Interesting Things to know about Montana

Montana is a perfect getaway from your usual city life.  It is the ideal place for people who like controlled and curated nature.

Why is Montana called the Big Sky State?

The name originated from a book by Alfred Bertram Jr. and later he gave the Highway Department the permission to use the title.

It refers to the unobstructed skyline which with the mountainous landscape further overwhelms it into a beautiful, unique scenery

Back in 1898, Montana remained a state with no flag but the Ninth Legislative Assembly of Montana in 1905 voted in favor of adopting a flag with a blue field consisting of the Great Seal of the State of Montana.

Despite the large area, Montana’s population is surprisingly low with only a million people.

Interesting facts about montana

Their population in terms of people might be low but when it comes to grizzly bears, Montana has the crown which is why Montana’s state animal is also a grizzly bear.

Butte is known as the richest hill in the world for the riches that have been mined through the hill.

Are you a huge Jurassic Park fan? Montana might just be the place for you, having the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils.

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