interesting things to  know about  missouri

Missouri has something to offer everyone, in terms of culture, sports, food, natural heritage, architecture, entertainment and more.

Missouri has a great agricultural tradition, with more than a hundred thousand farms that cover two-thirds of the state’s total land acreage.

Missouri is known for being a barbecue nirvana. The state has the fourth most barbecue outlets and restaurants per capita of any state in the US.

Missouri is also the home state for celebrities like Eminem, Akon, Sterling K Brown, Matt Bomer, and veteran actor Dick Van Dyke.

The Missouri flag, has three large stripes of blue, red and white. The blue represents justice and vigilance, the red represents valor and the white symbolizes purity.

Missouri is known as the ‘Cave State’ and boasts of over 6,400 caves, according to Missouri State Park, which opens four of the best caves out to the public for tours and visits.

St.Louis in Missouri is the flagship brewery and headquarters of Anheuser Busch: Home of Budweiser. 

Cost of commuting in Missouri is considered to be on the lower end of the national spectrum.

Missouri has some elite educational institutions that include both public and private schools, colleges, universities and many libraries.

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