bar area or cafe areas. 


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