5 Interesting Things to know about Tucson Arizona

Where Is Tucson Located?

Tucson, Arizona is in the southern part of the state where east-west highways intersect with a southern highway to the border town of Nogales. Traveling east would put you in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and going west would lead you to San Diego, California. Tucson is southeast of Phoenix.

Is Tucson a Good Place To Live?

The city has a wagon-wheel style, with a mix of desert and palm trees. Most say Tucson offers a great artscape in its sunsets that mix purple, orange, and pinks into a masterpiece.

What is Tucson known for?

Tucson is known for its biking and there are plenty of awards to prove it. Bustle Magazine put the city at number seven in 2014 among the “10 Best Cities in the US. For People Who Love to Ride.” It ranked number 12 in 2012 in a list by Bicycle Magazine and earned the title of “Best Road Biking City in 2010” from Outdoor Magazine.

Odd Facts About Tucson

Tucson has the world’s largest amount of saguaro cacti so locals never take pictures with it. Hollywood celebrities like Rita Hayworth and Gary Cooper used to come to Tucson regularly to visit a “dude ranch.”

How Big Is Tucson?

Tucson has an area of almost 227 square miles with a population of 541,482 in 2019