5 Interesting things to know about Detroit Michigan

Safety and Crime rate

If you are picking a place to live based on the crime rate of the area, Detroit would not be on the top of your list. Detroit ranks 2 on the crime index making it safer than only 2% of the cities in the US.

Health Care

Detroit shows promising numbers in this case as 92% of the population has health coverage amongst which 45.1% are on Medicaid and 28.4% are on employee plans.

The Economy

The median household income is $31,283 and the average commute time for an employee is 24.9 minutes. About 249,000 people were employed in Detroit as of 2018 which had grown about 6.57% since 2017.

Motown Museum

The Motown Museum showcases the birthplace of Motown music, where legends like Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye started off. The tour through this museum not only tells you about the studio’s founder, Berry Gordy but also about the Motown genre and the behind the scenes of some of the most popular music produced.


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