Fun Family Things to do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania This Weekend

For those who don’t know, Philadelphia was once this nation’s capital. That’s right, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the capital of the United States of America until 1800.

There is a lot of rich history in the city of Pennsylvania and more places to see than we can possibly list. 

The National Constitution Center is the heart of our republic and here you will find the Declaration of Independence on display.

The National Constitution Center

Independence National Historical Park

The visitor center has a ton of merchandise to pick up along with pamphlets, information packets, and event schedules. 

The Philadelphia Zoo

There are 1,300 animals at the Philadelphia Zoo and they have an animal travel and exploration train system that is supposed to be the first ever for a zoo.

There’s nothing more impressive than being in an underwater, glass tunnel, especially when the surrounding water is packed with fish. 

Adventure Aquarium

The Franklin Institute is one of the most popular science museums in the world and a fascinating journey for both adults and children in the world of science.

The Franklin Institute

The Linvilla Orchards is a 300-acre farm that sits on the perimeter of Philadelphia and is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city proper.

Linvilla Orchards

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