Best Louisiana Beaches for Families

The marshland isn’t the only kind of coastal terrain – the state’s southern border has no shortage of sandy beaches perfect for a fun family outing.

A popular beach for catching fish and crabs, Rutherford Beach has a laid-back atmosphere due to being far from the big city.

1. Rutherford Beach

Camping is permitted on the beach, which is the best way to view the breathtaking sunsets. 

3. Grand Isle State Park Beach 

Unlike most of the other entries on our list, Cypremort Point Beach is a man-made beach that offers multiple activities for families.

4. Cypremort Point Beach

Located near Mandeville along the edge of the enormous Lake Pontchartrain, Fontainebleau State Park Beach is an ideal location for families.

5. Fontainebleau State Park Beach

Marked by nearby stilt homes, Holly Beach offers a small-town charm with the extra warmth of a genuine community. Hunt for shells along the beautiful white sands.

6. Holly Beach

The waterpark, complete with water slides and rafts, sets White Sands Lake Day Beach apart from the other entries on our list.

7. White Sands Lake Day Beach 

This quiet beach sits on the edge of Toledo Bend Reservoir. Located far from the big city, it is a great location to unwind from the hectic pace of day-to-day life.

8. South Toledo State Park Beach

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