5 Interesting things to know about Milwaukee Wisconsin

Art and Museums

Established in 1888, Milwaukee Art Museum holds 25,000 works of art and the building in itself is a feast for the eyes. In addition to that, the Grohmann Museum hosts 700 paintings and sculptures depicting evolution of human work and is a must-visit place.


Pabst Theater, Milwaukee City Hall and Iron Block Building, remnants of the nineteenth century, are perfect depictions of fine architecture in Milwaukee. The buildings are an exemplary presentation of the historical culture of the city and attract thousands of admirers every year.

Festivals and Music

If you are planning a visit to Milwaukee, you definitely want to align your visit with the festival of Summerfest, ‘The World’s Largest Music Festival.’ Summerfest attracts over 800,000 people yearly and offers extraordinary music performances and flavorful food for 11 days

Parks and Recreation

Whether you are travelling in summer or winter, the city has to offer you a perfect relaxing time with nature — Cathedral Park hosts ‘Jazz in the Park’ on summer nights and Pere Marquette Park hosts ‘River Rhythms’ in winters.


While you are in Milwaukee you should definitely have Cream Puffs and Bloody Marys. Not only that, the city holds a sea of eccentric German, Italian, Russian and Thai restaurants bringing to you mouth-watering cuisine.