Best Family Beaches Near Boston

Wingaersheek Beach 
Wingaersheek Beach 

If you plan to visit Boston and seek some sand and sun, you will be spoilt for choice for family beaches nearby. Several beautiful beaches dot the gorgeous stretch of coast, the perfect place for a family to unwind. 

The best family beaches near Boston include:

  • Constitution Beach
  • Nantasket Beach 
  • Singing Beach
  • WIngaersheek Beach
  • Crane Beach.
  • Duxbury Beach
  • Salisbury State Beach Reservation

There’s nothing better than enjoying some vacation time with your family, and if you seek some fun in the sun or even a winter beach visit, you are in for a treat. Here are some of my top picks for family beaches near Boston that you must visit if you are in the area.

Constitution Beach 

Constitution Beach Massachusetts
Constitution Beach Massachusetts

Constitution beach in HarborView East Boston is an excellent spot for families to enjoy the sea and sun. This artificially constructed beach covers 223 acres and was made of hydraulically dredged material and gravel between 1949 and 1951. However, this does not stop the beach from being remarkably natural-looking and sandy.

The beach lies on a protected inlet, so your kiddies can paddle in the calm water under the supervision of numerous lifeguards in season. The beach is rated one of the cleanest, and it offers many kid-friendly activities such as:

  • Baseball
  • Children’s playground
  • Tennis courts 
  • Basketball courts
  • Educational programs
  • Treed picnic facilities
  • Fishing
  • Swimming.

The beach even boasts an indoor ice skating rink if you have enough of the sun and a snack bar and bathhouse facilities. One of the beaches’ draws is that it gives kids a great view of airplanes taking off and landing at Logan airport, about 610m away (with exciting sounds!)

Nantasket Beach

Nantasket Beach 
Nantasket Beach

The delicate gray sand of Nantasket beach lures some of the most visitors in Boston each summer, especially those with kids in tow. The beach is part of the Nantasket Beach Reservation and stretches 31/2 miles long between the waters of Massachusetts bay and the Atlantic. 

This stretch of beach lives up to its  Wampanoag name, meaning “low tide place” or “place where tides meet,” mainly by the acres of tidal pool exposed at low tide. This beach is a kiddy paradise as they can explore the shallow waters and hunt for shells to take home.

Nantasket has plenty of activities for families besides swimming and sunbathing, such as 

  • 1,5-mile promenade trail for a stroll
  • Paragon Carousel and Museum
  • Public concerts in the season.

There are plenty of gift shops and restaurants to explore if you get hungry from your beach experience. 

Singing Beach

Singing Beach Manchester MA
Singing Beach Manchester MA

The famous singing beach is shy of a mile wide but is a great draw for families to visit Manchester-By-The-Sea. It gets its name from the unusual squeaking sound the beach sand makes when you walk on it, caused by friction of the sand particles.

Easily accessible from downtown Boston the beach is famous in Summer and offers excellent swimming and beautiful scenery with rocks and islands. 

Activities on the beach include:

  • Eaglehead Rock for rock climbing and activities
  • Dog-friendly hours for furry family members
  • Concession stand for snacks

Wingaersheek Beach 

Wingaersheek Beach 
Wingaersheek Beach

WIngaersheek Beach is a stunning stretch of 0.6-mile sandy beach on the Annisquam River in West Gloucester, MA. Offering a beautiful view of Ipswich bay and the Annisquam Lighthouse, this is a great attraction for visitors with children to amuse. 

Low tide reveals a fascinating sand bar where your children can explore the myriad sea life such as starfish, anemones, and hermit crabs (and possibly Spongebob Squarepants.) 

The beach offers a concession stand with delicious eats for your hungry kids as well as an array of beach toys for hours of amusement. 

Because the beach swimming area is relatively shallow at low tide, you don’t have to worry about waves knocking over your little ones. There are also restrooms and showers for your convenience.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach Massachusetts
Crane Beach Massachusetts

This gem on the North Shore in Ipswich offers 1,200 acres of beachfront and maritime forest and is a paradise for families to explore. Swimming is not the only draw, as the beach boasts beautiful hiking trails through the extensive pine forest and the sheltered coastal dunes.

The beach falls under the Crane Estate, which is owned by the Trustees of Reservations which ensures that the area is maintained and spotless for your family visit. 

The beach offers lifeguards in season, a concession stand, changing, and restrooms to keep your family comfortable. The beach is also home to the endangered piping Plovers, which breed within the reserve. 

Duxbury Beach MA 

Duxbury Beach MA 
Duxbury Beach MA

Duxbury Beach is a barrier beach in the town of the same name and is 6 miles long stretch of beach famous for family visits. Protected and owned by Duxbury Beach Reservation Inc, which safeguards the beach’s wildlife and ecology and maintains the beach’s pristine beauty.

Duxbury beach offers much more than just sunbathing or swimming with activities such as:

  • Bird watching
  • Clamming
  • Picnicking and barbeques
  • Dining 
  • Lighthouse tours
  • Paddleboarding
  • Rowing. 

Salisbury State Beach Reservation

Salisbury State Beach Reservation
Salisbury State Beach Reservation

Located in Salisbury, MA, this beautiful reservation offers a beach as a public recreation area for families and visitors. The beach is so popular that it attracts almost a million visitors a year, and for good reasons. 

The State Beach Reservation extends 3,8 miles from the Merrimack River to the border of New Hampshire and offers a much-coveted sandy stretch of the beach.

This popular family destination offers boating and camping facilities and an abundance of trails to explore nearby, as well as:

  • Renovated bathhouses
  • Three comfort stations
  • Boardwalks that stretch across the dunes. 

The State Beach Reserve also offers a playground and pavilion area for your kids to blow off some steam. 

Closing Thoughts

If some fun in the sun is your thing, there are plenty of coastline gems for you and the family to explore. Make sure that you bring sunblock and towels and choose season times for a lifeguard presence. Know your tides, as several of the above beaches are best at low tide for your little ones to explore the wonders of the coast. 

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