Interesting Things to know about Maryland

Traveling through the beautiful state of Maryland, you will see various mountain ranges, including the Appalachian Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Bear Pond Mountains, and the Monadnocks Mountains

Ocean City Maryland

Ocean City is located on the Atlantic Ocean and has been a favored tourist vacation spot for many years. The residents who live there year-round treasure it as well. Visitors love to relax on miles and miles of beach and visit its famous wooden boardwalk.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

The Inner Harbor is a popular tourist attraction, a historic seaport, and a landmark of Baltimore, a city located in Maryland.

Maryland’s History

Maryland's extensive history dates all the way back to the beginning of European exploration, starting with the Venetian John Cabot. Cabot explored the North American East Coast for the Kingdom of England in 1498.

Population of Maryland

The lovely State of Maryland has a population of approximately 6 million people. It’s not a large state compared to the rest of the United States, and it could fit in the State of Texas about twenty times.


Overlooks the Chesapeake Bay and is known as the sailing capital of the United States. Annapolis is in a county called Queen Anne County, named after the 18th-century queen

In Summary

Maryland is a beautiful state on the east coast with countless attractions and places to visit. The state is rich with history, has beautiful mountains, islands, waterways, and beaches along the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.