5 Interesting things to know about Fresno California

Where is Fresno Located, and How Big Is It?

Fresno lies at the center of the San Joaquin Valley and covers an area of about 290km sq. It’s the fifth largest city in California, and as for its population, it is home to about 545,769 residents.

What Is Fresno, California Known For?

There’s just a lot to this unique city. It offers you a hybrid between the serene environment of small towns and the thrill of urban life. Not only that, it’s also a place a lot of people, of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, move to in order to secure a respectable career.

A Great Job Market and Platform for Business Startups

The job market provides you an abundance of careers especially in the education, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, agricultural and other sectors. It’s also a great place for business startups because of the abundance of business markets and low land costs.

The Agricultural Capital of the World

Fresno County is popular worldwide for its agricultural prowess. You can expect to get fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. You have 1.88 acres of agricultural farmland which is something Fresno’s natives will always proudly cherish.

Quality Cuisine

Because agriculture is so prosperous and there’s an abundance of fresh, good-quality ingredients, it’s no secret that Fresno’s cuisine is something that proves to be a treat to every foodie out there. Tacos and sandwiches are just some of their popular and loved specialties.