Map of Florida | Florida Flag Facts | Places to visit in Florida

Florida Flag
Florida Flag

Map of Florida | Florida Flag Facts | Places to visit in Florida






With so many attractions, staple food places and diversity in everything and everywhere you go, you can never spend a minute bored in Florida. It is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world for a good reason. Florida houses unique theme parks that are very famous throughout the world but that’s not all, Florida is ideal for people with all kinds of tastes and has something for everyone. From food, theme parks to even a great nightlife, experience it all in this beautiful state.

Map of Florida


Is Florida a Peninsula?

Peninsulas are similar to islands but instead of being completely surrounded by water, one side is connected to the mainland. Florida is very much a peninsula. It is situated between the Atlantic Ocean, the Straits of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Towards the north of the state lies two American states of Georgia and Alabama.

What is Florida known for?

Florida as a state obtained its rapid fame through the Florida man memes but that popularity also sparked the interest of many people through the place itself. Disney World has been a great contributor to that popularity but other theme parks also played a vital role. Florida grows some of the most amazing citrus fruits found in the US with impeccable oranges and grapefruit and is also responsible for 80 percent of the total growth of America’s citrus fruits.

Why is Florida known as the Sunshine State?

The nickname Sunshine State was rightfully given to Florida for being a sunny, warm and happy place with several natural beauties of its own. In 1513, a Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon named this state as Pascua Florida which means Feast of Flowers. People based in the northern areas often use Florida as their escape trip for a warmer climate and beautiful sunshine.

Florida Flag Facts

Florida Flag
Florida Flag

The flag of Florida is one of three states of the U.S. to feature the words “In God We Trust”. The current state flag was adopted in 1868. The state seal was altered and officially sanctioned for use by the state officials which incorporated the flag’s design in 1985. In terms of design and quality, Florida’s state flag ranks 34th out of 72 Canadian provincials, U.S. territorial and the U.S. state flags.

Colors and Meaning of the Florida flag

The flag uses two main colors; white and red. The flag has a red saltire on a white background. The red saltire over the white background dates back to 1513. The use of Burgundian saltire was commonly used in Florida which is the flag of New Spain’s viceroyalty back when it was ruled by Spain. However, now the saltire shows the history of Florida and the ties it had with Spain. There is also a state seal superimposed on the center of the flag.

Population of Florida

Florida has a population of over 22 million, being the third most populous US state. Other than the whites, blacks and Hispanic people also make up a significant percentage of the population. You can actually find people from various ethnicities here. The culture is overall relaxed yet diverse with the population always increasing as people continue to migrate from other countries. People of Florida are always referred to as beach bums.

Language of Florida

With immense diversity comes diversity in languages as well but all the people of Florida are united through English and a large chunk of the population is bilingual! So, you might just find someone from your country here, if you are a tourist. Here are some of the commonly spoken languages in Florida

  • Spanish
  • Haitian
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese
  • Arabic

Interesting Facts about Florida

  • Love playing golf on a beautiful Sunday morning? In Florida, you can easily find a golf course with Florida housing the greatest number of golf courses in the whole of America.
  • Florida is blessed with the longest coastline in the US giving you great beaches with even better beach parties!
  • Are you a foodie and love trying the best versions of dishes? Here you have the finest clam chowder with Florida’s fishing village, Cedar Key being world-famous for this.
  • All the animals that you mostly see in movies like panthers, alligators, crocodiles and dolphins, Florida has it all and it even features 516 species of birds.
  • Love swimming? In Florida, it is legal to swim with wild manatees in Crystal River which is the only place in North America to allow this.
  • Works of Salvador Dali, you might have heard the name with its relation to the world-renowned show “Money Heist” where characters wore Dali masks.  His work first became famous for being unique and provocative and it is on display at the Dali Museum. 

Places to visit in Florida

The big state comes with so many places to visit that you might not be able to cover it all in just a short trip, you can go to a new place every night and no place would be the same as the other. Here are some of the attractions you must visit on your stay here at Florida

  • Party at Miami Beach – We have all seen those American high school movies with fun college parties at the Miami Beach, well live your own movie life here!
  • Dry Tortugas – Florida is known to have sea turtles and there are so many stories of hidden treasures. Well, this is one of them, the pathway to the fortress has water on either side of it and it is known as one of the biggest coastal brick fortresses.
  • Venetian Pool – It is registered on the National Register of Historic Places and the pool is emptied, cleaned and refilled every day.
  • Neptune Memorial Reef – A stunning underwater city that is greatly preserved will leave you amazed.


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