What is Nashville Tennessee known for?

#5. Adventure Science Center

If you, or your kids, like science better, you have the Adventure Science Center which features interactive activities and simulators to learn about science in a fun yet educational way.

#4. Grand Ole Opry

There are so many places which aren’t just tourist spots but emblems of Nashville’s love for the arts. You have the Grand Ole Opry, the world’s most eminent radio show that dedicates itself to preserving and promoting country music

#3. Downtown Nashville

In Downtown Nashville you will really get an experience of the pleasures of the music city. You have the Music City Center, the Ryman Auditorium, and plenty of other places to enjoy

#2. The Gulch

The Gulch, located on the southern side of Downtown Nashville, is a center for all sorts of fun activities Nashville has to offer. You’ll find yourself surrounded by bars, honky-tonks, restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, etc.

#1. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

You have the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, containing all sorts of artifacts, memorabilia, videos, photos, and showcasing the works of country music giants such as Johnny Cash