Travelodge breakfast times and breakfast box

Travelodge breakfast times and breakfast box

Begin your day with a refreshing Travelodge Breakfast and stay healthy throughout!

The management has provided a terrific menu to help the guests with all tastes. Pick up a dish of your choice and for the most affordable price, you’ll be enjoying mouth watering  food.

The menu includes not only the deliciously cooked food items but unlimited fruits and drinks are also there to quench your thirst. Above all, kids are privileged to enjoy a free meal when accompanied by their families. 

Let us have a look at some of the hotel’s packages what they have to offer and for how much!

Unlimited lighter Travelodge Breakfast

The lighter package is a perfect buffet providing you a healthy choice for just £5.75. The menu includes all-butter croissants, sliced toasts, crunchy oat clusters, raisins, and a selection of Kellogg’s cereals.

Besides, fruit salad and a choice of yogurts are also available. Making a hilarious combo with such mouth-watering plain items, several soothing drinks are also at your disposal.

You can enjoy whatever you like of plenty of options as Lavazza Coffee, Typho Tea, Chilled fruit juice, and Herbal infusion teas.

Unlimited full Travelodge Breakfast

Enjoy a full Travelodge Breakfast with a plethora of pleasing foods for just £8.25!

This package will offer you multiple buffet food items, fruits, and drinks.

They include fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, pork sausages, vegetable sausages, hash browns potatoes, baked beans, fruit salad, jams, marmalade, honey, free-range scrambled eggs, thickly sliced white or granary bread to toast, cereals and anything you want further as to satisfy your taste and appetite.

Coming to the drinks, many types of coffees as americano, latte, mocha, cappuccino or espresso, teas, and chilled juices are equally available.

Is Travelodge Breakfast free for kids?

Many people ask this question while staying at any hotel and if the kids will be served free meals or charged for their food.

Well, that can be tricky for a guest if he or she does not ask for the terms related to kids’ food. As far as Travelodge Breakfast is considered, be assured that you will be provided with free kids breakfast.

With an order of at least £8.25 made per adult, up to the two little ones, below the age of 16, accompanied by a parent can wholeheartedly enjoy the delicious kitchen cuisine for free.

When is the breakfast served?

The breakfast is usually served from 7 am – 10 am on weekdays, and if you are staying for weekends or bank holidays the timing changes to 8 am – 11 am.

However, breakfast is only served at the Bar Cafe Hotels, where there are restaurants and bars located inside the hotel’s property.

For several hotels, the timing for breakfast is a bit different. For example, while staying at either of the London Central City Road, Cambridge Orchard Park, London Heathrow Central, London City airport, Gatwick Airport Central and Heathrow Terminal 5, you will be served from 6 am-10 am on weekdays and 7 am-11 am on weekends.

What is Travelodge breakfast box?

We know, with the busy work routine, many people do not find enough time to have their breakfast. Or for some other reasons, many folks do not want to eat in the lounge or the specified breakfast room.

To compensate for such situations, Travelodge have launched a “go bag” breakfast or breakfast box.

It includes a bag filled with some food items such as cornflakes, orange juice and a pain au chocolat and now has an added oaty flapjack snack to keep you powered until lunch.

The packaging is all recyclable and our orange juice, milk, spoon, napkin and bowl are made from renewable materials for just £5.25. Go bag can be served to rooms from 5 am- 7 am upon request.


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