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Map of Missouri and Flag | Missouri Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map






You will find the state of Missouri in the Middle western parts of the United States, tucked between Illinois on the East, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma on the west, Arkansas down south and to the north lies Iowa. Missouri is the 18th most populated state and the 21st largest in terms of size.

Is Missouri a good place to live?

Missouri has something to offer everyone, in terms of culture, sports, food, natural heritage, architecture, entertainment and more. Here are the top five reasons why Missouri is a good place to live in:

1. Affordability

The cost of living in Missouri has been recorded to be lower than the national average and is considered to have the 5th lowest cost of living in the United States. Housing costs and commuting costs, in particular, are very affordable.
Missouri is also known for being taxpayer-friendly and ranks at number eighteen in the US.

2. Good Farming

Missouri has a great agricultural tradition, with more than a hundred thousand farms that cover two-thirds of the state’s total land acreage. The state grows corn, soybeans, cattle and hogs.

The state has fertile soil that offers agricultural diversity, perfect for plentiful growth around the state. Missouri is called the Napa Valley of the Midwest, with the fertile, diverse terrains allowing for the production of several unique grape varieties that make great Missouri wine.

3. Education

Missouri has some elite educational institutions that include both public and private schools, colleges, universities and many libraries.

4. The Food

Missouri is known for being a barbecue nirvana. The state has the fourth most barbecue outlets and restaurants per capita of any state in the US. If you’re looking for good sticks to your bones, hearty and comfort food, then Missouri’s barbecue, sweet corn and fried catfish are as close as you can get to good old fashioned southern cooking in the Midwest.


1. The weather

This is a state that has four seasons, spring summer, autumn and winter. Summers are hot and muggy, and winters are very cold.

The tornado in Wizard of Oz might have been in the neighbouring state of Kansas, but Kansas City, Missouri is not far off on the hit list. The weather in Missouri is unpredictable, with frequent tornadoes and storms. April through June is considered to be the fifth season seen in Missouri: Tornado Season.

2. Crime Rate

Missouri has a high crime rate, one of the highest in the Midwest. St.Louise, while a beautiful place to visit, has a high rate of crimes committed. However, the people in Missouri worry less about their safety on a daily basis, and the reported percentage of concerns is 20% less than the national average of 46%.

What is Missouri famous for?

1. Parks and Recreation

Missouri is called the Show-Me state, for the numerous parks and breath-taking natural landscapes it boasts. If you like living somewhere, where you can be at one with nature, go camping, hiking, fishing and take part in other outdoor activities, Missouri and its citizens are what you’re looking for. Added with the low cost of living, Missouri offers ‘country living, with modern comforts.’

2. Budweiser

St.Louis in Missouri is the flagship brewery and headquarters of Anheuser Busch: Home of Budweiser. The brewery brews over twenty-five brands, including Bud Light, Bud Select, Busch, Budweiser and other American-style lager beer.

3. The Celebrities

Oddly enough, this Midwestern state has churned out some of the most renowned writes over the years. These include T.S.Eliot, Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams and Sara Teasdale. It even gave the US its 33rd president: Harry S Truman.
Missouri is also the home state for celebrities like Eminem, Akon, Sterling K Brown, Matt Bomer, and veteran actor Dick Van Dyke.

Missouri Flag Facts

The Missouri flag, designed by Mary Elizabeth Oliver in 1909, and adopted in 1913, has three large stripes of blue, red and white. The blue represents justice and vigilance, the red represents valor and the white symbolizes purity.

In the center is the Great Seal of Missouri, which is encircled by a belt of 23 small stars, that signify Missouri’s places as the 24th state of the United States.

The seal itself has two grizzlies on either side that stand atop a scroll that reads ‘Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto,” that translates to ‘Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law,’ below which are the Roman numerals for 1820, the year in which Missouri became a functioning state of the United States of America.

The inner-seal is encircled by a band in which is inscribed the motto ‘United we stand, Divided we fall.’ It also encircles the US coat-of-arms.

The crescent on the left symbolizes the second son, referring to how Missouri was the second state formed out of the Louisiana territory. The helmet represents state sovereignty.

Best place to live in Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri, and St.Louis are closely followed by Springfield, Independence and Columbia as the largest cities to live in, in Missouri.

While St.Louis city is the most populated, there are those who live in the beautiful suburbs around the city—like Kirkwood, Clayton and the most popular and elite of the lot, Glendale—and make the short commute into the city for work or recreation. Cost of commuting in Missouri is considered to be on the lower end of the national spectrum.

But, the cost of living aside, St.Louis is definitely a beautiful and historic city, lively and full of culture and good people.

Best Places to Visit in Missouri

1. The Caves

Missouri is known as the ‘Cave State’ and boasts of over 6,400 caves, according to Missouri State Park, which opens four of the best caves out to the public for tours and visits. These four caves include : Onondaga Cave and Cathedral cave in Onondaga Cave State Park, Ozark Caverns at Lake of the Ozarks State Park and Fisher Cave at Meramec State Park.

Inside the caverns at Ozark is a cave restaurant and Resort, Richland, which is one of a kind.

2. The Gateway Arch

The Arch is a 630 foot, colossal monument in St.Louis, Missouri, built from stainless steel in the form of a weighted catenary arch. It is considered to be the largest archway in the Western Hemisphere and is a monument to Thomas Jefferson.


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