5 Things to know about about South Carolina

1. Where Is South Carolina on the Map?

South Carolina is located in the southeast of the US. It is considered a part of the Deep South, and it makes up part of the East Coast, as well. Thanks to South Carolina’s unique shape, it does not have a solely eastern border.

2. Is South Carolina a Good Place to Live?

The economy of South Carolina is bustling, with a number of thriving industries to work for or partake in. There are plenty of sports, museums, malls, and aerospace innovations to view. The cost of living in South Carolina is fairly low, as well, and most residents are able to own their homes.

3. What Is South Carolina Most Famous For?

South Carolina was the first state to succeed from the Union in 1860, which eventually led to America’s Civil War. This state was heavily involved in the war, and South Carolina was the site of many forts and battles. As such, the Palmetto State is steeped in US Civil War history, and this state remains notable for that role to this day.

4. What Is the Best City to Live in in South Carolina?

The major cities of South Carolina, Greensville, Charleston, and Columbia, are still some of the best cities to live in in North Carolina. According to the math and many experts, Greensville is the very best city to live in out of those three.

5. What Are the Best Places to Visit in South Carolina?

Myrtle Beach is actually larger than most people realize, and it is part of a sixty-mile stretch of beach that is known as the Grand Strand. Aside from swimming or sitting on the beach, there is also a state park here, as well as several mini golf courses. You might even see a tiger there!