5 Interesting Facts about Florida

1. Golf Courses

Love playing golf on a beautiful Sunday morning? In Florida, you can easily find a golf course with Florida housing the greatest number of golf courses in the whole of America.

2. Great Beaches

Florida is blessed with the longest coastline in the US giving you great beaches with even better beach parties!

3. Clam Chowder

Are you a foodie and love trying the best versions of dishes? Here you have the finest clam chowder with Florida’s fishing village, Cedar Key being world-famous for this.

4. Swim with Wild Manatees

Love swimming? In Florida, it is legal to swim with wild manatees in Crystal River which is the only place in North America to allow this.

5. Works of Salvador Dali

Works of Salvador Dali, you might have heard the name with its relation to the world-renowned show “Money Heist” where characters wore Dali masks.  His work first became famous for being unique and provocative and it is on display at the Dali Museum.