Best Places to visit in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is located right on the Mississippi River in the state of Tennessee, directly bordering Alabama to the south and Arkansas across the river to the West.

Who Are the People of Memphis?

The population of Memphis boasts a rich and varied history. Starting from the first Spanish soldiers to establish the fort there, many waves of migration have brought a number of nations to the city.

What is Memphis Known For?

As with the state of Tennessee as a whole, Memphis is also individually renowned for its prominence in American music.

Where Should a Visitor to Memphis Go?

The old home of Elvis Presley, the large estate offers everything you can take in about the singer in a one-stop tour.


National Civil Rights Museum 

First opened in 1991, the museum has a varied collection of events and exhibits to experience the city’s history in a way that hadn’t been possible before.

You can attend live outdoor concerts on a weekly basis at settings such as Midtown’s Railgarten, complete with all associated amenities.

Live Music


If you want a more traditional shopping day, the Laurelwood Shopping Center offers the commerce you need in an open air setting that allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather while you shop.

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