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Fresno California
Fresno California

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What Is It Like Being At Fresno, California?

Most people nowadays prefer to live in big cities rather than rural areas, because despite the fact that living in a big city might not be as “peaceful”, there are so many amenities and pleasures of an urban life they wouldn’t want to trade for anything lower.

Yet, an urban lifestyle can get stressful at times since sometimes you’d just want to let go of everything and really take a break. Some people would say you can’t have it both ways, but when we talk about the city that lies in the heart of California, it’s just the city you’re looking for. 

Yes, you certainly can have it both ways at the one-of-its-kind city Fresno.

Without further ado, let’s unravel Fresno’s beauty before you and give you a detailed guide on what Fresno is really like, whether you’re considering to move there or just go for some sightseeing. 

Where is Fresno Located, and How Big Is It?

Fresno lies at the center of the San Joaquin Valley and covers an area of about 290km sq. It’s the fifth largest city in California, and as for its population, it is home to about 545,769 residents.

The special thing about Fresno is its strategic geographical location. It’s located near to both San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s at a distance of 220 miles from Los Angeles and about 185 miles from San Francisco, so if you ever want to plan a little trip to either of them you can easily do so and expect a travel time of just 4-5 hours!

What Is Fresno, California Known For?

There’s just a lot to this unique city. It offers you a hybrid between the serene environment of small towns and the thrill of urban life. Not only that, it’s also a place a lot of people, of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, move to in order to secure a respectable career. 

Let’s discuss some of the salient features that makes Fresno stand out amongst the rest of the cities in California: 

1) A Great Job Market and Platform for Business Startups: 

The job market provides you an abundance of careers especially in the education, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, agricultural and other sectors. There’s also the Amazon Distribution Center which provided about 2500 job opportunities to residents working in varying sectors. It’s also a great place for business startups because of the abundance of business markets and low land costs. 

2) Affordability 

Even the critics of Fresno simply wouldn’t be able to deny the fact that Fresno is really cheap if compared with other cities in the state. The cost for a single family home is as low as 345,000 dollars which is half the price when compared with other Californian cities. Many people from Los Angeles or San Francisco are moving to Fresno to enjoy its affordability. 

3) The Agricultural Capital of the World 

Fresno County is popular worldwide for its agricultural prowess. You can expect to get fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. You have 1.88 acres of agricultural farmland which is something Fresno’s natives will always proudly cherish. 

4) Quality Cuisine 

Because agriculture is so prosperous and there’s an abundance of fresh, good-quality ingredients, it’s no secret that Fresno’s cuisine is something that proves to be a treat to every foodie out there. Tacos and sandwiches are just some of their popular and loved specialties. There are also several five-star hotels and restaurants where food events are regularly taken place. 

5) Diversity and Inclusiveness 

Fresno’s people are known to form friendly, close-knit communities despite the diversity in ethnicities and religions. Festivals of all sorts are proudly celebrated. Christmas, the Mexican Independence Day, Greek Fest – you name it.

The locals are also known to be welcoming and friendly, so it’s a great place to turn to if you’re a person who loves a social, neighborly environment.

6) Closeness to Sister City Clovis

Fresno is basically a really big place. The culture and overall vibe of Fresno and its sister city Clovis are so similar that some people say the only difference you feel while travelling from Fresno to Clovis is the change of color in the street signs.

What Are Some of the Places to Visit in Fresno?

There’s a lot to enjoy in Fresno, whether you talk about museums, art galleries, zoos, restaurants – the list goes on. Below we’ve mentioned just some of the places you might want to give a visit the next time you go to Fresno:

1) Fresno Chaffee Zoo

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is one of the most popular destinations for families who want to spend a fun day out. The zoo is located within the Roeding Park, and is adorned by water fountains, towering trees, a diversity in animals, and animal meet-and-greets.

2) Fresno Blossom Trail

The Fresno Blossom Trail is to be enjoyed in its full glory during mid-February. It’s essentially a period that exhibits the beauty of Fresno’s agriculture in its fullest form. You’ll find trails of pink blossoms, the ripest of apples and peaches, and other natural spectacles all around.

3) Fresno Art Museum

Fresno’s art museum highlights the city’s artistic and cultural heritage, and holds over 3600 works ranging from paintings, sculptures, prints and a variety of other compositions.

4) National Parks

If you love a bit of adventure, you’ll love its beautiful national parks, namely, Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon. You can enjoy a variety of activities here such as hiking, rock-climbing, camping etc.

5) Craft Breweries

You’ll find a variety of craft breweries all over Fresno, so definitely avail the experience! One very popular destination includes Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden where you can even play interactive games with your friends such as foosball.


Fresno might get a bad rep because of the uncomfortable summer heat and polluted air, but besides that, it’s a place at least worth spending time at. The locals are beautiful inside-out, so is the city itself. With its vibe that attracts modern and old-fashioned individuals alike, it’s a place that continues to prosper wonderfully in the Californian world.

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